Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ice Age II : This Time It's Personal

These people don't know anything. They can't even imagine the possibilities.

When the last solar max hits in 2012, this whole planet is going to change so drastically in climate it will make the whole of modern life impossible.

A large portion of the United States depend on fuel oil to survive the winter. What happens when they have no money left to buy any? What happens when a winter ten times colder and ten times longer than anything ever recorded in North America hits them and they have nothing to burn? What happens when the snow plow doesn't even have the fuel to clear the streets - or even if it did, nobody could clear away drifts of snow ten or twenty or thirty feet high? If millions of people are snowbound and the grocery stores within walking distance (given snowshoes) are long since emptied out, where will they get food from?

Permanent barbarism in one week. Contingency cannibalism. They can always burn their neighbor's house to stay warm, after they burn their neighbor.

What happens in a multiethnic fragmented State where the government can barely keep the peace between feuding factions even in the best of times. What happens to the rule of law?

I say the sheer magnitude of chaos coming for the United States defies the human imagination. All we can do is guess at what it will be like. The reality will probably be worse.


Anonymous said...

Tornado slams Atlanta

At least 20 homes in Atlanta's historic Cabbagetown neighborhood were flattened by a tornado that ripped through the Georgia capital city Friday night, a spokeswoman for the mayor said. Firefighters fear there could be people dead inside the ruins of a collapsed loft complex in the same neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

NOAA: Coolest Winter Since 2001 for U.S., Globe