Saturday, March 15, 2008

Making Women Die Alone, Crazy and Unloved

That's what feminism is all about.

I've known three women in my life who had abortions at a young age. All three had been treated for mental illness. One of them had been committed and the other one finally suicided one fine day last year, 42 years old, divorced three times, childless leaving nobody to grieve for her.

It's all a racket, girls. You're just meat for the mill.

Remember, illegal aliens only take the jobs that thirty million white aborted babies can't or won't do. If abortion had never been legalized, the birth rate in America from 1960-2000 would have supplied a huge labor surplus that would have done any menial work the United States required and those people would have gone on to become happy, prosperous citizens that would have contributed all their lives to their own betterment as well as everyone else's. Without abortion, it's not an exaggeration to say that the U.S. would look, feel and smell radically different from what it does today.

It's a racket, girls. You're just a tool. Talking you into getting your babies brain drilled out in the womb is part of the game. Women are a lot like black people to the elites - once they served their purpose in the war of all against all, they are discarded like so much rubbish. Nobody cares if you off yourself in your 40's from misery and abject loneliness. Your happiness never had anything to do with it at all. You were simply a useful idiot to be employed against their hated enemies.


Anonymous said...

In my opinion, Western women deserve their fate. I\'ve had the misfortune of dealing with these creatures in the general population, and virtually all of them are nothing but shallow, self-centered, self-absorbed, self-entitled, emotionally unstable useless eaters. None of them are fit for companionship.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: "None of them are fit for companionship."

No...not "none." I vehemently disagree, anonymous.

Find a good one, love her, do the right thing by her and the world's your oyster. It sounds stupid, trite, old fashioned, but things start to happen when you love a woman with all your heart. Things change which you wouldn't think are in any way connected to your home life. I think it's mainly to do with your attitude about yourself as a man, and it changes everything. I can only imagine what having our first child will do.

The good ones are still out there. I only met mine ten years ago. Things haven't f**ked up that much in that time that these good women aren't still out there. If you think they're not then you may be copping out. Prior to finding her I'd been disillusioned by the uni-sanctioned dikelike BS just like you blokes now, a decade later.

Look for them. The good ones. They _are_ still out there. I got one, and I'm no catch, although she keeps telling me I am, which is sorta what real love is about, innit? Seeing the good points, even if they're obscure (or invisible? :D )

Read Makow. He sounds so old these days, but I reckon he'll eventually be seen to be bang on the money on many of his points, if not all of them.


Anonymous said...

Femimism is one of the greatest Confidence Jobs hoisted on the West. Telling young girls that they CAN have it all when life is about sacrifice. Unfortunately many things in life are an either / or situation. Use your early years to secure a career and climb the ladder VS meeting a decent hard working honest man and raise a family.

I know plenty of 35+ year old single women. They are desperate and why wouldn't they be. They aren't the best lookers anymore, they haven't exactly succeeded in their careers (so very few people do. I mean how many CEO's are there?), their fertility is questionable and the ultimate slap in the face they discover that "all the good men are gone".

Yep. Whilst they were slutting it up (selling their soul to the company and "enjoying" single life) they shunned the "good" men. Now that they are ready to settle down they find the "good" men have been snatched up. They've been beaten to the "catches" by about a decade.

And in support to MR 7.45pm. Many western women are damaged goods. The media has polluted their minds. They want to dress and act like sluts yet demand to be treated with respect. And how aggresive are the little tarts on the roads? One chick at work is an absolute stunner. Yet she has the foulest mouth I have ever heard. I wouldn't touch her with a barge pole.

Another point.

(A) pre feminism. bloke went out to work and earns $50k with which he can buy a house and support a family with 3 kids.

(B) Post feminism. Bloke still earns $50k but wife also earns $50k. Are they better off? Nope. They have one kid that they dump in child care and they can only just afford a house. The bloke has effectively lost 50% of his purchasing power.

Anonymous said...

hear, hear..well said

Texas Arcane said...

I have trouble believing that women don't on occasion regain consciousness and find themselves 38 years old, drunk and high on drugs in the middle of a six way black gangbang and suspect that somewhere along the line, somebody has mislead them. Is that what happiness is about?

