Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Vault OS Has An Architecture Outline Now

You can get it by going to the Vault OS site on SourceForge and clicking on "Project" then "Web Site." Or go there directly from the link above.

This is simply an outline of what is involved and how it is to be implemented. I think I am really on top of this thing now. My test network at home is working like a million dollars with an old 386 desktop as the server and two laptops connected. It took me about fifteen minutes to get it up and running with a single home page.

My priority will be to get the full client-server system working via HTML & standard web files first, then I will work on the standalone GUI in Euphoria for the administrator. If I get the HTML working I will trial it in my own shelter and in fact I plan to use it for my upcoming rotation of food and inventory.

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