Monday, March 31, 2008

Globawarmthenkery : By Morons, For Morons

Only possible in a society so poorly edjumificated they cannot locate Canada on a map. Only possible in Amerikwa.

No society with the education level common in 1955 could ever fall for the global warmthink story. Not in a million years.

Only Oprah and Dr. Phil's primary viewing demographic could ever be talked into something so inane by sheer repetition.

Brawndo! It's got electrolytes! It's got what plants crave!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

John Titor : Boycott of 2008 Beijing Olympics Begins

Titor said there would be no Olympics held in 2008.

Titor said that 2008 would be the year that the principle of time travel was first demonstrated to work inside the CERN Hadron Collider.

Titor said something would happen in 2012 so catastrophic that he could not describe it, something like the "parting of the red sea." NASA says that for the first time in recorded history, the solar field is in perfect perpendicular alignment with Earth for when it flips magnetically in December 2012. Nobody living has ever seen an event like that before. We're looking top down on a magnetic field that will flip violently in the one of the biggest solar maximums ever recorded in 2012. Even NASA is suggesting that the way that magnetic rip affects this planet is unforeseeable at this time but that we can expect it to be something apocalyptic in significance.

Titor suggested the President in 2008 will be female. The jury is still out on that one.

Lastly and most important of all - Titor said that three billion people will die in a nuclear war that starts in 2015, a first strike by the Russians that will annihilate the U.S. government and most of the urban population.


Wow. Watched this movie against tonight. I can't believe how good it is. It's even better in the repeat viewing.

You do know our entire civilization has been cheated out of a real culture for a hundred years, right? Our culture is imported and imposed on us, like that of the Bolshevists in the Soviet Union. It's not a product of market forces. It's something crammed down our throats. Nobody wants what they are selling. Without a socialist cartel, there'd be no Hollywood. Once you've been exposed to somebody with real, as opposed to pretend, talent, you'll be rendered unfit for that Hollywood crap ever again.

These are not our movies. These are not our ideas. These are not our values. They are alien to us, we instinctively want to vomit them back up. The problem is not the label on the can, it's the fact that the dog doesn't like that dog food. Given a choice other than starvation, the dog would not eat that food.

If the world made any sense, this movie should have swept the Academy Awards and won almost every single honor that Hollywood had to give. If Hollywood rejected this movie, I'd have to say I reject Hollywood. They don't have anything I need. They're not selling anything that I want to buy.

Did you know those sets were mostly real? That CGI was barely used in this film? Look at some of the costumes. They're utterly incredible. The acting is unbelievably good, it's natural and so convincing that it is difficult to believe that what you are watching is a movie. You feel as though you have been there - you have been a prisoner brought to the pyramid by the Mayans to be sacrificed. You go through what they went through, you truly sense the barbaric and vile nature of the Mayan Empire. It's horrific and yet you can't look away because you know this is what happened and this is really the way it was. If anything, you sense that only a small vision of the real horror of what the Mayans were is displayed in this film.

When the little sick girl prophesies their end and Jaguar Paw leads them all to their doom at the shore of the ocean, it makes you want to stand up and cheer. Of course, this movie is so complex it is really not about the Mayans at all. It's about the Neoconservatives. But you know that, don't you? This film is ultimately not about the Mayans at all. It's about our civilization and the vicious, hideous monsters who rule our nations and sacrifice human life to their dark gods. Mel Gibson made a political film that is the cinematic equivalent of the Citizen Kane of jungle movies.

I think like IDIOCRACY, this movie was simply too good to be permitted to get wide distribution and any promotion. It's just too good.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Humidity, Fungus & 12 Volt Negative Ion/Ozone Generators

The big problem with all underground shelter is humidity. Not only when occupied, but especially when unoccupied.

My goal before this summer is to have an automated system that runs the air conditioning unit/dehumidifier at a threshold set to keep the shelter cool and dry inside at all times. It needs intelligence to know when the shelter is occupied - through passive infrared detectors (I have 12 now I bought at $1.50 apiece that put out a 3 volt signal when a heat source is anywhere in their detector range out to six meters) and when it is unoccupied.

I had an idea that it would be great to constantly flush the entire shelter with ozone when it was unoccupied and then turn on the fans and import clean air when occupants arrive. This would suppress the growth of all mold and mildew in combination with the dehumidifier. There might even be a timed release of vaporized tea tree oil or another fungal antigen, say every thirty minutes a small spray in all areas, maybe staggered at intervals.

Of course, the other advantage of passive IR is that the shelter can turn on the lights and then the fans, greet the shelterees with a prerecorded WAV file and immediately give status reports on every major shelter system ... food, water, temperature, air quality. This for me is the real result I am working towards, to make the shelter self-diagnosing in all regards. For example, using a magnetic reed switch to know if the positive pressure valve in the storage drum is open and that someone should close it if the shelter is put into pre-attack check mode.

I bought an absolute truckload of bracket mounted reed switches of all kinds but I have not mounted them yet because I want to improve the air quality so they don't rust internally.

Herein has been my dilemma - first continuous power from solar and wind available 24/7 charged automatically, then automated AC, then intelligent climate control. I still have not made it past step one. I am reluctant to mount any more electronic components until I solve the humidity problem. My Rabbit 2000 monitor has accumulated chunks of crusty white fungus inside the casing that look like alien spores, although it has not affected the board's functionality as of yet. I cannot install any more computer hardware until I purify the air down there and all surfaces.

Archdruid Promises All Heretics Will Burn Inside The Mighty Wicker Man

Christianity is irrational and flawed according to crypto-bolshevist double-plus goodthinkers. However, global warmthenkery is enlightened and edjumificated. All intellamajent types know it because they have secret knowledge and a consensus-type mob chinnery. To question the impact of farting cows and decomposing baby nappies on our anthropomorphized earth mother is tantamount to witchcraft and will be punished accordingly. Managing carbon molecules through pieces of paper exchanged for big cash makes sense. Moving the papers around for fiat paper will restore Gaia to balance.

Do you want to always be ten steps ahead of everybody else like Vault-Co?

Here's the secret.

The average human being has an IQ of 100. That's 9 points higher than Koko the Sign Language Gorilla. It's 16 points higher than the average black american and a full 30 points higher than the average black african.

Anything the masses agree on, is always false. On those rare one-in-one-thousand instances where their crude, ape-like brains accidentally fall ass-backwards into the truth, they are only right for the wrong reasons. Otherwise, they are always just plain wrong, period.

The corollary is that any idea which is pushed for mass consumption and finds a reception, will also always be false. If it was true, it would find no fertile soil in the bleached and deserted wasteland that the average human being has the gall to call his or her mind. The only thing that sticks in that dry craw is b*llshit.

If you want to start a popular movement to promote anything, you will never succeed by assuming the average human being has superior reasoning to a field sparrow. Your chances improve exponentially as the quality of the idea you are seeking to get a reception for comes down.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Smell Of Rainbow Stew Cooking Up On The Old Globalist Stove

Yes, we're all moving towards a brighter future with dancing ponies and smurfs and Teletubbies skipping hand-in-hand towards a better world for all consumer units everywhere.

I. Need. More. Concrete.

Cookie Jar Tapped Out : Entire Country is a Do-Over

Importing migrant labor from Mars could not make up the revenue shortfall.

They have not even gotten the bad news yet.

What is planned before the end of G.W.'s term?

Lind points out that losing that war right now would be a historic turning point from which the Amerikwan military may never recover. Maybe it is desired that no troops return home except in body bags so that obstacles to NAFTA will be minimal and scattered.

Portrait of an Asylum Run By The Inmates

Random selection of the tripe broadcast on Amerikwan televitz.

Please, airbursts all around for the edjumificated. Synchronized overpressure rings if possible. Is it really come to this?

Vault OS : Update #9 : PRICE WARS!

Woo-hoo! Landed another four SBCs ("single board computers") today at an average of $10.00 apiece. Check out the specs on this board, it's got Ethernet and 1024x768 VGA built-in. I think this can be called a worldwide price collapse ... considering that only three years ago, my Rabbit 2000 board for $50.00 was highly competitive with x86 based SBCs with half of the specs and features starting at $300.00+ or much more. For a while there, PC 104 boards were way more expensive than just buying a discount PC completely loaded.

So the failure of PC 104 as a standard is now resulting in a glut of PC 104 and similar x86 devices with "old hardware" flooding the markets. The world says this is junk, but at Vault-Co we call it our all-purpose high end supercomputer terminal with the right software ...

The prototype is percolating .... screenshots and downloadable alpha test version soon ...

Those of you who have wondered since the first Vault-Co site was launched in 1998, when I was working on Vault OS in Visual Basic, just when if ever this software was going to be released ... I am glad I waited and got a lot of false starts. Somehow I knew this day would come. A world where the x86-32bit-PM is a surplus device for around $20.00 a terminal installation ... that's what I'm talking about. Combined with an I2C standard for realtime sensing and control ... that's a basket I will put all my eggs into and my back into developing.

