Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Told You The Mass Media Would Turncoat

All the major outlets are trying to get out stories in opposition as soon as they can to discredit global warming. You'd think listening to them that they weren't the primary vectors for this mental disease from the beginning.

They play offense. They switch teams and play defense. You got to watch'em, if you blink you'll miss'em crossing the lines. They morph beside you and all of a sudden they are acting like they were standing over here from the beginning. Fear a shapeshifter. They can be whatever they need to be, whenever they need to be, without shame or embarrassment.

They are all knocking each other over to paint themselves as skeptics about the whole matter from the beginning. All that bug-eyed screeching about how if we don't take action immediately and return to a Luddite lifestyle we're all going to die. A week later they are sneering and arching their brow. "You must have me confused with somebody else. I always took this global warming krap with a grain of salt. You're probably mixing me up with one of those writers in California, we look similar."

We went through all of this in IT. The most fervent supporters of Rational Rose are today the stalwart advocates of Agile methodology. According to them, they never thought otherwise, they were the lone voices of reason in the minority from the beginning. Real rebels, they were bucking the system all along. Actually, I remember them as making fun of me in front of a couple hundred of staff. "Cleve, you don't understand the realities of business. Rational Rose is the way edjumificated people use a scienmajific approach to software development. You are going to find yourself left behind if you continue to promote these weirdo ideas of yours." Those weirdo ideas were what they would someday call Agile.

I notice no matter what these guys say, they're always the ones on the inside and I'll always be the one on the outside. If these guys ever figured out what it means to truly be the lone voice of sanity in an insane world, they'd realize it is neither sexy nor fortuitous. There's no margin in being authentic. It doesn't pay.

The same guys who sold books promoting global warming yesterday will now make a fortune selling other books debunking it. Watch and see. These kinds of people can make money anywhere, anytime by guessing what people want to hear and giving it to them. Deep down, they don't believe in anything.

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