Rather, somebody that hates European women with a rabid intensity that fills their hearts made the whole feminist thing up to do just this - reduce them to hideous, unmarriable degraded drunken slave sluts whose lives have slipped past them leaving them less than nothing at all.

When you watch SEX IN THE CITY it is presented as the happiest state to which a woman can attain, shopping and sex with a long list of suitors. The reality is that all such women end up taking a handful of sleeping pills with a bottle of vodka in their early forties with a world so indifferent to them there is almost nobody to even notice they are gone.

Somebody really, really hated the people of the West and they struck at them through their women first. The females are the important ones because a woman can only have one child at a time and that only within a certain brief window of fertility. You take out the women first, you took out the whole race. Clever bastards. Looks like the plan worked, too.

Anonymous said...

TEX - Years ago when learning about medievel warfare we were told that the main reason that men fight the wars was one of practicalities. Was it strength? Speed? Endurance? Maybe aggression?

Nope. It was based on this. All the men of fighting age go out to war. Only one returns. He can repopulate the village and die with a big smile.

Second scenario. The women of child bearing age go out and fight. One returns. 9 months gestation = end of the village.

I saw a doco on women in combat. The US Army determined that there was not a single function that women could not perform. Indeed they excelled in many (fat distribution in women allows them to endure cold climates better for one).

Anyway, it is my firm belief that the bedrock of a nation is the family unit.

Texas Arcane said...

I was in the Army and I never saw a single woman in four years who could meet any of the standards demanded of the average man. Always the female soldiers had to have standards lowered in every single requirement.

To qualify physically, they only had to do a quarter of the pushups and pullups, run the two mile at twice the time that males were considered to have failed. When they took proficiency tests, nobody put any pressure on them and 90% of the time when they had clearly failed, the drill sergeant would just wave them on through. The next male soldier in line was stunned to discover he was judged extremely harshly, screamed at and penalized severely if he performed at double the skill level the female soldier just had.

The Army was forced to do all of this in order to prop up the socially accepted mythology of Bolshevism, which says women and men would be completely equal if they did not play with different dolls when growing up. It's a form of mass insanity that has swept the Western world as surely as any plague or fever did in the past.

It's totally insane. There is no equality amongst men and women and no equality amongst men and men, men and animals, men and races. None of any kind. It's worse than the Emperor's clothes, because it would be easier to believe the Emperor was not naked than to believe men and women are only differentiated because of the way they squat to pee.

It's insanity and previous societies that went this mad were utterly destroyed for it.

Ice Cream Soldier said...

"...The US Army determined that there was not a single function that women could not perform. Indeed they excelled in many (fat distribution in women allows them to endure cold climates better for one)."

A doctored documentary, mon ami. It was made to promote femlib because of the congresswomen.

When I first joined the army women soldiers were WAC (Women's Army Corps). As I kept returning from Viet Nam I kept noticing changes in the Army such as women in the regular Army and no more WAC.When I finally returned from my last tour of combat in 1973 the ALLVOL Army was a reality.

Women were being trained to do male jobs but not to go into combat. They replaced a great number of male soldiers and the efficiency & sffectiveness of the military went down the tubes!

The biggest problem, proven, of women in the Army is the center of gravity. Women cannot handle even fractions of the same load on their backs that a man can, they do not have the agility to move as a man around obstacles and, more to the point a woman thinks totally different from a man. They hesitate when they should be aggressive.

Anonymous, you're right and wrong;

"...Years ago when learning about medievel warfare we were told that the main reason that men fight the wars was one of practicalities. Was it strength? Speed? Endurance? Maybe aggression?"

Like it or not, all of those reasons have been proven correct except in the case of muscular lesbians and then they are still true to a degree as they still cannot match even the 'average' male.

Speed and ability to slip around obstacles as a man went to skinny little women without any hips. The ones with the childbearing ability bred out of them. Still, even they cannot equal the 'average' male.

"...Nope. It was based on this. All the men of fighting age go out to war. Only one returns. He can repopulate the village and die with a big smile.

Second scenario. The women of child bearing age go out and fight. One returns. 9 months gestation = end of the village."

This is the main an most important reason but does not mean that the original reasons are in any way incorrect.

