Sunday, March 9, 2008

Something Truly Eerie - Read This

Technically, I don't believe in ESP.

The reason I reprinted this article is that when I was 12 years old and living in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, I had a dream one night so disturbing and powerful I woke up crying from it.

I don't want you to think I have dreams like this all the time. I had maybe two dreams like this in my entire life, this was one of them and I never forgot it.

I was outside in the streets playing with kids who always seemed to be too far away for me to catch up. I'd follow them but they'd vanish behind a house and I could never tell if they were the children I knew.

I heard a loud, bone rattling clicking noise coming from far away. Like a giant insect approaching.

Then I heard a voice that was very deep and inhuman coming from the open window of a nearby house. Behind the drapes, in the shadows, something that wasn't a person was bellowing "They'll never get away with it! They killed Ma and Pa! We will make them pay! Kill them all!" and this turned into the sound of women screaming. I went weak in the knees from terror and felt like running.

As I turned in the direction of Chicago, there was a massive flare of light like a sun and a huge mushroom cloud rose over the roofs. I could hear my stepfather yelling to me to get down on the ground from our house nearby. I lay on the ground and somehow a blast wave blew by and knocked out all the windows but I was not injured. I saw flaming people running down the street yelling for help.

The sky became so dark it was like night and my skin began to burn. I woke up and I never, ever forgot this dream.

Then today, I read this strange article. Make of it what you will.


A Thousand Good Intentions said...

Having so recently stumbled across your site, you have no way of knowing me from Ms. Cleo or any other nut... Keeping it short and out of the 'esp' crap, The whole reason I'm into survivalism at all, roots back to a series of recurring dreams. Realistic, coherent, powerful ones. They portrayed a storyline that is in the real-world process of fruition, not unlike that article you linked to... but I've had them since I was a young boy of about ten or eleven. I stopped having them when I finally decided to take them seriously and start some preparations.

They were not the mystical 'symbolic' style of dreams, they were very coherent, literal, and detailed, like experiencing something in real life. I'd go into detail but I don't want to bring any nuts out of the woodwork, or be labeled one myself. suffice it to say, I don't usually believe in that sort of thing, but sometimes the odds of coincidence are hard to explain or refute.

Chesterton said...

Interesting. I have a hard time believing any of this stuff, but I'll be sure to keep this in my memory just in case it comes to pass. If it does, ESP is real and I guess there really is more to the universe than what a logical, "rational" person is allowed to believe.

A Thousand Good Intentions said...

Here's one odd coincidence for you, chesterton...

I had a very vivid dream about somebody shooting me in the chest. Not immediately fatal, but close enough to do me in, in short order.

I install home security systems for a living... later that day I went to a customer's home, never met him in my life. He gives me this ballistic vest he had in a closet somewhere, and says 'I think you should have this.'

No, I had not mentioned ANYTHING to him about the dream. It was probably the strangest encounter with a person I've ever had or heard of, outside of hollywood cinema. Needless to say, I took the vest. I have it still, although I haven't needed it.

That was the final of my strange dreams, haven't had one since, and I suppose I don't need any. It was enough to convince me that preparation is important, I got the point. Shortly after this incident, I bought my first gun, and have been easing my way into survivalism in all aspects, ever since.

Even still, I scoff at 'dream interpreters' and I think 99% of that stuff is bollocks. But, considering my personal experiences I honestly can no longer disregard the possibility that at least *some* dreams are important and meaningful in unexplainable ways.