Sunday, March 16, 2008

Vault OS : Update #4

In response to a comment from Hendo in the archive, I wanted to say my main priority is to get Vault OS up and running within the next two months using the lowest end of junk retro x86 hardware.

As time permits, once this system is debugged and proving useful, I may start redeveloping CD Commander to run as an embedded HTTPServer under Windows in tandem with Vault OS. This is all easy programming under Windows with C# .NET technology. It will be great experience for me learning about networks to see if I can integrate DOS boxes with Windows in one big Ethernet. I don't doubt this is possible because I've seen it running elsewhere.

The priority, however, is the DOS 32 bit mode protected OS. I intend to enter all my new food stock with this tool so I have the impetus there to work on it. I also think that in the process of making my embedded system interface with the Vault OS via Ethernet, I will have hacked enough R&D to make sure the scripting language has the right kind of commands to interface with these kinds of esoteric participants in the ethernet ring, including weird stuff I could not foresee.

I recently got my "Vault Manager" (total embedded device running on Rabbit 2000) to a decent enough functionality I could print continuous data over a MiniLabs television/LCD output screen. I chose to implement a television rather than a monitor because this device will run 24/7 all the time, around the clock. The Vault OS may be something that can be switched on or off at any given terminal. When the Vault OS is on, it can peel data off the ethernet pumped out by the Vault Manager. That's my hardware. On the other hand, many other people will want to run PCs alone for the Vault OS and do their controllers/sensors via serial and parallel. By taking into account both scenarios I will have made it flexible enough to support almost any configuration at runtime.

My real ambition at version 2.0 is to permit custom databases and custom GUIs through the scripting language - this way I can get other people to write new modules for me while I work on other things.

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