Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Russian Bombers Buzzing American Airspace

Anybody over the past fifty years but these halfwits in office would recognize all these international tensions as a prelude to a coming World War. Only the idiots in the White House today would describe these kinds of provocations in such strange terms, failing to see the gravity of the situation.

Neoconservatives are good at brainwashing people but somewhat at a loss when dealing with reality. It's all too much for them. They're just dithering ninnies in the face of genuine geopolitics.


Justin Patrick said...

Some quick questions (off-topic I know):

1) What facilities do you have in your Vault for when you have to use the bathroom?

2) How will your Vault handle earthquakes?

3) Security: How do you plan to defend your Vault against those who might attempt to capture or destroy it, be they government, bandits, or others?

Texas Arcane said...

1. Composting toilet inside storage with 90mm exhaust, soon a real functioning toilet in Sparkgap that empties into biocycle.

2. Keep everything heavy tied down or stored away. There is no better place to be in an earthquake than underground and no better underground shelter than a one-piece loosely coupled barrel quonset or culvert. All the connecting tunnels are set in solid rock channels and have some leeway to move around.

3. Make'em crawl through a nightmarish desolation of barbed wire, mines and beartraps and then when they get to the end, kill'em.

Justin Patrick said...

1) Interesting. So you would not have to deal with cleaning out the stuff, it would move it out on its own?

2) I see. I recall reading your description; you say that your vault is made of concrete blocks right? And I believe you do not use rebar, right?

3) What if, say, a government were more ambitious and hit you with a bunker buster?

BTW, thanks for responding to my previous questions!

Texas Arcane said...

1) My new proposed toilet in Sparkgap will actually pump it down the mountain into the ravine with gravity. I will probably compost it into a slurry and then either flush it or transfer it to permaculture.

2) I have two silos and one quonset underway built with concrete and rebar. The main blast shelter (designed to survive a blast, not just fallout) is almost entirely corrugated steel culvert. Concrete without rebar under stress with crack and fracture, with rebar it is far stabler and can usually withstand a fair degree of earth movement.

3) If my shelter was hit by an asteroid or a bunker buster I think it would be damaged. Slightly.

Justin Patrick said...

Thank you.

How thick are the walls of your shelter? IIRC, 3m of concrete is the minimum for blocking gamma radiation, and I believe that some bunker busters can pierce up to 6m (excluding the nuclear bombs).

I believe you're going to rely on wind power generators, which I think will have to be used above ground. There are some other devices, such as geiger counters, that will have to be above ground as well. How do you plan on defending those or getting up to them to, say, repair them, if radiation is too strong to go outside?

Texas Arcane said...

One meter of earth is sufficient to attenuate most radiation to safe levels. Three feet of overhead cover is the standard for most fallout shelters.

Three meters of overhead cover is the standard for blast shelters which hope to survive direct radiation effects.

Four meters of crushed rock and packed earth is probably overkill, that's what my blast shelter has on top of the primary drum. Because the hill slopes, the storage drum likely has only 2.5 meters above it.

One other caveat is that both drums are in solid rock channels. That alone cuts all radiation to that which falls directly on the soil above. Most shelters buried in soft ground do have to take in account the total radiation from all surrounding area but with my shelter the rock walls pretty much protect the inhabitants from anything other than what is directly overhead.