Friday, March 28, 2008

Archdruid Promises All Heretics Will Burn Inside The Mighty Wicker Man

Christianity is irrational and flawed according to crypto-bolshevist double-plus goodthinkers. However, global warmthenkery is enlightened and edjumificated. All intellamajent types know it because they have secret knowledge and a consensus-type mob chinnery. To question the impact of farting cows and decomposing baby nappies on our anthropomorphized earth mother is tantamount to witchcraft and will be punished accordingly. Managing carbon molecules through pieces of paper exchanged for big cash makes sense. Moving the papers around for fiat paper will restore Gaia to balance.

Do you want to always be ten steps ahead of everybody else like Vault-Co?

Here's the secret.

The average human being has an IQ of 100. That's 9 points higher than Koko the Sign Language Gorilla. It's 16 points higher than the average black american and a full 30 points higher than the average black african.

Anything the masses agree on, is always false. On those rare one-in-one-thousand instances where their crude, ape-like brains accidentally fall ass-backwards into the truth, they are only right for the wrong reasons. Otherwise, they are always just plain wrong, period.

The corollary is that any idea which is pushed for mass consumption and finds a reception, will also always be false. If it was true, it would find no fertile soil in the bleached and deserted wasteland that the average human being has the gall to call his or her mind. The only thing that sticks in that dry craw is b*llshit.

If you want to start a popular movement to promote anything, you will never succeed by assuming the average human being has superior reasoning to a field sparrow. Your chances improve exponentially as the quality of the idea you are seeking to get a reception for comes down.


trueaim said...

field sparrows are smarter than most humans because they know that the sun warms the earth, whereas most humans believe that their farts and carbon dioxide warm the earth.... sparrows are clearly smarter...

Anonymous said...

Most people think that the reason houses are unaffordable is because someone bought a $300 Ipod a year ago :rolleyes:

lloyd travesser ziegler said...

I worked in Sierra Leone, West Africa for 3 years. Yes, the place where butchery abounded in the civil war, butchery almost comparable to the nuking of two cities in WWII. I taught Math and Chemistry at the High School level. The notion you seem to hold that Africans are somehow stupid is pure bunk. Having taught there and in America, I can tell you from personal experience that Sierra Leoneans were superior students on average.

Texas Arcane said...

You just repeating that, Lloyd, over and over again. Truth is established by repetition. Things become lies because they are not sufficiently repeated.

In your former sentence, you tell me what I already know. In your latter sentence, you tell me what you failed to learn after 3 years there. This is why I say - as a generalization, man is not a learning animal.

Lloyd, only three years? Why not a lifetime if the locals are such rocket scientists? It would appear your feet took a vote of their own on the population while your lips were still engaged.

Anonymous said...


Name one great african invention.



Anonymous said...

"It would appear your feet took a vote of their own on the population while your lips were still engaged."

LOL. I'm stealing that expression and reserve the right to bastardise it for future use.

Anonymous said...

I just experienced an Earth hour here in Canada(keep the laughter down). The main pushers of it in this household came from a trio of female members(a mother and her elementary and high school level daughters).

I decided against the EH and was shamed and blamed for this choice. Even had the lights flicked off several times. I kept my lights on and used the time to do some exercising for when the lights go out for real.

The most hilarious point of the evening? Finding the HS female's room light on for an hour directly after EH while she watched TV. Plus many other lights not in use.

Of course that doesn't matter. What matters is how sitting in dark with candles made them feel... and it made them feel good.