Thursday, February 14, 2008

Vault Suit Fabric!

Industrial hemp cloth liner, this cloth on the outside, 433mhz and IrDA interface at close range. Never leave the vault without it.

Combine this with the new charged paper thin LCD screens and wireless ethernet adaptors, you're ready to go.

This clock is a must-have for any shelter. I actually bought an oscilloscope just to have something to test this clock with. I'm going to put it on a permanent cathode tube as soon as I get a decent schematic for an X-Y barebones display. Check out some of the modifications for it. There's a YouTube demo flick for it.


Anonymous said...

Heh I knew you'd like that article.

I just hope this stuff hits the market before everything goes to hell.


Anonymous said...

Right at the end of this world we are seing some of the most inovative and profound innovations.
Make hay while the sun shines.....