Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pleasantville Is Dead Forever

What amuses me is these guys who just figured it out and now decide it's just a matter of rewinding fifty years of destruction back to what was already fine the way it was.

Sorry, real life doesn't work that way. Humpty Dumpty has had a great fall, lies broken and nobody can put him back together with legislation. Western civilization was great, of course, glad you finally deduced it, Sherlock, but you can't just say let's all have a big do-over. It's not like that in the big boys world.

It ain't reconciliation time, it's escape strategy time. It's time to pack bags and run to the roof for the evacuation choppers. Cancelling the multikult festival this year ain't gonna quite cut it.

The time to do something was twenty years ago. We passed the last chance gas station a long, long ways back there. What was formerly the Western world is now only a series of small ethnically fragmented provinces of people who have nothing in common. Vast stretches of land have already seceded from nations into the hands of hostile ethnic minorities with an almost infinite number of imaginary grievances to settle. You can't just yell out the window for Biff Baxter and The Beaver to come back inside, you're welcome guys, it was all a big misunderstanding. That strong homogeneous culture is gone and the forces that created it are gone as well. The stadium is empty, the spectators have all gone home. The West got destroyed and now it's over.

It's the perfect powder keg and now here burns the perfect fuse to set it all off.

Read history. This happens again and again and again and people never learn from their mistakes. Darwinism clearly fails when applied to human civilizations. They do not adapt to feedback from the environment and learn from their ancestors experiences. Man is not a learning animal. Only a few freakish mutants like me out of the billions of people on Earth are actually capable of learning and even people like me still remain largely creatures of habit all things considered. The rest of the human race is incapable of ever learning anything.

All civilizations become multicultural, descend into internal civil conflict and then are destroyed from the outside. You could set your watch it is such a reliable cycle. All exchange economies that convert to fiat currencies always collapse into economic penury and utter ruin, which in turn requires them to take their broken and penniless military remnants into warfare against opponents they have no chance of beating. It's like an irritating song that just plays over and over again through the centuries. The banal lyrics and medley repeat again and again and always the generation that embraces their own destruction thinks it's a brand new tune that they alone came up with. They think it is sexy and original and in fact it's the eternal death dirge that is calling them into their own tombs.

The end of the Egyptians began the instant the first Black Pharoah ascended the throne.

I hope Obama wins. He will Zimbabwize that nation so fast that Vault-Co will be able to close up the blog for good and go home. Obama is truly the poisoned pill the patient needs to end it's suffering. I want it to be over for Amerikwa. Obama is a sock puppet for the CFR and I have no doubt whatsoever he has marching orders to wreck the nation to smithereens so that the amalgamation into the NAFTA slave plantation can begin.

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