Of course, you still have to come up with the actual display hardware. I have a couple 12 volt LCDs with VGA input laying around at 640x480 resolution, so I am not worried but if you keep your eyes open I think that you will start to see barebones VGA panels at prices under $40.00 brand new or less as secondhand. The keyboard and mouse have a thousand options available, you can buy a serial mouse for $2.96 new from the bargain shop last time I checked. I saw a mini-keyboard a few weeks back for $12.95. There is also stuff like this floating around the surplus channels.

Because of this strange visual trick I am using, where I overlay one GUI layer onto the desktop transparently, I think it may be some time before I support more than 256 colors. This may entail conversions of incoming true color images into their 256 color counterparts. Basically, I am physically using color index layer zero as the transparency mask for my secondary GUI layer. This is really cool, it works and it is fast. If I try to convert it to 16 bit high color I may experience a significant slowdown on lower end machines (like this Pentium 166 SBC) because that is literally copying 4 times as many bytes with masking onto the bottom layer. So although supporting higher resolutions is a snap (up to 1024x768) I may be locked into the use of an 8 bit palette for a long time for the Vault OS. This will entail the need to convert CCD camera images on the fly, which usually is not too hard if you are using a pregenerated lookup table. I've done a lot of this stuff before in game programming with similar restrictions.

I also think I may roll back Watcom from OpenWatcom 1.4 to the original Watcom 11.5 which I was a registered owner of. My original CD disks have gone bad but it is still legacy code. These idiots maintaining OpenWatcom not only managed to crash all existing makefiles and the linker, they also lost compatibility with the STL (Standard Template Language) port for Watcom. That's a pretty big sore thumb there in terms of productivity. If you don't enjoy debugging custom linked lists for every structure in your program, you use the STL to just say things like ... "list i(INVENTORYITEM)" to replace about ten man hours of programming. Want to sort your list of inventory items and don't have a spare week to try different sort routines? Just say "i.sort()." You can probably understand why STL is so important to have for C++ coding. So anybody who said, "Yes, let's release OpenWatcom 1.4 with no more STL compatibility or working makefiles" would have had to be smoking catpoop right out of the litterbox. That's no improvement.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Where have all the sunspots gone?

Note the massive, schizophrenic disconnect pointed out by Robert Felix in his analysis of the article. The author thinks that "disruption of agriculture as a result of having no sun could be, like, serious." Yes, you could say that, if you consider billions dying from starvation and half the planet turning to cannibalism, yes, it could be serious n'stuff.

The Sun provides the energy for the entire merry-go-round that has led to population growth to six billion people. If it declines in output and stays there the way it does outside all interglacials, this party is going to stop really abruptly.

As Felix pointed out, we'll be fighting in the streets over food (and oil and water) before the next Ice Age formally begins. Nuclear war is a given, it will absolutely take place in the massive struggles between nations to control what little remaining fuel and food there is to go around.

Vault OS : Update #8 ... Am I making sense yet?

I daisychained three DS18B20 temperature sensors on some molex connectors I got out of a Victor/Sirius computer I stripped for parts. These sensors are 12C compliant and calling each one individually from a serial port is so easy it boggles the mind. I just measured temperatures inside and outside my study to test them. Not only are they accurate, they are uncannily like intelligent peripherals with this I2C protocol. I got the instructions how to do it here.

If I put these in various places around the Hive like in storage, I can do things like turning on the air conditioning/dehumidifier if it gets too warm in there above a certain temperature. I can do the same with the living area or permaculture lab - if it got too cold you'd want to run some kind of ambient heater for the hydroponics garden. I once tried running my 12 volt hair dryer inside the main living quarters and you would not believe how quickly it heats up inside a sealed insulated environment like that. You could keep the hothouse at tropical temperatures and the living quarters dry and cool on demand.

There is an I2C chip for whatever function you could imagine. If you can think of it and you know what address to call, you can do it via serial port.

All it takes is $4.00 worth of parts for the I2C-to-serial converter for the PC (I built it on a breadboard in twenty minutes) and you can have as many sensors as you want in the Vault.

So just imagine you define one Vault OS as the "Environmental Monitor" station. Then it provides a TCP-IP service where people can stream all the current environmental/control data in one binary chunk and display it on the screen.

See how easy this is? Aren't you glad I spent a little more time thinking about it and researching the technology that was available? This is better than Ethernet comms. Much better. I will still build and deploy some devices in the Vault as Ethernet equipment (battery/power management comes to mind) but you can do almost everything a lot cheaper if you want to.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Expelled : No Intelligence Required

This documentary gets the Vault-Co seal of approval.

It's good jews doing what they do best - letting the wind out of baloney by acting in opposition. This really does work when the jews are bright, unflinchingly honest and dedicated to looking at the whole truth. Their natural tendency towards critique puts value back into the entire civilization when it is expressed in this fashion.

It might be a big help, except for one little problem ...


I could enumerate many previous posts over the years, but just consider this :

1. The entire culture has been pushed toward a global warming mythology when in fact we are entering a new Ice Age.

2. Adult stem cell cultivation was branded as pseudo-scientific claptrap for ten years when in fact it now appears it should have been the main thrust of research the entire time. Baby-corpse chopping (totally irrelevant) was encouraged instead. Thank God for the Japanese.

3. While our society branded nuclear energy as dangerous and to be suppressed like witchcraft for forty years, the Chinese discovered a new pebble-bed reactor design in the meantime that makes these reactors safer than running a Lister engine. Thank God for the Chinese.

4. ... and FYI ... Lister engines (invented in the West) are scarcely even manufactured anymore in the West, only in India. They're superior in every regard except portability. They break down and need maintenance every couple of centuries, as opposed to hours.

5. The Big Bang, like "nuclear winter" is simply in contradiction to all the facts we have about the universe. There is no way there could have been a big bang, ever. Fred Hoyle with his indian co-author got it right. The rest of the West was ass-backwards wrong. We found this out for a fact when orbital telescopes began to routinely transmit pictures of galaxies a hundred billion years old according to red shift. The universe never had a beginning. It will never have an end. It is possible that the entire science of particle physics can be replaced with electrical explanations of matter and energy.

6. The theory of relativity is gibberish, contrived through plagiarism by a career womanizer who was incompetent at even basic grade school mathematics and failed to complete any course of study in his entire life.

7. Neither Iraq nor Iran had anything to do with 911. It is possible there is no such thing as Al-Quada, period. There is no compelling reason to even believe it exists. No conviction for conspiracy in 911 has ever been revealed by Amerikwa.

8. According to modern petroleum companies, oil comes from dinosaur bones and ferns under millions of years of geological pressure. No reliable chemical experiment using same has ever produced natural crude oil in the laboratory, nor has the chemical formula for this reaction ever been demonstrated in peer reviewed work. Brazil ignored all this idiocy and drilled right down through the salt layer in the ocean (where no oil is supposed to be capable of existing) and instantly hit one of the largest oil fields in the history of the world.

9. History in it's essence is a museum displaying the failures of multiculturalism. Nevertheless, political belief in multiculturalism is a requirement for all modern life with strong penalties for all who dare to express different ideas.

10. Nearly every major advancement in technology by the West is now developed only by the Asians and Indians. The West has no more engineers. The West has failed to utilize almost every single important scientific discovery since the early 1950's. Instead they have concentrated their efforts on using drugs to sustain male erections and the manufacture and distribution of pet rocks. A guy was telling me the other day, "It is possible the last really big American manufacturing concern that was based inside the country was the 'pet rock' novelty industry."


This Is How You Start A Global Thermonuclear War

There doesn't seem to be any sane reason for Bush to do such a thing unless it is a deliberate act of provocation. If the Mexicans start a breakaway republic in California, will it be okay if Russia ships them high tech arms and declares their right to secede from the United States? How is it any different? Somebody wants World War 3 and they aren't taking "no" for an answer, either.

Vault OS : Update #7

This is why I think aiming for an x86 DOS 32 bit protected mode architecture is the smart thing to do. It's just not as costly as it once was. The world's surplus of older generation x86 boards is being decommissioned and auctioned off in bulk.

All over the world embedded installations are moving up to the "next big thing," which is .NET running under a minimal Windows XP embedded platform, usually with a touchscreen interface. It's easier to develop for, easier to install, easier to maintain assuming your platform has the required specs. It's a better choice in a world where most programmers stink and need the .NET environment with 2 gigs of RAM to wipe their nose and change their diapers. Unfortunately for them, I know this stuff runs like a dog and it generally so top-heavy that it's not a wise idea over the long term. The layers of software introduced effectively put them at the mercy of Microsoft. Industrial embedded markets are getting pressure from all sorts of people to dump their old sub 500mhz x86 stuff either for Windows XP or else Embedded Linux. There are also a couple dozen bankruptcies in the fallout of the U.S. economic collapse who will be dumping their stock of Vault-OS spec boards onto the public like so much castoff garbage. Most of the SBCs I have seen, like the one linked to, are otherwise fully loaded with nearly everything you could want.
All over Australia, boards like the one above on Ebay are being pulled out to replace them with what is touted as "what you have to get to be current."

