Monday, March 3, 2008

War on Three Fronts For America?

Major conflict brewing in South America, with modern weapons and armies. Can America fight in Iraq, Afganistan and South America?

Declining empires excite the ambitions of those who once feared imperial reach but do not fear imperial overreach. The reason that South America has become so militant is that they can sense that the United States is a weakening nation incapable of projecting force as it once did. This turns every local warlord into a contender in what was formerly a pacified region. Ancient Rome went through all the same phases that Amerikwa has, except it took centuries. The U.S. has taken a mere two decades to arrive at it's current degraded and debased condition.

This is why I think NAFTA is madness and this illuminati plot will never succeed.


Anonymous said...

The USA really dropped the ball on South America. While Bush was hunting for cameljockeys in some sand filled hellhole, the socialists took the south.

My guess is that Chavez made a deal with FARC. Should there be a war then FARC will act Venezuela's army behing enemy lines. In return FARC gets to rule Columbia and everybdoy gets rich off the 'jayo'.

Should there be a conflict it would be interesting to see what happens in Mexico. The goverment will try to remain neutral but how long could they withstand the rioting masses?

Just imagine a neo-communist block bordering the USA. Kind of makes Red Dawn seem like a documentary.


Anonymous said...

Yes, a nice little war between a crazy caudillo warlord with megalomania and a parrot, who writes poetic odes to his greatness, on the one side; an arse-licking terrorist quisling capanga SOB, who'd last 15' before his own people hanged him, without his Usan support, on the other; and too many good people trapped in the kill zone.

Of course, if the damned Usans stopped messing in our affairs, things would be so much nicer around here in Iberoamérica.

Of course, so thought the peoples that the Romans used to mess with :-) Such is history, I guess.

To parapharase one of our bestest humorists, Fontanarrosa, "All we Iberoamericans want is to have our wars in peace!"

Anyway, I hope we both you and me survive our stay in Terra Horrifica, Hell Earth.

Anonymous said...

When the bully gets weak all those who were bullied "WILL" seek revenge and even if the bully wins he will be mortally wounded and a rediculed cripple until he is finally buried