Sunday, March 9, 2008

Have you ever heard of the "Black Rust?"

If you haven't, you will soon enough.

It's spreading on the winds. Nobody can stop it. It is destroying wheat harvests wherever it lands without distinction. Is this one of the seven vials mentioned in Revelations? I don't pretend to know for certain. I know it's pretty apocalyptic stuff.

This rocket ride in food prices caught me at a weird juncture. I was phasing out the food stocks I put up mainly in 1998, about ten years worth of food. I was starting to replace these stocks with what I hoped would be at least twenty years of food for four people, which would be packed better, managed better, tracked better and stored better. I am trying to buy new stocks faster than the prices can rise but I'm having trouble keeping up with it. Even rice is climbing from one week to the next.

Meanwhile, demand rises exponentially. As long as you don't pay in U.S. dollars, the food is going to the highest bidder.

It's really scary when you hear these agribusiness lunatics talking the same line that the oil companies started up with in 1999 ... "The days of cheap food are over. People got spoiled." As if food was a luxury you could just skip like champagne and cigars. I thought the whole purpose of globalism was the best market rates for everything. Looks to me like it's turning into a freakin' conspiracy nut's worst nightmare.

When does it stop being a market shift and turn into a panic? I don't pretend to know that, either.

PACK YOUR RICE. Itz coming. I mean it now as much as I meant it ten years ago.

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Anonymous said...

How convenient that seed vault is finished. In record time and at great expense as well.