Their loss is everybody else's gain. These boards are going to become so ubiquitous you will be able to pick them up for $5.00 apiece in another year. I've purchased 3 SBCs with Pentium 200mhz specs in the past two weeks alone - 2 of them with built-in Ethernet and SVGA chips. The thing is, although a board like this crawls with Windows and a couple dozen megs of RAM, it flies along like a bat out of hell running protected mode 32 bits under the Causeway extender in DOS, both in processing speed and graphic frames-per-second.

Big Breakthrough In Thermoelectric Efficiency!

What I've been praying for.

I've had this instinctive hunch for several years that the real potential of Peltier cooling devices has not advanced beyond the stone age yet.

With better efficiency you could start to get some really useful cooling devices that run off 12 volt systems with the BTUs of a big industrial air conditioner. The waste heat will still have to be exhausted and it will probably be hotter but the cold will be cool enough it will be an optimal method for cooling and dehumifying a large shelter on a low current.

On the flip side, there is the potential to generate electricity itself from all kinds of waste heat including the human body! So the waste heat of the shelter inhabitants (including from cooking) could be tapped on it's way out to generate electricity for the lights and to power the Peltier device itself! There is no violation of the law of thermodynamics here, it's just the more efficient capture of energy that is being released anyway. The heat energy coming from the human body representing calories of food burned by metabolism is normally a very troublesome source of heat and humidity. It takes very little energy to heat a shelter up ... what is needed is a low energy process to cool it off again.

The application of this discovery for mass market cheap 12 volt devices like beer chillers and coolers virtually guarantees the technology will be available at decent prices eventually. This discovery sounds really promising for Vault environmental management. Somebody smells money here already - let's hope we see this tech available as soon as possible.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Republics Cannot Survive An Average IQ of 97

They simply can't.

The basic assumptions in the article linked above are not accessible to people with IQs below 105, minimum. They just cannot be grasped by people that simpleminded.

Even the capacity to suspect the motives of others and themselves as inherently flawed. A little too much induction. People with IQs around 95 just don't work that way upstairs.

Dumb people always think that "those people up there" will be sending instructions "down here" on how to eat, sleep and sh*t. All it takes is the invention of a new religion to make them your slaves forever.

I could show you a Jane Goodall documentary and you would quickly realize what it is I am talking about. The beta monkeys are focused in their whole being on watching the lead of the alphas. They cannot do otherwise. It's all about "celebrities" and "the important ones" for chimpanzees. That's their biology and it is the same that humans exhibit when their reasoning ceases to be an issue. Biology takes over. No primate could ever dream of freedom. It is impossible for them. Even the alphas scarcely partake of it except to reinforce their dominance.

Monkeys in manpants. Our societies were founded by better people and cannot survive their current populations.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Vault OS : Update #6

Somebody wrote me at hotmail to ask me what in the heck this post was about. If you do not have the background to know what is involved, I realized it was probably gibberish after reading it again.

Basically, if I get the right paradigm for Vault OS, I will have written a system that not only I can use for my own customized setup, but that anybody can use anywhere. Since last month when I first got some experimental code running, my mind has been shifting around to the correct way to do it. My problem has always been starting on something without the right approach and then realizing 75% of the way through that it was not worth completing because it was not what I wanted.

If I dump my embedded ethernet fixation (it's great if you can make and hook up custom ethernet enabled embedded devices) and I move my mind towards an x86 based global framework, that means you won't have to be an electronics technician to use Vault OS to do anything you want with it if you buy a few I2C devices or simple serial port interface devices. It needs to be so simple a complete layman can plug a jack in the back of the computer and tell Vault OS to recognize it.

I want you to be able to do nothing but plug stuff into jacks and then configure your own Vault OS from inside the program. I want you to be able to say in software, "look for this unique I2C peripheral." Then you can tell the OS what that is. For example, "it's a temperature sensor." Then I want you to be able to script a little monitoring screen and say, "Display that sensor with that ID as a color bar marked in increments of fahrenheit using this formula." You could take the default script that will come with Vault OS and copy it, use it as the basis for your own custom monitoring screen layout. Add some indicators to mark some custom switches.

Ethernet is great. If you have something you want to put on the network with Ethernet, terrific. But I realize that once again writing this system is a wank on my part if everybody has to know how to write custom Ethernet devices to recognize sensors. I just barely know how to do it myself and have only gotten one device to do it correctly at present. Building a system where your control/sensor paradigm relies on Ethernet is still going in the wrong direction. Vault OS terminals should use the network to communicate to one another via TCP-IP, but the control and sensing should use a different, standardized technology. I'm getting to it.

So let's say Vault OS will be based on a few simple, ubiquitous technologies that can be standardized without custom electronics required :

1. x86. Everything runs on a minimal 386 or better in 32 bit protected mode. All x86 devices are expected to have at least one Ethernet network connection (RJ485) and one or more serial plugs. A Vault OS can operate in standalone mode with no network if it has sufficient support for hard drive/compact flash storage of files and is configured to do so.

2. All devices must support a minimum 640x480 256 color resolution, even if the actual LCD is monochrome. Eventually support will be made for devices up to 1026x768 resolution with high color but when it is put in (my SBCs have support in VGA for these resolutions) it will not break the existing functionality.

3. Devices will use either/both mouse or PS2 keyboard PC standard for input.

4. All control/switching/sensing/monitoring I/O will be assumed to take place over the serial or parallel bus of a given Vault OS installation. Ethernet will not be required although it will be supported of course.

5. The easiest, simplest and most convenient standard communications protocol for PCs and the outside world right now is I2C. It is also the easiest to design to be proof against EMP with a wide variety of optical isolators of various manufacture out there. Many PCs of all varieties may have built-in IrDa plugs that support comms over optical cables by default.

How easy is I2C? About as simple as it can get. It's like a mini-Ethernet with 90% of the technical complexity removed. Every I2C device has it's own unique one-of-a-kind address. You plug it in. You get or put data to that address. It's really, really simple. You do not have to be an electronics technician to use it at all.

Here's a good place below to get an overview for a layman and see what kind of prices you'll pay to plug'n'play on Vault OS. Mind you, if you do have a few skills in electronics, many of these I2C devices you can build yourself for peanuts. Even as complete boards the prices are very reasonable. It is likely if you spend anything it will be on an I2C device which will cost more than the computer you attach it to.

1-wire plug-n-play hubs & standardized sensor/control networks.

The control and configuration of truly amazing and cheap peripherals is possible with I2C

You could hook a seismic monitor to a post on your property aboveground and when a person sets it off, that camera image with the time could be displayed onscreen and a mini-map to show where it was triggered. It can intelligently control gamma and sensitivity to get good images at any time day or night.

Supervillains Meet On Remote Island To Discuss Bankrupting World Economy In The Name Of Saving It

There are three important things you can derive from this article :

1. Most people get wealthy because of their aggressiveness and drive to do so. Brains rarely have much to do with it. Most wealthy men are sociopathic scumbags. There are exceptions, but these guys in this article are not those guys. Christ was right - almost all wealthy men will go to hell, do not pass go, do not collect $200.00.

2. Although global warmthinkers claim to be motivated by altruism, in fact they are motivated by the basest, ugliest greed and thuggery. All that altruistic talk is strictly for the useful idiots they recruit with their propaganda machines. For them, all of this is just an excuse to plot how to make more money. They could care less if globowarmthink is a fraud or will bankrupt the entire planet and send it back to the 17th century.

3. People who are not very bright have the biggest impact on society and the strongest drive to do so. Nietszche was right. The best and brightest have no convictions they feel give them a divine right to order the lives of others. It's the third and fourth rate status seekers and money spinners who tell themselves these lies so they can get the money, the women and the power. They are nothing but monkeys in manpants and those who follow them because of their charismatic assurance will be destroyed alongside them. They are fools and can only ruin the lives of strangers. It's just they know how to pocket a dollar in doing so.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Global Warmthink Is Pythonesque

Seriously, I was laughing until tears were rolling down my cheeks reading this article.

Check out this gem, I want to have it framed for my study :
Some 3,000 scientific robots that are plying the ocean have sent home a puzzling message. These diving instruments suggest that the oceans have not warmed up at all over the past four or five years. That could mean global warming has taken a breather. Or it could mean scientists aren't quite understanding what their robots are telling them.
... but wait, there's more ...

"There has been a very slight cooling, but not anything really significant," Willis says. So the buildup of heat on Earth may be on a brief hiatus. "Global warming doesn't mean every year will be warmer than the last. And it may be that we are in a period of less rapid warming."
The hypothesis must be right. There's something wrong with the instruments!

It's also possible that some of the heat has gone even deeper into the ocean, he says. Or it's possible that scientists need to correct for some other feature of the planet they don't know about. It's an exciting time, though, with all this new data about global sea temperature, sea level and other features of climate.
All of it which inconveniently contradicts their central paradigm. Good luck with all that.

