Sunday, March 9, 2008

Missile Defense : A Hoax To Cover Missile Offense

Missile defense was never going to protect the sheeple. It was designed to serve as a cover story for the militarization of space, against the advice of all our ancestors in the 1950's. Modern people think they are edjumificated.

The worst possible thing that could happen in the worst of all possible worlds is to move the arena of nuclear war from land-based ICBMs into orbital platform environments. That's exactly what they did while their agents in the media told the sheeple that a benevolent umbrella of safety would result. All they did was ramp up the second Cold War into the wild-eyed stuff of Sunday Supplements in 1955.

Trust me, you got no idea what they have waiting for us all up there. Ugly machines that will rain hell on Earth during WW3. Even I would probably crap my pants if I knew the truth. It can't protect anybody from anything, it's all offensive hardware. It's not about shielding civilians, it's about killing the enemy when the time comes. There is no substitute for civil defense, never was and never will be.

Read the comic book subtitle above. The war that will never happen if America remains strong and alert. Says it all right there.

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