Sunday, March 30, 2008

John Titor : Boycott of 2008 Beijing Olympics Begins

Titor said there would be no Olympics held in 2008.

Titor said that 2008 would be the year that the principle of time travel was first demonstrated to work inside the CERN Hadron Collider.

Titor said something would happen in 2012 so catastrophic that he could not describe it, something like the "parting of the red sea." NASA says that for the first time in recorded history, the solar field is in perfect perpendicular alignment with Earth for when it flips magnetically in December 2012. Nobody living has ever seen an event like that before. We're looking top down on a magnetic field that will flip violently in the one of the biggest solar maximums ever recorded in 2012. Even NASA is suggesting that the way that magnetic rip affects this planet is unforeseeable at this time but that we can expect it to be something apocalyptic in significance.

Titor suggested the President in 2008 will be female. The jury is still out on that one.

Lastly and most important of all - Titor said that three billion people will die in a nuclear war that starts in 2015, a first strike by the Russians that will annihilate the U.S. government and most of the urban population.


CadorBolin said...

I don't recall JT saying that the President will be female -- just referred to the President as 'he or she'. Even if Hillary doesn't make it--I don't think it makes JT wrong on this.

I'm skeptical that the Olympics will be cancelled--it would be 'bad for business' according to the globalists. But who knows?

A few things that JT was wrong about:

-"Waco"-type events would occur on a monthly basis starting in 2004.
-When asked to produce evidence that he got an IBM 5100 computer, he had shown an IBM 5150 label--a computer that was only available in 1978 (he said he travelled to 1975 at first).
-A civil war would be evident by 2008--but to be fair, 2008 is not finished yet.

I can only conclude that JT was a clever hoax--but I say this as someone who probably agrees with the vast majoriity of his worldview. Modern society is fundamentally rotten (JT said that the people of 2036 looked back on the people of 2000 with contempt), and no amount of good government can make it better.

Anonymous said...

1. At this moment no country is even considering boycotting the Olympics. The commercial interests are too big. Greed will conquer ethics.

2. Titor never ever specifically mentioned the CERN LHC. You'd think a timetraveler would mention the name of the invention that made timetravel possible.

3. There will be no female president nor a black one. McCain will win.

4. Every nutjob on the planet thinks something will happen at 2012 ever since they discovered the mayans/azteks/whatever stopped calculating their calendar after that. These people are extinct now, wtf do they know?

5. Russia will not pre-empt. America's destruction is going perfectly as planned. The USA will implode in warring factions that make the 90's Balkans look like Woodstock.


Anonymous said...

Predictive Failures of Titor

Let's call a hoax a hoax.

trueaim said...

Tex, would there be any physical geological or atmospheric warning signs that you know of that would happen before a magnetic pole shift?

andyboots37 said...

Did you hear of that time-traveller from the past named Jim Totter? :)

Anonymous said...

Did JT mention anything about an ice age, since one should be in full effect by 2036 if it is indeed coming?

If time travel is/was only discoverable in 2008 (according to the CERN article), could JT have time traveled back to 2000?

Chesterton said...

"If time travel is/was only discoverable in 2008 (according to the CERN article), could JT have time traveled back to 2000?"

Well, the scientists' hypothesis could simply be wrong. There are much better criticisms of Titor than that.

For instance, he said there'd be no Olympics in 2006, either, making him about 0-20 when it comes to predictions.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon, John Titor said worldwide temperatures were drastically cooler in 2036.

Trueaim, before a magnetic pole shift, the entire world would be seeing aurora borealis similar to what Alaskans see each year. A rapidly moving magnetic field inside the earth would light up the ionosphere.

Rzero, all points well taken. Except for guilt by association with 2012. Just because 2012 has been a focus of prophecy for thousands of years does not therefore mean it must be a McGuffin. If you have hardcore physical evidence something will happen in addition to several thousands of years of anticipation by our ancestors, I'd say this is a massive heads-up. December 2012 is not just another date on the calendar by any means. If it were nothing *but* prophecy, it would mean nothing to me.

The jury is still out on John Titor but I believe we will find out this year if this was a very clever hoax or something more.

Anonymous said...

Titor was prolly a cover for single 7 (johny boy) a weather tech from the same timeframe, the arcane computer recoverery bit is the honey trap for tech heads, the real MO is heating the ocean (dumb arse earth), the point is LSD can solve many imaginary problems, heil Yoda


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