Friday, March 14, 2008

The Iron Rod Over The Nations

Sentence your children to death or we'll sentence you to jail.

The hidden information on vaccines that has come out over the past ten years on the Internet is so abominable that it is fair cause to shut down every vaccine manufacturer on the planet. The rate of allergic reactions alone is so catastrophic to developing children it negates any possible imaginary benefit that is claimed for these vaccines.

Belgium has had an ongoing assault on their right to bear arms and it is obvious why. Belgium has had several successive scandals involving pedophile rings in very high places that have crushed all credibility of the Belgium government. The sheeple's children are nothing but meat for the elite.

How could you possibly fight for rights you didn't even know exist? 45% of the British population don't know what the Magna Charta is. Don't expect any fight coming from these cage raised hens.


Ice Cream Soldier said...

Eventually all of the vaccine's poisonous ingredients will kill off the weaker ones and will so thoroughly dumb down the surviving slaves that they will do anything for that next morsal of food. It's all prearranged.

Anonymous said...

A LOT of REALLY TERRIBLE quotes in that article - makes the Nazi's look like pansies.

I think there may very well be some vaccines that are safe and beneficial - but which ones ? Who the hell knows. Certainly some are dangerous beyond belief. Autism rates in the US are now 1 out 166 kids. I never even saw a kid with autism till I was in high school - now it's everywhere.

Clinic in the Midwest does 'holistic' medicine - interviews found that out of some 30,000 kids medical records, only a handful had autism - and all of those kids had been vaccinated by their parents before coming to the clinic.

Not to worry though. The economy and the govt is going to collapse this year and the days of them sticking their nose into everybody's business are just about over.


Ice Cream Soldier said...

Kochevnik, as governments collapse their minions become nastier and deadlier.

They don't just collapse overnight. In the process many people are badly harmed and many die horribly. I have to say that for a tremendous amount of the sheeple herd I don't find that a bad thing as I believe the herd needs to be culled (makes me sound like a real bad guy, huh? Sorry about that)but, the rest need to be able to fight or join the sheeple on the funeral pyre.

The point is, we can't just be glad that it is all on the way down because that is not an overnight thing.

I agree with you on both points about some vaccines may be useful but who knows which ones.

I can tell you now that most of the children's vaccines are not useful. They are exponentially more dangerous than the children's diseases they were touted to prevent.

I have not researched the ingredients of all of the vaccines there are as there are so many but, as my article states, most have formaldehyde and/or thimerasol (mercury)as fixers.

They'll either kill you or destroy your brain. Ever wonder why so many of the people in the world are so stupid? Flouride, Formaldehyde, Mercury...chemicals.