Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vault-Co Ration Pack

These are prompt rations, to be stored directly in the primary drum beneath the bunks. I have had the idea for a while of expediently storing food inside the primary living drum along with water for immediate access when the shelter is first occupied. I am also working on a specially designed sealed tank to be bolted near the command desk that heats up canned goods with a 12 volt coil for the express purpose of being able to heat these rations in an automated fashion.
This is my answer to the overpriced and overrated MRE for quick and easily prepared long term storage rations.


Anonymous said...

Would you mind listing the contents?

Texas Arcane said...

1. Can of spaghetti
2. Can of baked beans
3. Can of tuna slices
4. Pack of beef flavoured noodles
5. Weet Bix cereal mini box (mylar bag internally)
6. Cheese & Crackers pack
7. Pint can of soda water (CO2 & salt content keep sterile for long time inside can)
8. Pint of super-pasteurized skim milk
9. Golden Rough chocolate puck
10. Instant capuccino envelope
11. Instant Hot Chocolate (water only)
12. Two tea stirrers (hot water releases sugar and tea through wall of stirrer)
13. Six sugar packs
14. Three salt packs
15. Atomic fireball candy and one piece assorted hard candy
16. Three clean wipe packets

Neo Supertramp said...

What's the expiry date on that milk?

Can you get the tea stirrers at supermarkets?

Texas Arcane said...

The date on the milk box says 2012 from the manufacturer. I reckon inside a mylar bag stored in darkness and cool dry optimum conditions it's good until 2015.

The tea stirrers are sold in camping goods stores and you can also order them on the internet. They come packed in mylar bags in sets, I had to take them out to add just two to the ration pack.

Anonymous said...

Nice work Tex.

I pray that you are a fruit loop. However I think that you are spot on in all your analysis. Your site scares me into action beyond my normal "arm chair" survivalist mode.

Deep down I know I'm f**ked. I'm a low income earner with consumer debt, no land, no house, 500+ rounds of ammo spread over 5 boomsticks and 2 months of food.

Still that is 500 rounds, 5 boomsticks and 11 weeks 4 days more than my neighbours. Kinda cool to be the most prepared dead man in my street.

A Pox on the Bush household. Let's hope their master treats them poorly in Hell

Del said...

Atomic fireball candy, hmm.

Anonymous said...

You might be interested in these too (homemade week ration kits, with staple food extra, not shown here) :


Anonymous said...

Finally someone who agrees with me when it comes to MRE's :)

#15 is a good choice :)

No canned fruit? Pineapple or peach?


Texas Arcane said...

Canned fruits with acid don't seem to last very long. I think peaches and a few others might last. That's a good idea.