Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fallon Resignation = Iran Attack Formally In Motion?

I gather that is exactly what is meant by Fallon's resignation.

He got word and he kept his word. He threatened to resign if the White House went forward with an attack on Iran and he meant it.


Ice Cream Soldier said...

I fail to understand why he resigned. He doesn't lose anything. He's retired. He should have stayed to fight the attack; "...not on my watch." to paraphrase what he said.

All his resignation did was give them free reign to mount an attack on Iran without dissent. He wasn't brave enough nor bold enough to risk losing anything and everything by staying and opposing the trash so I fail to see him as a hero.

The real heroes of our Revolution gambled and pretty much lost everuthing they had to fight the Tyranny of a king. These Generals are only retiring with huge retirements and risking absolutely nothing. They only spur on those with little to lose to lose everything while they are set for life.

Somethings not right here Tex.

Texas Arcane said...

Maybe Fallon decided, unlike the Founding Fathers, that there was nothing left there worth risking everything for. Maybe he decided to retire and pack his rice so he could care for his own family.

Ice Cream Soldier said...

Damn good point the way things stand now.

Anonymous said...