Sunday, March 9, 2008

China Says It Is Imperative To Get Ready For WW3

Seems like the Chinese military announces a 20% hike in the military budget every six months nowadays.

These communists ain't gettin' ready to march in smart parades. Trust me. This frantic buildup is about getting ready to wage war. Let's hope they cool their heels this year, at least until the Beijing Olympics finish up.

Let's hope.


trueaim said...

China has such a long and interesting history, very long, so long that the Opium Wars are like yesterday for the Chinese! Yep, still fresh in the memory!
The Chinese have always had an unfortunately bad herion habit, which the Brits acting as prime drug pusher to the world have only to happily provided for. But they have sobered up now and smell blood, western blood! They will seek revenge, for all those British opium chests and bombs and we here in Australia are seen by the Chinese, correctly I might add, as still being the Queen's subjects! When the Yanks get taken out, 20 million gullible sport loving Ozzies will be fair game, the Indonesians will side with the Chinese obviously, Europe wouldnt bat an eyelid! In that situation it would be better for an individual to trade your way out, the Chinese are always up for a little trade those left behind will find out that the Chinese are brutal and unforgiving masters, I mean that massive wall they built right round half their country with slave labour had a double function you know, not just to keep out the hordes non-chinese barbarians it was also to keep them in! Their financial takeover of Austalia has already begun, and our current prime minister speaks fluent Mandarin and has very strong and suspicious Chinese connections, I mean it wasn't to long ago that such connections for a polititian let alone a prime minister to have would have seemed horrifying, I believe that Kevin Rudd's children are currently studying in Beijing! This may not worry anybody else but it worries me! Melbourne's Mayor is Chinese and speaks poor English! And I have noticed a couple of other goverment Ministers that look part Chinese as well! To say that Australia is under estimating China would be well - an under statement! I wouldnt be suprised if those little industrious devils are dusting off that old 'Dragon Throne', Hell they might even dig up the corpse of their first emporer thats buried in that tomb in Xian and pronounce him emporer of the entire Earth, they belive his spirit is in their still and just waiting to be unleashed upon the Earth once more, and he was one evil dude, would make Hitler look like a niave child!

Anonymous said...

The PLA has been told in no uncertain terms to get battle ready and do it quickly.
Watch for anti-terrorist training manouvers in late july to be ready to secure the olympics from terr's.
Or as I see it useing the olympic's as a cover to mobalize and strike Tiawan DURING the olympics.

You have been told, we will see if I am right.
This in it'self is no ww3 but it will start the snowball down that FG hill