Sunday, March 23, 2008

Expelled : No Intelligence Required

This documentary gets the Vault-Co seal of approval.

It's good jews doing what they do best - letting the wind out of baloney by acting in opposition. This really does work when the jews are bright, unflinchingly honest and dedicated to looking at the whole truth. Their natural tendency towards critique puts value back into the entire civilization when it is expressed in this fashion.

It might be a big help, except for one little problem ...


I could enumerate many previous posts over the years, but just consider this :

1. The entire culture has been pushed toward a global warming mythology when in fact we are entering a new Ice Age.

2. Adult stem cell cultivation was branded as pseudo-scientific claptrap for ten years when in fact it now appears it should have been the main thrust of research the entire time. Baby-corpse chopping (totally irrelevant) was encouraged instead. Thank God for the Japanese.

3. While our society branded nuclear energy as dangerous and to be suppressed like witchcraft for forty years, the Chinese discovered a new pebble-bed reactor design in the meantime that makes these reactors safer than running a Lister engine. Thank God for the Chinese.

4. ... and FYI ... Lister engines (invented in the West) are scarcely even manufactured anymore in the West, only in India. They're superior in every regard except portability. They break down and need maintenance every couple of centuries, as opposed to hours.

5. The Big Bang, like "nuclear winter" is simply in contradiction to all the facts we have about the universe. There is no way there could have been a big bang, ever. Fred Hoyle with his indian co-author got it right. The rest of the West was ass-backwards wrong. We found this out for a fact when orbital telescopes began to routinely transmit pictures of galaxies a hundred billion years old according to red shift. The universe never had a beginning. It will never have an end. It is possible that the entire science of particle physics can be replaced with electrical explanations of matter and energy.

6. The theory of relativity is gibberish, contrived through plagiarism by a career womanizer who was incompetent at even basic grade school mathematics and failed to complete any course of study in his entire life.

7. Neither Iraq nor Iran had anything to do with 911. It is possible there is no such thing as Al-Quada, period. There is no compelling reason to even believe it exists. No conviction for conspiracy in 911 has ever been revealed by Amerikwa.

8. According to modern petroleum companies, oil comes from dinosaur bones and ferns under millions of years of geological pressure. No reliable chemical experiment using same has ever produced natural crude oil in the laboratory, nor has the chemical formula for this reaction ever been demonstrated in peer reviewed work. Brazil ignored all this idiocy and drilled right down through the salt layer in the ocean (where no oil is supposed to be capable of existing) and instantly hit one of the largest oil fields in the history of the world.

9. History in it's essence is a museum displaying the failures of multiculturalism. Nevertheless, political belief in multiculturalism is a requirement for all modern life with strong penalties for all who dare to express different ideas.

10. Nearly every major advancement in technology by the West is now developed only by the Asians and Indians. The West has no more engineers. The West has failed to utilize almost every single important scientific discovery since the early 1950's. Instead they have concentrated their efforts on using drugs to sustain male erections and the manufacture and distribution of pet rocks. A guy was telling me the other day, "It is possible the last really big American manufacturing concern that was based inside the country was the 'pet rock' novelty industry."



trueaim said...

But aren't we going to be able to grow alternative 'green' ethenol fuels! LOL! and if we 'ratify Kyoto' that way we can 'stabilise the earth's atmosphere' And if we dismantle all our facories and rebuild them in China that will be better for us, right!oh yea, and there was once nothing and then there was a 'Big Bang' and then there was everything!
When should we elevate Monty Python to the postion of prophets!

Anonymous said...

Out of the ashes will come a new civilization, only real question is will it be better or worse?

If it takes too long the lessons of the past will be forgotten and hence must be repeated
communism failed
democracy failed
capitolism failed
dictatorships failed

what next???

Chesterton said...

If the universe were eternal, the night sky would be ablaze with starlight. Why hasn't the light of stars billions of light years away reached us yet if it's had an eternity to do so?

Capitalism never failed, anonymous. The problem is, it takes a lot of brains to sustain a republic which protects people's personal and financial freedoms. It probably takes even more to realize that the two are equivalent, despite what the fraudulently established IRS and Fed might say. Capitalism never failed, human brainpower did.

If there are no smart people left it doesn't matter if the system of government is designed by God himself -- nothing will keep it stable.

Texas Arcane said...

Well said about the Republic, Chesterton.

... and the night sky is a pure blaze of blinding radiation from every direction. Most of it is outside the visible spectrum.