Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ron Paul Gives Up A Little Too Easy

I think you should finish what you start.

Given the money donated to his campaign, technically Ron Paul never had the option of just dropping out the way he did. Shades of Ross Perot.

You have to wonder if he got taken aside and talked to by some very scary people. It was over in the blink of an eye and Paul just seemed to concede defeat before he actually lost.


Ice Cream Soldier said...

Tex, Something stranger about Paul than just his easy walk-a-way.

Texas Arcane said...

ICS, doesn't seeing all this just make you want to convert to true Christian faith out of spite alone?

Honestly. Why is the destruction of Christianity and the worship of Lucifer so important to these useful idiots? Doesn't that set you thinking by itself?

I suspect you have always been very close to salvation, ICS, if not a child of God right now. Consider converting to Christ just to spite these idiots. You could do a lot worse, believe me.