Monday, March 10, 2008

Global Warming Math Contravenes Law of Thermodynamics

NASA refused to report these findings. Refused, as in suppressed, purely for political purposes.

Keep one thing in mind at all times.

It's unnatural for a planet to have a temperature like ours does during these brief interglacial periods. It's almost supernatural. Heat is hard to trap, hard to retain and impossible to create without using up other forms of energy.

Heat and warmth are weird and an anomaly in a universe where almost everything is cold.

Cold is normal. Ice Ages are simply the return to normality.

People freezing to death is normal and natural and it's a basic concern for all human life - staying warm. Most of our remarkable qualities have to do with first eliminating primates who are not smart enough to know how to avoid freezing to death.

Oprh Winfrey's balmy tropical apocalypse was nearly as unrealistic as fears of aliens and anal probes. It reveals a person so distant from the necessary details of the human condition that they have entered a strange schizophrenic hyper reality completely separated from life. Global warming is a soft, fuzzy postmodern fantasy that appeals to fags. They couldn't handle anything having to do with real life and for this reason you can clearly see ... nature never meant for them to survive the end of the interglacial. Like grasshoppers, they were only made to flourish for a day and then vanish. They're not survivor type people and global warming was a form of escapist denial that allowed them to continue to nurture their delusions.

Oprah, I reckon you will be unable to get out of town in your limo because of ice blocking the roads and will probably end up somebody's dinner one winter soon.

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