Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Tent Cities Open For Business

(Youtube link)

Remember those wild far-out stories I told you about tent camps with millions of people living in them during a depression of previously unforeseen severity?

Well, they are setting up shop now.

The fresh meat will be pouring in soon.

Bernanke is running out of ballast to throw over the side of the balloon. It's the classic recurrent pattern of frantic behaviour for government numbskulls going back 3000 years of recorded history during fiat currency collapses. This guy must have failed every history class he ever took. France after the revolution, Weimar, Rome under Vespasian. All the same mistakes. Ben, what's the interest rate cut after 0.1? Do you know? It's the point at which banks no longer loan money that has ceased to have any value.

These camps will grow until they are the size of the permanent barrios in South America and they will be all over the country. Once in the camps, it's easy for the government to know where to deliver the food rations and collect the guns. Once the guns are collected, they make a nice central location from which to load people into trucks. Once on the trucks, they can be delivered to the trains. Once on the trains, they will be taken to the camps. That's going to be a one-way trip for almost all of them. Whatever you do, don't get on those white boxcars. You won't be coming back.

Youtube link to the truth about camps now ready for business across the U.S.


trueaim said...

Yep, not in Kansas anymore Toto! Its that time again, time for ritual sacrifice, Lucifer will be recieving a bumper crop this sacrifice season....

Anonymous said...

Yes but exactly who will be sacrificed??
Along what lines? ethnic, financial,IQ, age ????

trueaim said...

The Khazar Jews, the Black Nobility and Illuminated secret societies are now sharpening their knives and will be doing the killing as usual, everyone else is fair game, of course the secular, poor and stupid or ignorant are easy targets and are less likely to escape, white christian children are the most highly prized though.

A Thousand Good Intentions said...

The link to the tent-village... Not so convincing. I've seen those places around major cities since the 70's and probably long before. Notice the fat lady works one day a week.... hardly an accurate example of a responsable former home-owner. I've no doubt that things WILL get that bad for a broader spectrum of economic classes, and possibly even within the year, but I feel this little sample is a bit unconvincing, maybe a bit premature for the sounding of the horn.

The concentration camps? definitely cause for concern. these things have been around for quite some time, I wonder when they're going to fire up the burners and get ready for anyone who disagrees with throwing away the constitution entirely for a North American Alliance government.

Definitely a good day to NOT be a registered member of the NRA.