Saturday, March 15, 2008

Implosion : Get Out Of The Cities

Greg Evenson goes right off the deep end on this one.

We're not saying we think he's wrong.

It's pretty strong stuff considering this is usually a mainstream site with tactful discretion applied to most articles. Amazing what has gone from the margins into the mainstream lately.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, serious words for serious times.

Anonymous said...

Somewhat off-topic:

I've noticed a "surge" in the number of replies to your posts, Tex.

Are more people visiting your blog or do more feel compelled to voice their opinion?

IMO a sign of the times. People know the house of cards is about to collapse.

On-topic: Im glad I dont live in a large city. Did you know that Rotterdam is now 50% non-white? It's going to be chaos there. Bloody rapetastic chaos.


Texas Arcane said...

The hit counter has gone off the charts. In the past week Vault-Co has been getting ten times the normal traffic. Almost 2000+ unique hits a day. The average is usually less than a few hundred.

Monster Truck Madness said...

Well why don't you chuck some AdSense onto your site then, Tex. You can do that with Blogger you know. Make a few quid.

AUSSIE said...

she gonna fukken blow boys!!!

iamsirius said...

Yeeha. Thar's rats in the corn and
Cap'n Trips is on the way. Hunker
down and wait it out. We will em-erge as conquerors.