The worst part of global warming is when you get the 100 degrees below zero with windchill factored in. That will be a really serious period of less rapid warming.

I just imagine John Cleese and Eric Idle taking turns reading this stuff, it would be the best Python skit of all time.

They did score one hit with their vague suggestion it may be heating up down on the ocean floor. Oh, it's heating up down there alright. No baby nappies or farting cows in sight. It is less like global warming than "global scalding," however.

Just how crazy is 99% of mankind?

Part of working in the IT Industry during the past five years is a requirement to emphasize all the exact same qualities that are naturally anathema to people with Asperger's Syndrome. As it happens, it is by and large people with Asperger's Syndrome who are the most effective, productive and canny of all the people in the workplace when it comes to software development.

It causes us physical pain to pretend something is true when we know it to be a lie. Medical researchers show stress hormones go through the roof in people with Asperger's Syndrome when they are put in situations that ordinary men and women flatline on. Ordinary people take lying and bullsh*tting for granted. It's an innate skill. It's part of their biology. It's like breathing, walking or having sex for them. It's a pre-existing groove in the brain from birth in normal people and all they have to do is practice the skill a bit and they do it like champions. They become marvelous liars for the simple reason that in order to be a good liar, you first must be good at lying to yourself. The neurotypical has a dedicated brain structure that helps him/her do just that. It's fully matured by the end of adolescence. Once they can put a smooth one over on themselves, doing it on others becomes as natural as blinking.

When you're in a big group meeting, talking about how great Rational Rose is and how productive it is and how it is streamlining the entire software development cycle into a methodical edjumificated process, look around you and see how relaxed everybody is. They love these social situations where they avoid actual work and just sit around reinforcing one another and trading affirmations of delusions. It's like putting Brer Fox in the briar patch. They excel in social arenas where the only real requirement is to convincingly exchange untruths with reciprocation on the part of all.

Do you know what the Asperger's sufferer is doing at that time, in back of the room trying to keep silent and just maintain a pleasant dazed stare like the other primates? The past ten years of research have informed psychologists worldwide with the hard medical data to back it up.

He's sweating. His heart is palpitating. It feels like there are ants crawling on his skin. His face is flushed and he feels like his internal organs are drying up. (They are, the blood is rushing inward and thickening from the fight-or-flight response) His scalp is crawling and he has weird tingles in his extremities. You know, the exact same sensations that neurotypical people display when they accidentally tell the truth once in a while. That's why ordinary humans go to pieces on the polygraph machine. They are trying to consciously stop lying and it is like holding their breath.

He's suffering. It hurts. The more people lie and share social baloney they know at a subconscious level is the opposite of truth, the worse it is for him. He can try really hard to make it look natural the way others do innately but the truth is he will always be a terrible liar whose face tells the whole story.

What will become of him if he follows his natural instinct and blurts out the Emperor is without clothes? It could lose him his job. He will immediately lose respect from others, although with most Asperger's people that's not far to fall anyhow. He will be alienated and rejected from the group. That's the way mankind works. It's also pathological. Over the long term, it can produce catastrophic population collapses. Those of you who believe purely in evolution should know that ours is far from complete. This "let's all believe in crap" instinct is very maladaptive in any situation that requires complex problem solving. In IT, it's a death sentence.

For ten years, I was that guy at the back of the room. Sometimes I honestly wish I had been tending a golf course during that entire decade. I have to pretend that really low IQ people who are really crazy and completely unqualified to even be working in software development are actually intellamajent and edjumificated and stuff. It's hard. I'm never convincing.

Yes, I am going somewhere with this. Here it is.

For ten years I've been hearing about multitasking. It's used frequently nowadays in corporations.

The problem is that I'm forty five years old and have never seen a person doing two things at once. I've seen people with ADD who never seem to get anything done and others who seem to be doing several things at once but in fact are not doing anything at all except moving around a lot.

I don't think multitasking exists. I think it's all bullsh*t, a huge mythological goal for mankind that has confused equal parts of real-time programming and Oprah Winfrey pop-speak with a very skewed understanding of how the human brain actually functions.

But don't mind me. You'll notice there is always a guy behind the water cooler at the office who fronts a sickly grin when you use the word and nods his head ... but he seems to have gone clammy and be sporting a sweaty brow. That's me. I'm doing my best but I just can't fake it the way the rest of you can. There' s no such thing. Doesn't that cause you pain like with me?

Vault OS : Update #5

I always wanted to have an x86 defacto standard for all the computer systems in my vault. Back in 2002, I wished I afford it. That way I could write and test my system on my development machine in the house and then just transfer it on Flash card over into the Vault Manager.

Instead I bought a lot of embedded chips and learned to program them all. I bought the Rabbit 2000, 2 AVRs, 3 Basic Stamps, 6 pic chips, a Hotchip Mini-PC, lots of display and entry hardware. I set up IDEs and learned how to develop for all these tools. I bought more components to try to make them talk to each other ... I2C nodes, Ethernet boards, tons of serial sensors, even built a few of my own low budget weather instruments. The only thing I got running reliably in the shelter was the Rabbit 2000, only now because I'm still working on the power supply down there (which is switched by a relay board on the Rabbit 2000) I only turn it on when I am down there. I've spent a lot of money on embedded stuff and so far don't have much working 24/7 duty to show for it, which is the reason I bought all this junk to begin with. My first step for the entire shelter is to rewire the entire thing for 12 volts using 2.1 mm waterproofed socket jacks instead of those crappy 12 volt automobile sockets. I've got all the components needed - I bought about a million kilometers of 12 volt insulated wire with 2.1 compatible power jacks, 2.1 mm distribution points, 2.1 mm relay boards. In case you're wondering, this is the standard for 12 volt fairy lighting systems in Japan and I scored the low budget motherload on a huge box of this stuff brand new. I definitely want every computer, be it PC or embedded chip, to run off a standard 12 volt line.

So the shelter will be rewired to work entirely off this gauge wire with this standard jack. Just like in your house, all 12 volt tools, cooking instruments, computer systems, fans and accessories will plug into sockets like you have in your house with a 2.1 mm jack as standard rated for several amps.

Then the prices on SBCs came down. I found bargains like my military grade Pentium SBC for $50. I bought some Fujitsu Stylistic 1000 tablets cheap and got them running. I still was thinking of my 24/7 system as running off one of my embedded chips.

This week I scored a 1 ghz SBC complete (VGA High Color, Keyboard, USB, 2xSerial, 2xParallel
, Ethernet, etc. etc. fully loaded) off of Ebay for the sum of $1.00 plus S&H. Then shortly thereafter I got a Pocket PC for $15.99 off same.

Now since Pocket PC supports DOS 32 applications with a little tinkering, I've got a whole new situation on my hands. Even if I have to run it as a .NET app, I can use the Pocket PC as my mobile PipBoy, communicating with the Ethernet node in the shelter via wireless or IRda internally, which is actually very easy to write in .NET CE nowadays. I've got one SBC to go in the main drum, one to go in storage and about a million client terminals if you count all my repainted laptops, Fujitsu tablets and otherwise rejected unmentionables with an x86 board. If I wanted to I could put terminals in every silo, generator room and storage area on my hub.

I am thinking, I should code the Vault OS system as my main, de facto standard for comms, 24/7 sensors, power management, reference, inventory, personnel, switching, control, perimeter detection, the works. I will assume all sensors will be compatible with some PC standard, likely on the serial or parallel port. In addition, any peripheral systems I can get running on my little embedded chips will be a lovely addition if they are Ethernet-enabled. For example, water storage (turning on pumps to bring water down the mountain from the remote into the local tank, running purification, reporting on tank levels in a consolidated fashion) is something that could have it's own dedicated AVR board. The Rabbit 2000 could do nothing but watch real-time charging of batteries, monitor voltage levels, switch to auxiliary sources ... presenting it's front end as nothing but a pack of bytes sent over Ethernet to let the rest of the network know how it is doing.

I am thinking that my embedded stuff is best positioned as dedicated controllers for local systems like permaculture, but the brains of the shelter system 24/7 should be the Vault OS. I am now working along these lines. Instead of last, I will probably put serial/parallel interface routines into the scripting language first. There are so many things that having an x86 platform makes easy to get up and running. As long as it isn't Windows, which is an unreliable bloated hog. Today at work I was tinkering with an embedded .NET system that is supposed to watch real-time controllers, but just seeing the freeze/delay patterns endemic to Windows was cringe-worthy. Any computer system that allows any component of it to halt everything else going on is pretty worthless for embedded work. Don't even get me started on the memory manager, the loading of DLLs that takes place every ten seconds when you are using Windows, etc.