One of the biggest problems with women in the military and the efficiency & effectiveness of a unit is the male's protective nature. Men will distract themselves from the mission to try to protect the woman.

One of the biggest problems with the US Armed Forces today is the total feminization of the forces!

I have served my time as platoon sergeant, drill sergeant and first sergeant. I have hated every minute of having the problems of women in a male barracks and in a male combat unit as they add to problems of pregnancy, male rivalry and inability to properly do a man's job. They take away from the combat mission by causing dissent and holding a position that would otherwise be held by a combat soldier. That's one less member of the team when the shit hits the fan.

I cannot say that all western women "deserve their fate". Look at all of the rest of the male idiots in the western world (including the Australian idiots, Tex) who have allowed this and become whimpering little pussy boys.

So, other anonymous, who the f*ck is your companionship? Boys?

I have known many western women who see right through the femlib shit. Bud you ain't looking hard enough or else you're not trying.

Anonymous said...

From the point of view of a woman: how are modern women supposed to react when subjected to the largest psy-op/psychological experiment ever conducted on human beings? All of this anger and hatred that is displayed towards modern women: as you have rightfully pointed out, Cleve, women ARE the weaker sex. They are responding to prompts, and are more victims than anything else (though a special Hell is reserved for certain women). You catch more "flies" with honey than vinegar. Instead of hammering on the women, who are responding accordingly Pavlovian, save your harshness for those that perpetrated this insanity. Women can be taught to behave differently. Lead by example and manliness.

Anonymous said...

It\'s me again, poster #1. Poster #2, there may be a few human female commodities left out there, but they are beyond the exception rather than the rule. Let me give you an example. I don\'t know your age, but watch the following video and see the, like you know, totally hot chick. I mean, she\'s like, totally smokin\' and stuff.

After you stop shaking your head in disgust, know this. The above female is the prototype, the last to be released in the product line and all that is left for any Western male under 35. I feel sorry for the poor soul that gives this woman joint ownership of his future assets.

Tex Aracane is right about this being by design. In fact, the whole feminism movement was engineered. Since you noted Henry Makow, you might enjoy reading about it:

Texas Arcane said...

To destroy a race, you always start first with the females. The men you can finish off later one by one.

The only thing more pathetic in the Western world than the average female is the average male. They are more like a Monty Python skit than real human beings.

You have no idea how many of these trannies I have tried to talk about the real world with at work and been shocked into abject silence at their responses. They always shrug and act highly edjumificated. So what if we go extinct? It won't matter to me because I'll be dead then will have enjoyed my footy and shopping. It's like a woman, except with testicles.

Termites only get a foothold in rotten wood. Healthy wood is too hard for them to chew.

Anonymous said...

Poster #1: Of course it's all by design. And I've already read Makow...that's why I recommended him. I know what he says.

And of course they're the exception (although I wouldn't call them "commodities".) The desirable ones are always the exception.

Today's man-moron fights tooth and nail to bed the Barbie-Doll with big tits, no brains and the brewery boss for a father (in other words, the exception.) On the other hand, the real gems out there aren't necessarily even in demand, so there's far less competition. They're exceptional, alright, but like silver ten years ago, everyone's still looking in the opposite direction. Your chances are actually better with this woman because of the relative lack of competition.

Doesn't mean you have to hook up with a dog, either...there are pretty women with the intelligence to already know things don't quite feel right and who can blink a couple of times and then see clearly as you gradually pull the wool from their eyes. Chances are that other people may already think they're slightly "weird" because they don't swallow the BS readily enough.

I'm sure things have gone downhill in the last ten years. I'm bloody glad that I'm not still out there looking. (And if my original reply was taken as a lecture then that wasn't how it was intended. It was meant to be encouragement, not a sermon.)

But they are still out there somewhere, although these days you may have to put in more work than I did on the re-education process once you pick one.

At the end of the day, you don't want to weigh up your missus with "will my mates think she's hot" so much as "can I stand to live with this for the rest of forever?" (Possibly in the confines of a shelter for extended periods.)

As for the video, yep I've seen it. Scary. But bear in mind that the poor girl was shitting her pants in front of a TV audience and I don't know how intelligible I'd have been in the same situation at age 18. It's a useful caricature, no more.