Sunday, March 30, 2008


Wow. Watched this movie against tonight. I can't believe how good it is. It's even better in the repeat viewing.

You do know our entire civilization has been cheated out of a real culture for a hundred years, right? Our culture is imported and imposed on us, like that of the Bolshevists in the Soviet Union. It's not a product of market forces. It's something crammed down our throats. Nobody wants what they are selling. Without a socialist cartel, there'd be no Hollywood. Once you've been exposed to somebody with real, as opposed to pretend, talent, you'll be rendered unfit for that Hollywood crap ever again.

These are not our movies. These are not our ideas. These are not our values. They are alien to us, we instinctively want to vomit them back up. The problem is not the label on the can, it's the fact that the dog doesn't like that dog food. Given a choice other than starvation, the dog would not eat that food.

If the world made any sense, this movie should have swept the Academy Awards and won almost every single honor that Hollywood had to give. If Hollywood rejected this movie, I'd have to say I reject Hollywood. They don't have anything I need. They're not selling anything that I want to buy.

Did you know those sets were mostly real? That CGI was barely used in this film? Look at some of the costumes. They're utterly incredible. The acting is unbelievably good, it's natural and so convincing that it is difficult to believe that what you are watching is a movie. You feel as though you have been there - you have been a prisoner brought to the pyramid by the Mayans to be sacrificed. You go through what they went through, you truly sense the barbaric and vile nature of the Mayan Empire. It's horrific and yet you can't look away because you know this is what happened and this is really the way it was. If anything, you sense that only a small vision of the real horror of what the Mayans were is displayed in this film.

When the little sick girl prophesies their end and Jaguar Paw leads them all to their doom at the shore of the ocean, it makes you want to stand up and cheer. Of course, this movie is so complex it is really not about the Mayans at all. It's about the Neoconservatives. But you know that, don't you? This film is ultimately not about the Mayans at all. It's about our civilization and the vicious, hideous monsters who rule our nations and sacrifice human life to their dark gods. Mel Gibson made a political film that is the cinematic equivalent of the Citizen Kane of jungle movies.

I think like IDIOCRACY, this movie was simply too good to be permitted to get wide distribution and any promotion. It's just too good.


CadorBolin said...

APOCALYPTO was not bad--I actually agree with it's message. But compared to the crap they push down people's throats at the Oscars? It's a masterpiece, of course.

It is a very pro-masculine movie, which is what really offends Hollyweird. My favorite scene is where Jaguar Paw affirms himself before the evil Mayans at the waterfall: "My father hunted in these lands as I have, and so will my son after me". I was incredibly moved by this--probably explains why I sympathize with the Serbs in regards to Kosovo.

I'm not sure what to make of IDIOCRACY -- it probably got as far as it could for making a case for eugenics without mentioning race. Must alwayz dance around the jew--itz.

Anonymous said...

Excellent movie, and the best review I've seen so far.