It's not exactly what you would call blood-pounding excitement, but I now have the beginnings of a very complex text interface on Vault OS that is the first thing to appear. As described before, if you don't touch anything, it uses all the settings on the screen to launch the graphic GUI after twenty seconds. This permits it to be run in safe mode, change screen resolution, type in sound card settings, tinker with configuration value pairs, detect network, create service addresses (like the service that provides PDF files on demand), etc. I may do nothing for the next week or two but integrate this screen with everything else.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Vault-Co Told You So Five Years Ago!

I got an email back in 2003 from somebody who wrote "Tex, I enjoy your site as a review of what is going on in the world in terms of military escalation. I don't appreciate it when you go off on tangents like recently when you started saying this crazy stuff about terminator robots in World War III. Whether you realize it or not, it reduces your credibility and makes you sound like a nut. Any reasonable person would know that it will be at least fifty years before the technology is advanced enough to support this. I think you need a layman's introduction to AI programming so you could understand the problems involved. It is going to be a hundred years before we see a combat robot that functions as well as a good dog in a rough situation."

Or not.

Remember when the U.S. government was saying such 'bots would never be autonomous or mounted with weapons they would use independently of a human operator? Well, that blew over pretty quickly as well.
I predict in WW3 we will not see convincing humanoid robots with genocidal orders roaming nations. I predict we will see much more frightening non-humanoid robots with genocidal orders roaming nations. They will be very good at their jobs, too.
Imagine that dog-bot with methanol fuel cells being told to follow you wherever you tried to run to and kill you at the earliest convenience with a lightweight low power mounted pulsed laser.
Wrapped in thin nanotube carbon fiber armor that your average round from a .357 can't even make a dent in.
You'd probably laugh at it for the first couple of days. Maybe after it had followed you two hundred miles over rough terrain for weeks it wouldn't be so funny anymore. After three months of this dog tracking you relentlessly, you'd start to see why these things have the potential to be the stuff of nightmares.
New olfactory sensors coming on the embedded market for dimes. Imagine that 'bot having a better sense of smell than most bloodhounds. Maybe they'll make it able to swim, at some point. It would never give up. Then postulate the AI getting better and better. It could predict you were trying to fool it and outwit you. Use sound or radar to detect pits you dug for it hoping it would fall in. Remember, it has no need for sleep, so whenever you are resting it is catching up on you. Unlike you, it can see in the dark and your body heat lights you up wherever you stop.
Still not so bad, right? You reckon you could take the thing out.
Now I want you to imagine 200+ of them operating as a wireless networked team with a hive mind and fuzzy logic that is mirrored on every individual robot hound.
Starting to see the picture now?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Legalism Is The Tyrant's Veil

All of this pretending to be puzzled about this fake controversy is just a ploy used to baffle inferior minds. Notice how the media uses the phrase "blank slate" when referring to a constitutional right. "Blank slate" is a favorite Bolshevist term since the 1918 revolution. The court doesn't make law, it doesn't have the right accorded to it anywhere to decide on the Bill of Rights, any more than Bush has the right to go to war without the consent of Congress. If gun grabbers were sincere people (they aren't) they would press for a Constitutional Congress and make an amendment to remove that right. They wouldn't dare. They're slinkers so they try other slippery routes. Like cockroaches sticking to the darkest corners when they move.

Any casual reading of the Federalist Papers will tell any fool that the Founding Fathers were raving, dribbling, foaming-at-the-mouth gun nuts. The only mistake was in making it the Second Amendment instead of the first. Specifically, the Founding Fathers wanted guns in the hands of the common man so that when this day arrived, they could use those guns to shoot people who use phrases like "blank slate" and hang them up by their heels in the streets to re-establish the rule of law. There is no controversy. All we are seeing is the prophetic capacity of Jefferson, Adams and Franklin to foresee the day when assholes like these people would be born/immigrate into the United States and to arm them unreservedly for that day.

The Founding Fathers not only believed violence works and that it is a viable problem solver, they wrote the tools into the Constitution. They were Renaissance geniuses. Most modern men are shrunken gonad lisping morons with the character and virtues of yard slugs. They're still better than the sorts of people attracted to politics.

Is the press a propaganda outlet? Check on the same page where a press release by a private lobby group is printed verbatim as if it were regular news. Swell. Where is the disclaimer and the link to the press release by the gun lobby? I'm looking and I don't see it. The way you can tell the press is lying is that their lips move.

Hell Day In Amerikwa : Monday, Mar 17th, 2008

Bernanke is nationalizing the nation's banking system. Lenin never dreamed such communist market control would be possible in the United States.

Tomorrow morning the stock market opens in America.

The entire Middle East is being urged by their own economists to unload ZOGBux immediately to anybody willing to take them, similar to Bear-Stearns stock shares.

It's not a dip. The nation is cratering. Remember, the call on derivatives has not even begun yet.

Boy, people are going to realize someday that they really got their last chance with Ron Paul. Give'em a couple months of boiling leather strips for soup, you'll see.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Tent Cities Open For Business

(Youtube link)

Remember those wild far-out stories I told you about tent camps with millions of people living in them during a depression of previously unforeseen severity?

Well, they are setting up shop now.

The fresh meat will be pouring in soon.

Bernanke is running out of ballast to throw over the side of the balloon. It's the classic recurrent pattern of frantic behaviour for government numbskulls going back 3000 years of recorded history during fiat currency collapses. This guy must have failed every history class he ever took. France after the revolution, Weimar, Rome under Vespasian. All the same mistakes. Ben, what's the interest rate cut after 0.1? Do you know? It's the point at which banks no longer loan money that has ceased to have any value.

These camps will grow until they are the size of the permanent barrios in South America and they will be all over the country. Once in the camps, it's easy for the government to know where to deliver the food rations and collect the guns. Once the guns are collected, they make a nice central location from which to load people into trucks. Once on the trucks, they can be delivered to the trains. Once on the trains, they will be taken to the camps. That's going to be a one-way trip for almost all of them. Whatever you do, don't get on those white boxcars. You won't be coming back.

Youtube link to the truth about camps now ready for business across the U.S.

Vault OS : Update #4

In response to a comment from Hendo in the archive, I wanted to say my main priority is to get Vault OS up and running within the next two months using the lowest end of junk retro x86 hardware.

As time permits, once this system is debugged and proving useful, I may start redeveloping CD Commander to run as an embedded HTTPServer under Windows in tandem with Vault OS. This is all easy programming under Windows with C# .NET technology. It will be great experience for me learning about networks to see if I can integrate DOS boxes with Windows in one big Ethernet. I don't doubt this is possible because I've seen it running elsewhere.

The priority, however, is the DOS 32 bit mode protected OS. I intend to enter all my new food stock with this tool so I have the impetus there to work on it. I also think that in the process of making my embedded system interface with the Vault OS via Ethernet, I will have hacked enough R&D to make sure the scripting language has the right kind of commands to interface with these kinds of esoteric participants in the ethernet ring, including weird stuff I could not foresee.

I recently got my "Vault Manager" (total embedded device running on Rabbit 2000) to a decent enough functionality I could print continuous data over a MiniLabs television/LCD output screen. I chose to implement a television rather than a monitor because this device will run 24/7 all the time, around the clock. The Vault OS may be something that can be switched on or off at any given terminal. When the Vault OS is on, it can peel data off the ethernet pumped out by the Vault Manager. That's my hardware. On the other hand, many other people will want to run PCs alone for the Vault OS and do their controllers/sensors via serial and parallel. By taking into account both scenarios I will have made it flexible enough to support almost any configuration at runtime.

My real ambition at version 2.0 is to permit custom databases and custom GUIs through the scripting language - this way I can get other people to write new modules for me while I work on other things.

It's Unraveling : Fringe Nuts (Like Vault-Co) Were Right

The President is shuffling around in a senile fog talking about market corrections.

This ain't no market correction. We are seeing history being made. The United States of Amerikwa is over and done. Just that fast.

Now comes the warfare, the last ditch attempts to shore up the fiat currency by creating artificial demand through destruction. Bad idea in the year 2008, with Russia and China nearing peak readiness to fight and win the game of global thermonuclear war.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Implosion : Get Out Of The Cities

Greg Evenson goes right off the deep end on this one.

We're not saying we think he's wrong.

It's pretty strong stuff considering this is usually a mainstream site with tactful discretion applied to most articles. Amazing what has gone from the margins into the mainstream lately.

Making Women Die Alone, Crazy and Unloved

That's what feminism is all about.

I've known three women in my life who had abortions at a young age. All three had been treated for mental illness. One of them had been committed and the other one finally suicided one fine day last year, 42 years old, divorced three times, childless leaving nobody to grieve for her.

It's all a racket, girls. You're just meat for the mill.

Remember, illegal aliens only take the jobs that thirty million white aborted babies can't or won't do. If abortion had never been legalized, the birth rate in America from 1960-2000 would have supplied a huge labor surplus that would have done any menial work the United States required and those people would have gone on to become happy, prosperous citizens that would have contributed all their lives to their own betterment as well as everyone else's. Without abortion, it's not an exaggeration to say that the U.S. would look, feel and smell radically different from what it does today.

