Saturday, March 8, 2008

The West Is Ruled By Morons And Their Children

The next time you are trying to simply get a bag to carry your goods out at the grocery store, think about the way in which stupidity is compounded when it is given authority - through delegation. Like a game of Chinese Whispers, one moron whispers to another, each time the original incredibly crude caveman hypothesis is bastardized further. Then they start giving out grant money. It never ends.

This is what happened with "global warming." One fool uses another as a reference. He repeats it to someone even less sentient. Then the females get hold of it and turn it into an institution.

Without people like me, with Asperger's, all of mankind would live in caves and eat their meat raw. It's incredible but true. I'm not saying that to glorify my condition. I say it feeling sick and tragically disappointed in all of mankind. I'm an idiot - and without people like me pulling in the wings, civilization is counting the hours until it collapses. That's how pathetic the whole farce is.

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Anonymous said...

Some Westerners may want to read the following article again.

\"Increasingly the sperm crisis is being blamed on a whole host of chemicals, not just synthetic oestrogen, but a wide variety of substances that have become ubiquitous in daily life.

They include the common plastic PVC; dioxins, the notorious pollutants found almost everywhere; PCBs, one-and-a-half million tons of which have been used in countless products from paints to plastics; and phthalates, universally used to make plastics more flexible.\"

\"And research at the University of Rochester in New York State has shown that the male children of women exposed to phthalates have smaller penises and other signs of feminisation of their genitals.

Communities exposed to high levels of these and other gender-bender chemicals, from the Great Lakes of North America to the Russian Arctic, have been found to give birth to twice as many girls as boys.\"