Monday, March 17, 2008

Legalism Is The Tyrant's Veil

All of this pretending to be puzzled about this fake controversy is just a ploy used to baffle inferior minds. Notice how the media uses the phrase "blank slate" when referring to a constitutional right. "Blank slate" is a favorite Bolshevist term since the 1918 revolution. The court doesn't make law, it doesn't have the right accorded to it anywhere to decide on the Bill of Rights, any more than Bush has the right to go to war without the consent of Congress. If gun grabbers were sincere people (they aren't) they would press for a Constitutional Congress and make an amendment to remove that right. They wouldn't dare. They're slinkers so they try other slippery routes. Like cockroaches sticking to the darkest corners when they move.

Any casual reading of the Federalist Papers will tell any fool that the Founding Fathers were raving, dribbling, foaming-at-the-mouth gun nuts. The only mistake was in making it the Second Amendment instead of the first. Specifically, the Founding Fathers wanted guns in the hands of the common man so that when this day arrived, they could use those guns to shoot people who use phrases like "blank slate" and hang them up by their heels in the streets to re-establish the rule of law. There is no controversy. All we are seeing is the prophetic capacity of Jefferson, Adams and Franklin to foresee the day when assholes like these people would be born/immigrate into the United States and to arm them unreservedly for that day.

The Founding Fathers not only believed violence works and that it is a viable problem solver, they wrote the tools into the Constitution. They were Renaissance geniuses. Most modern men are shrunken gonad lisping morons with the character and virtues of yard slugs. They're still better than the sorts of people attracted to politics.

Is the press a propaganda outlet? Check on the same page where a press release by a private lobby group is printed verbatim as if it were regular news. Swell. Where is the disclaimer and the link to the press release by the gun lobby? I'm looking and I don't see it. The way you can tell the press is lying is that their lips move.

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DiversityIsStrength said...

Thank Gaia and the Goddess that 59 percent of Americans support the banning of handguns--it's truly a great day when the dream of Martin Luther King is coming to fruition.

Finally, when the Supreme Court bans firearms, the United States can join the rest of the civilized world by disarming racist white males who are the true cause of the ills of society.

When Obama is sworn in as President, America will become a worthy co-equal among the community of nations.