It's a racket, girls. You're just a tool. Talking you into getting your babies brain drilled out in the womb is part of the game. Women are a lot like black people to the elites - once they served their purpose in the war of all against all, they are discarded like so much rubbish. Nobody cares if you off yourself in your 40's from misery and abject loneliness. Your happiness never had anything to do with it at all. You were simply a useful idiot to be employed against their hated enemies.

I Told You The Mass Media Would Turncoat

All the major outlets are trying to get out stories in opposition as soon as they can to discredit global warming. You'd think listening to them that they weren't the primary vectors for this mental disease from the beginning.

They play offense. They switch teams and play defense. You got to watch'em, if you blink you'll miss'em crossing the lines. They morph beside you and all of a sudden they are acting like they were standing over here from the beginning. Fear a shapeshifter. They can be whatever they need to be, whenever they need to be, without shame or embarrassment.

They are all knocking each other over to paint themselves as skeptics about the whole matter from the beginning. All that bug-eyed screeching about how if we don't take action immediately and return to a Luddite lifestyle we're all going to die. A week later they are sneering and arching their brow. "You must have me confused with somebody else. I always took this global warming krap with a grain of salt. You're probably mixing me up with one of those writers in California, we look similar."

We went through all of this in IT. The most fervent supporters of Rational Rose are today the stalwart advocates of Agile methodology. According to them, they never thought otherwise, they were the lone voices of reason in the minority from the beginning. Real rebels, they were bucking the system all along. Actually, I remember them as making fun of me in front of a couple hundred of staff. "Cleve, you don't understand the realities of business. Rational Rose is the way edjumificated people use a scienmajific approach to software development. You are going to find yourself left behind if you continue to promote these weirdo ideas of yours." Those weirdo ideas were what they would someday call Agile.

I notice no matter what these guys say, they're always the ones on the inside and I'll always be the one on the outside. If these guys ever figured out what it means to truly be the lone voice of sanity in an insane world, they'd realize it is neither sexy nor fortuitous. There's no margin in being authentic. It doesn't pay.

The same guys who sold books promoting global warming yesterday will now make a fortune selling other books debunking it. Watch and see. These kinds of people can make money anywhere, anytime by guessing what people want to hear and giving it to them. Deep down, they don't believe in anything.

Foul Treason, High Treason, Treasonous Villainy

The President nor his cabinet can negotiate any treaties with anyone without Congress. If the people's elected representatives were not at least present, it's cut'n'dry.

This is exactly what they hanged Benedict Arnold for, similar circumstances and the same theme. It was a no-brainer back then, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what charge is appropriate now.

Conspiring to betray the constitutional borders of the country to foreign agents is such vile duplicity I don't think it warrants a jury trial. Any lamp post would serve.

Fallon Resignation = Iran Attack Formally In Motion?

I gather that is exactly what is meant by Fallon's resignation.

He got word and he kept his word. He threatened to resign if the White House went forward with an attack on Iran and he meant it.

Wake me up when the rioting starts

I guess it is starting now.

Remember, the Great Depression took place when America had one of the best educated, most literate, cultured and gentlemanly civilizations in the history of the world. People back then had stable extended family structures, Christian faith and tolerance, a feeling of collective unity and the knowledge that all your neighbors were people like you, with the same values and roughly the same characters and paradigms for life.

It's 2008. Today it's an ethnically fragmented multiracial polyglot that barely holds together in the best of times thanks to the perpetual threat of armed force by a seemingly all-powerful government.

I say one spark and that dynamite dump will blow sky-high. It'll be a 3000 mile long flaming Balkans from the East to the West coast.

I predict a couple of years in that environment trying to survive and the hardest of hardcore atheists will pine with nostalgic tears for the days when America was just a bunch of kindly, sweet goofy white European Christians wishing well from sunup to sundown. A couple of months of running from naked machete wielding cannibal diversity pals will sway even the most rabid of secularists over to the virtues of a strong Christian religious ethic for a society. They won't care in the least anymore about some petty argument over some parcel of scripture that reads funny to them at the end of Leviticus. With perspective they will realize what they have lost and it is a terrible loss indeed.

Who Is Engineering Famine?

Trust me, if our civilization is so weak and sickly that a little drought and cold weather can blow it down overnight, it's for the best. There has to be something that can replace that inferior structure and it's best served up with less, not more government. If the sheeple think 2007-2008 were bad years for agriculture, what in the hell will they do when we start to see some real bad weather in the following years? Our society is pathetic and fragile, like all centrally controlled nations throughout history. A bunch of mediocre losers sit on top of the food chain and give orders like children to farmers as to how to best manage their crops. These idiots are not just unqualified to manage agriculture, they're inadequate to manage anything. If they were competent, what in the hell would they be doing working for the government? They'd be off making a fortune on their own somewhere.

All over the planet you've got surpluses being deliberately left to rot from government interference in market forces. I believe governments worldwide are conspiring to drive up food prices and blame it on the cost of oil. The reality is the entire planet is run like a communist kibbutz and the natural laws of supply and demand have been thwarted in favor of a whacky socialist system that goes to pieces the instant a little bad climate comes our way. Anybody with eyes in their head should have figured out by now that globalism is a crazy patchquilt of marxist ideas and doomed to failure. It doesn't meet human needs and that is why it will fail.

Bees : You won't appreciate them until they're gone

I was trying to understand why all over Australia, farmers have been complaining of the vanishing bee population, when my entire yard gives off a daily buzz it is so filled with these most wonderful of nature's gifts. Every day I see more of them. The sight of them merrily moving around from flower to flower never fails to remind me of the Lord's unfathomable wisdom and brilliance, which the entire universe bears witness to. If you work your way through it in evolutionary reasoning, you can almost make sense of bees in terms of biological game theory. Almost. Seeing the bigger picture, it is impossible to explain how these creatures are so devoted to synergic activities in terms of rewards versus energy expenditures. Bees are constantly doing one hell of a big favor for everybody and everything. Kind of like the lowly earthworm, without whom almost all plant life species would eventually die.

I found out the other day that hives spontaneously established themselves in the nature reserve nearby over a year ago. A new hive recently started in my neighbor's tree.

I don't know how practical it is at this time but I intend to start a mini-hive of stingless bees in my permaculture lab. These critters are a specialty in Australia, tiny little pygmy fuzzies that make very small nests and produce a mild, flavorful honey. People often remark of these bees that although their output is less and they seem to never expand much in population, you see this breed thriving in the most difficult conditions. As long as they get some light, access to water and flowering plants they tend to do very well. I think of them as survivalist bees. They don't get too ambitious and they stay small enough it doesn't take much to keep them well fed.

Bear Stearns Meltdown : Alessa Is Now Inside The Church

Bear Stearns is threatening to declare insolvency and with it trigger a worldwide financial collapse of apocalyptic dimensions. There are people claiming that J.P. Morgan may have propped them up so heavily that it will go down when they do. Citibank is said to be living day to day inside blacked out offices hanging up on their creditors. It's not good for the United States.

The feverish limbo between consciousness and dreams is about to come to an end for Amerikwa. This is the part where everything becomes a nightmare. I've always thought of the last citizens of Amerikwa as being similar to the confused zealots of Silent Hill taking refuge inside the temple and pretending that they can keep the bad out by just ignoring it or singing hymns. Their entire reality has been an artificial construct for generations ... and now it is collapsing in on itself.

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Pharoahs of the Illuminati Announce New Pyramids

The children of the all-seeing eye use human remains in their ceremonies, sacrifices and rituals. This pyramid is probably designed to inaugurate the coming of the New World Order. Notice how the cover stories get weaker and weaker, sometimes it's like they can hardly bother coming up with something good for the paper at all.

"Um, basically we want to crush the peasants into ashes and use them in our mortar. Sorry, it's 'normal.' Keep moving, nothing to see here folks."

It heralds the coming of the child of Lucifer.

“The All-Seeing Eye is one of the oldest hieroglyphics of the Deity. The triangle also is a cabalistic symbol of the most remote antiquity...

The descent of the mystic eye and triangle in the form of a capstone to this mysterious monument [the Great Pyramid of Gizeh] of all times and nations, is to us as a people most pregnant with significance. The motto, Novus Ordo Seclorum, is a quotation from the 4th Ecologue and was borrowed in turn by Virgil from the mystic Sylbylline records.

The entire quotation is as follows: ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum altered from Magnus Soeclorum Ordo, a mighty order of the ages born anew. Both the prophetic Virgin and Saturnian kingdoms now return. Now a new progeny is let down from the heavens. Favor, chaste Lucina, the boy soon to be born in whom the iron age shall come to an end, and the golden one shall arise again in the whole earth.’”

The Iron Rod Over The Nations

Sentence your children to death or we'll sentence you to jail.

The hidden information on vaccines that has come out over the past ten years on the Internet is so abominable that it is fair cause to shut down every vaccine manufacturer on the planet. The rate of allergic reactions alone is so catastrophic to developing children it negates any possible imaginary benefit that is claimed for these vaccines.

