Monday, February 11, 2008

World War III Preliminaries

America and it's people are like a box of fresh, clean furry puppies sitting right in the median of a four lane superhighway and an 18 wheel tractor trailer with brake failure careening straight out of control at them.

As Nyquist says it, as obvious as the nose on a man's face, The American people are completely without defense of any kind against Russia and China.

Imagine apocalyptic thermonuclear war waged on the United States during a nationwide mega-depression in the middle of a new Ice Age descending on countries that rely on heating oil to survive winter. Wait, there is more. Try to conceive of all this taking place over resource conflicts in an era of famine and scarcity, used as an excuse by governments to enforce economic tyranny and turn their own people into impoverished feudal serfs.

At Vault-Co we call it the Apocalypse Trifecta. Decline of the West - Resource Conflicts - Changing Climate. Three points triangulating Western civilization that will utterly destroy it.

The violence in the U.S. is only beginning. This is merely the snack bar advertisement before the newsreel and then the main feature. With the inside ripped to pieces by ethnic conflicts, try to then visualize a massive surprise attack on the cities which lack even the most basic civil defense education or preparations. It would send North America back to the neolithic.

If God is "love," then why would he pour out this cup of wrath on you? Maybe God is first and foremost to be feared. You should be thankful in trembling and modest gratitude for what little mercy is extended to you. God is not to be mocked. Just watch and you'll see. Remember, even if God didn't exist, the resulting humility from this perspective would be an enormous assistance in surviving times like these. A truly good secular thinker would be able to understand why.

We have not even come close to the hard spot yet. The Maunder Minimum approaches.

Possible trigger event during the next year or so.



Anonymous said...

For europe, Kosovo independance will be the trigger. If they decide to go solo this sunday the Serbs (and witht hem Russia) will declare war on them.


Anonymous said...

Russia issues new warning over Kosovo independence :

Putin: Russia may target Ukraine if it joins NATO