Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Let's Go Broke And Eat Baby Meat For Israel

Oy vey! They only have the world's fourth largest military and nuclear weapons! Why fight when a nice shabbas goy volunteers to go in your place?

Explain the part again to me where blessing Abraham means becoming a slave colony of Tel Aviv and worshipping Pharisees as our masters. I get lost in there somewhere. You said this was a Christian responsibility? Are you sure? I don't think that's in my Geneva bible scripture. Maybe somebody pulled a fast one on you. You do know Cyrus Scofield got bailed out of prison for check forgery the same day he got the job to write the concordance from special pets at Oxford Press, right?

More power to'em, say I. Anybody stupid enough to roll over and bark that easy is going to be doing what somebody tells'em somewhere, it's just a question of who. They're slaves auditioning for masters, the first whipcracker to step forward gets the spoils, is all.

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trueaim said...

I attended a 'Free Palestine' rally in Melbourne 2day and I am now the proud owner of a 'Israel: Terrorist State' badge, I'm gonna wear it everywhere, LOL!