Belgium has had an ongoing assault on their right to bear arms and it is obvious why. Belgium has had several successive scandals involving pedophile rings in very high places that have crushed all credibility of the Belgium government. The sheeple's children are nothing but meat for the elite.

How could you possibly fight for rights you didn't even know exist? 45% of the British population don't know what the Magna Charta is. Don't expect any fight coming from these cage raised hens.

Spitzer Taken Down By Mossad

Whenever somebody in the media is shrieking hysterically for you to look in a certain direction, always turn around 180 degrees and look in the opposite direction. You will see what they were trying to distract you from.

No story in the mass media is ever legitimate. The mass media exists for only one reason and that is to keep the sheeple busy thinking about straw men and fake news that doesn't amount to a hill of beans. Anything you see on television is completely irrelevant to what is actually happening in the world. The mass media is big business not because of the revenues they derive from advertising, rather the revenue their owners can reap by misleading countless hundreds of millions of human beings about what is really going on around them.

If the government was going door to door and shooting people on the front steps of their homes in cold blood, the biggest story on television would be a live report on the launch of a new perfume for dogs.

ZOGBUX Death Spiral

The U.S. dollar is headed for 1928 Weimar, Germany.

The Amero will not succeed. NAFTA will not succeed.

My country is dead. It died twenty eight years ago. Long live America.

Amerikwa is insolvent

I hope they attack Iran. It is time to put an end to their suffering.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Babies : The Other White Meat

I think this coming famine is self-engineered, like most famines.

There is no reason for the price of oil to be that high outside of human subjective perceptions. There is no reason for there to be a famine outside of human-initiated choices in the marketplace.

Like most declining societies, what happens out there just reflects what is happening up inside the minds of the people living in that society. Most citizens of the West are just not the people their ancestors were.

"The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been two hundred years. These nations have progressed through this sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to great courage; from courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance; from abundance to selfishness; from selfishness to complacency; from complacence to apathy; from apathy to dependence; from dependency back again into bondage."
- Attributed to Lord Acton in correspondence

Ice Age II : This Time It's Personal

These people don't know anything. They can't even imagine the possibilities.

When the last solar max hits in 2012, this whole planet is going to change so drastically in climate it will make the whole of modern life impossible.

A large portion of the United States depend on fuel oil to survive the winter. What happens when they have no money left to buy any? What happens when a winter ten times colder and ten times longer than anything ever recorded in North America hits them and they have nothing to burn? What happens when the snow plow doesn't even have the fuel to clear the streets - or even if it did, nobody could clear away drifts of snow ten or twenty or thirty feet high? If millions of people are snowbound and the grocery stores within walking distance (given snowshoes) are long since emptied out, where will they get food from?

Permanent barbarism in one week. Contingency cannibalism. They can always burn their neighbor's house to stay warm, after they burn their neighbor.

What happens in a multiethnic fragmented State where the government can barely keep the peace between feuding factions even in the best of times. What happens to the rule of law?

I say the sheer magnitude of chaos coming for the United States defies the human imagination. All we can do is guess at what it will be like. The reality will probably be worse.

ZBUX Crater : A Reviled Currency Throughout The World

They've still got the people in the U.S. watching for the globalist paradise a'coming, rainbows and smurfs and dancing horses with ponytails. The poor bastards don't realize they are in rags, their nation has been looted down to bedrock and left looking like a soiled hanky in a massage parlor. Amerikwa will never again be an economic engine of prosperity. All the things that made America great have been robbed and replaced with chintzy, schmaltzy trinkets like the ones they sold to the Indians.

I've spoken to some of them recently. They think this is just a little speed bump in the road. Back to champagne and caviar dreams shortly.

You have to feel sorry for them. They have nothing left to sell, an average IQ of 97 and lack even the crudest means of supplying their own needs. All the people who occupied their institutions are packing their suitcases and closing up their houses. They want to know what it is they should do. Will there be a delay in the delivery of the rainbow soup in the silver bowls? How far away is utopia now?

Colonel Kurtz In Charge Now ... Iran Soon

(bump) Itz coming.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Magic Is Over, Says French Diplomat

... and everybody knows what that means.

The U.S. is just another smelly, filthy godless third world toilet. It will never regain what it has lost. Such things are not created as easily as they are destroyed.

“If Christianity goes, the whole of our culture goes. Then you must start painfully again, and you cannot put on a new culture ready made. You must wait for the grass to grow to feed the sheep to give the wool out of which your new coat will be made. You must pass through many centuries of barbarism. We should not live to see the new culture, nor would our great-great-great-grandchildren: and if we did, not one of us would be happy in it.”
- TS Eliot (1888–1965)

“A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within. The essential causes of Rome’s decline lay in her people, her morals, her class struggle, her failing trade, her bureaucratic despotism, her stifling taxes, her consuming wars.”
“From barbarism to civilization requires a century; from civilization to barbarism needs but a day”

"The record of secular cultures shows they are short lived and unlikely to persist long enough to leave a legacy that can be studied by historians."
- Will Durant, (1885-1981), Historian

“Sooner or later, man has always had to decide whether he worships his own power or the power of God.”
"The only men who put their faith into man's better nature are those who do not know enough yet about human nature to know better."
- Arthur Toynbee

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”
- (KJV 2 Chronicles 7:14)

Are Wheat Biscuits Better Than Hard Red Wheat?

For the past fifty years, prevailing wisdom has been that hard red winter wheat kernels are the ultimate survival staple. This was based on their record in the past of successfully staving off famine in many parts of the world. This unprocessed form requires someone to grind it, mill it into flour or otherwise do some pretty hefty processing to get it ready to eat.

I am phasing out my red wheat now, almost ten years after buying it, because I am not convinced this really is the best form of grain to store. It only seems like a good idea until you actually discover what is involved to make it palatable.

On the other hand, processed whole grain wheat biscuits, commonly used for cereals, seem to me to be the ultimate storage staple in reality. It's ready to eat. You wouldn't believe what it can be made into with nothing but water, a few cooking ingredients and a mixing bowl. The other day a woman made me a Weet-Bix date cake in just under thirty minutes and cooked it inside a 12 volt toaster oven! All she had in this thing was wheat biscuits, raisins, milk, molasses, some self-raising flour and a dash of oil!

I believe in it's endurance as a staple when packed in a mylar bag with oxy absorber because I recently cracked open an old drum and it had survived a decade better than oats and rice, with almost no discernible change in taste, smell or flavor. I poured some instant milk on it and sprinkled some old sugar on it and it was a very satisfying meal.

It comes off pretty superb in comparison with the wheat kernels in a bucket. The truth is, even though I have a grain grinder, both manual and electric, I'm just not sure I want to spend a couple hours grinding those kernels into flour each day that probably isn't much good for anything but mush with milk in the end. Not to mention the electrical power needed to run a 12 volt grinder for hours at a time.

Having had a decade of experience now to draw on, I have to say you could do a lot worse than to go out and buy a trailer bed of weet-bix. With one drum of sugar and two drums of powdered milk, there's your basic famine survival kit right there. This cereal has been processed into a light, fluffy flake that is a million times easier to work with than a grain kernel and if anything it seems to have had no impact at all on the shelf life.

Here in Australia it remains cheap, ubiquitous and has not gone up in price the way other food has. It comes off the retail shelf ready to go into storage and that alone is a huge recommendation for it.

I say these wheat biscuits could do twenty years easy if kept cool, dry and stored away from light. I'm certain there would be almost no degradation if they are in a mylar bag with an oxygen absorber.

Russian Bombers Buzzing American Airspace

Anybody over the past fifty years but these halfwits in office would recognize all these international tensions as a prelude to a coming World War. Only the idiots in the White House today would describe these kinds of provocations in such strange terms, failing to see the gravity of the situation.

Neoconservatives are good at brainwashing people but somewhat at a loss when dealing with reality. It's all too much for them. They're just dithering ninnies in the face of genuine geopolitics.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

There is No Al-Qaeda

There never was.

Vault-Co has been saying this since 2003.

I know you didn't understand what was being said at the time. You deferred to the consensus. If enough people say something exist, obviously it has to exist. They can't all be collectively hallucinating about an organization that has never existed.

Yes, they can. Like global warming.

There is no Al-Qaeda. Maybe there are still some guys running around Afghanistan who used to work with Bin Laden at one point. Even Bin Laden would never have called his group the arab phrase for "The Toilet."

Mossad Honey Trap For Governor Spitzer Exposed

Get'em'in, film/photograph discreetly, got yourself another slave who will seem to be in political power but do whatever he is told to do by his handlers. They have these assembly lines all over America and Europe to produce compromised Sayanim they can compel to do their bidding through extortion.

You use a honey trap to catch flies, not bees. That's why people like Ron Paul would never be permitted to acquire the Presidency. They would not be malleable enough to manage with their vices.

Do You Think The American Economy Is In Bad Shape?

You have no idea.

Dive, dive!

