Saturday, March 22, 2008

Republics Cannot Survive An Average IQ of 97

They simply can't.

The basic assumptions in the article linked above are not accessible to people with IQs below 105, minimum. They just cannot be grasped by people that simpleminded.

Even the capacity to suspect the motives of others and themselves as inherently flawed. A little too much induction. People with IQs around 95 just don't work that way upstairs.

Dumb people always think that "those people up there" will be sending instructions "down here" on how to eat, sleep and sh*t. All it takes is the invention of a new religion to make them your slaves forever.

I could show you a Jane Goodall documentary and you would quickly realize what it is I am talking about. The beta monkeys are focused in their whole being on watching the lead of the alphas. They cannot do otherwise. It's all about "celebrities" and "the important ones" for chimpanzees. That's their biology and it is the same that humans exhibit when their reasoning ceases to be an issue. Biology takes over. No primate could ever dream of freedom. It is impossible for them. Even the alphas scarcely partake of it except to reinforce their dominance.

Monkeys in manpants. Our societies were founded by better people and cannot survive their current populations.

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