If you're spooked by the firecrackers called the housing credit bust, wait until you hear the hydrogen bomb called derivatives detonate. They'll have to import cheap labor from Mars and Pluto to make up for that revenue shortfall. There isn't enough money on the planet to cover those losses. They'll be paying for bread with wheelbarrels of million dollar bills in New York before the end of the year if this bubble pops.

Try to imagine a guy who lives on top of a pyramid of hundreds of thousands of wine glasses carefully stacked up about six stories high. He sits on a plywood board laid delicately on the summit. He just sneezed and the distinct sound of glasses cracking at the base can be heard.

I'm sure this advice is redundant for most of the people who visit this blog, but read Cormac McCarthy's THE ROAD if you want to know what to expect. That's the feelgood hit of the summer upbeat optimistic scenario.

Britain Ready For It's Ice Age Downsizing

In twenty years Britain will be a nigh uninhabitable frozen wasteland of ice and snow with the only sound to pierce the silence the occasional odd shot during the low intensity internal ethnic war raging inside.

They say more native Britons emigrate out for good in any given month than left the country permanently during any year of the prior century. That's going to be one sweet multikult paradise in no time. I can almost smell it now.

No leaders for the doomed

God appoints leaders and when he despises a people and intends to see them destroyed, sends them nothing but fools.

In declining civilizations, good men withdraw to tend their own private gardens. No one remains in the public sphere except sociopaths and con men and all a doomed nation hears until the day comes is whatever it wants to hear from anybody they can find to say it. Otherwise their bridges collapse, their roads deteriorate and their currency is thrown into the streets as worthless.

How soon Iran?

Globowarmthenkers Are Cosmic Klowns Put Here To Make Us All Laugh

Read Robert Felix's inserted comments at Ice Age Now to see between the lines of this article.

If I have a frontal lobotomy can I get a career started as a climatologist? My first proposed study is to investigate how decomposing baby nappies in a landfill in North America can cause deepsea temperature increases on the floor of the Pacific and make the ocean become totally anaerobic in the short space of ten years. Please make that grant check out to "bearer" so I can find a co-signer and get it cashed across the street at the liquor store. It beats the hell of out working for a living. Plus I can pull winsome looking emo girls by telling them I'm a dedicated environmentalist fighting to "save this planet we all need, for future generations. By myself, if I have to, dammit." I'll arch my brow at the end of the sentence to try to look like a really dreamy idealist. I'm an edjumificated sensitive type and also like dogs and children and enjoy romantic walks on the beach. Saving whales n' stuff while making tie-die shirts out flotsam tampon remnants as I free gulls from fishing lines. Yessam. I used to have problems starting conversations with girls until I got onto this gobbler warmsink bandwagon. I don't know what the hell I'm really saying, to be honest, I just copy the other primates because it seems to end in sexual encounters and my teachers smile at me when I say the right magical phrases n'stuff. Truth is I barely even know where in the hell I am half the time. That's why I stick close behind Oprah and Dr. Phil's wake.

Pack It Soon OR Be Priced Out Of Rice

I'm not kidding.

Pack your rice. Becuz its coming.

The Mother of All Famines. Will make Cormac McCarthy's THE ROAD look like light summer reading about a zany picnic outing gone wrong.

Dick Cheney Needed New Landscaping Work Around Back of His House

These guys are fighting sans ammo, body armor and support of modern warfare supply lines. Human sand bags. They are there to suck up bullets that might otherwise hit Halliburton consultants.

A clean supply of potable water is step A for occupation of a piece of territory. Might as well send'em all home if that is the best logistics and supply can do for them.

North Korea Says They Will Disarm and Chew Bubblegum

... and they are all out of bubblegum.

Vault-Co prediction : North Korea will disarm the exact same day my career in gay porno makes me my first million. Don't hold your breath or visit the video store on a regular basis looking to see if my debut tape has come out.

Let's Go Broke And Eat Baby Meat For Israel

Oy vey! They only have the world's fourth largest military and nuclear weapons! Why fight when a nice shabbas goy volunteers to go in your place?

Explain the part again to me where blessing Abraham means becoming a slave colony of Tel Aviv and worshipping Pharisees as our masters. I get lost in there somewhere. You said this was a Christian responsibility? Are you sure? I don't think that's in my Geneva bible scripture. Maybe somebody pulled a fast one on you. You do know Cyrus Scofield got bailed out of prison for check forgery the same day he got the job to write the concordance from special pets at Oxford Press, right?

More power to'em, say I. Anybody stupid enough to roll over and bark that easy is going to be doing what somebody tells'em somewhere, it's just a question of who. They're slaves auditioning for masters, the first whipcracker to step forward gets the spoils, is all.

75 cent EMP Proof Neon Lamp Radiation Detector?

Very interesting little circuit this month in Electronic Design. Doesn't detect gammas but might be mounted near your decon/staging area to determine if there's a lot of skyshine coming through. If you saw this flicking pretty bright by the door you'd know you better spend the day inside playing cards. EMP could not burn this out, it's solid state chunky boat anchor hardware that no little zot of EMF is going to knock out.

One thing it needs is a tiny little power supply to ramp 3-12 volts to the 100 volts required and seal it up in a secure watertight case.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Vault-OS : Update #3

This is a computer I bought for $8 at a garage sale and painted with a $2 spraycan. It's a 386 SX with 4 megs of ram and it is running the current version of Vault OS in spite of the fact it has no hard drive, monochrome screen only and even the CMOS battery is dead for the bios. I plan to implement a feature whereby these machines can be told to ignore their BIOs settings and to get an accurate date-time from a TCP-IP service. The app is running in 32 bit protected mode on a 640x480 256 color SVGA display at about 64 fps. It has two visual pages (for smooth flickerless updates) and two offscreen buffers for the GUI interface display management. The current build has all the TCP-IP libraries compiled in, the Metakit database, the John Miles Sound System, the Fastgraph graphics library and a heavily adapted version of FastGUI. The executable is now 1.2 megs leaving roughly 3 more megs to operate with in RAM alone. Amazing what you can do once you ditch windows.

This machine comes with a functional serial port, parallel port, a single USB socket, a microphone input, soundcard output jack and a PCMCIA slot. I already found a network card with floppy disk software that works on this for $1 at a surplus store. So this would be a typical example of a single server/client terminal in the Vault OS Network. You could plug who knows what kind of real time data sensors into this unit without the hassles of having to build a dedicated ethernet board as described in the first draft of the Vault OS architecture. The exact mechanics of how you will read/interpret the data on a port are still up in the air, but I am writing a scripting language that is going to give you all kind of flexibility to do things like read/write to/from ports and some built in routines for A/D conversions and other features for embedded sensors. I will not hard code any of this stuff on my local setup to make sure that others will be able to adapt their networks to do what they want.

Note that the simple presence of a microphone jack implies the capability to read incoming analog sound signals (like from the audio jack of a CD-715 radiation meter) through the sound card and convert them to digital data signals that can be displayed on a graph or display widget of some kind. This part is a gray area but in the act of getting my own setup running I'll be debugging this through the scripting front end. I thought one way of standardizing this might be to insist on Sound Blaster compatibility, that way I could count on an SB driver that I could call off interrupts from inside the script to process audio information. Fantastic things with A/D sensing have been done through sound cards so this is worth investigating.

Right now the important thing to debug is the sensor input framework, but the ports aren't limited to input - they can also be wired to control the outside world ... turn on lights, run the water or fuel pump, manage the temperature of a greenhouse, etc. ... and that's the tip of the iceberg. One very cool application might be a generic system for management of CCD security cameras and getting the framebuffer off of one to splat into GUI windows for real time capture and motion detection on video frames.

Global Warming Math Contravenes Law of Thermodynamics

NASA refused to report these findings. Refused, as in suppressed, purely for political purposes.

Keep one thing in mind at all times.

It's unnatural for a planet to have a temperature like ours does during these brief interglacial periods. It's almost supernatural. Heat is hard to trap, hard to retain and impossible to create without using up other forms of energy.

Heat and warmth are weird and an anomaly in a universe where almost everything is cold.

Cold is normal. Ice Ages are simply the return to normality.

People freezing to death is normal and natural and it's a basic concern for all human life - staying warm. Most of our remarkable qualities have to do with first eliminating primates who are not smart enough to know how to avoid freezing to death.

Oprh Winfrey's balmy tropical apocalypse was nearly as unrealistic as fears of aliens and anal probes. It reveals a person so distant from the necessary details of the human condition that they have entered a strange schizophrenic hyper reality completely separated from life. Global warming is a soft, fuzzy postmodern fantasy that appeals to fags. They couldn't handle anything having to do with real life and for this reason you can clearly see ... nature never meant for them to survive the end of the interglacial. Like grasshoppers, they were only made to flourish for a day and then vanish. They're not survivor type people and global warming was a form of escapist denial that allowed them to continue to nurture their delusions.

Oprah, I reckon you will be unable to get out of town in your limo because of ice blocking the roads and will probably end up somebody's dinner one winter soon.