Friday, February 22, 2008

The Superbacteria Have Breached The Gates

All over the planet, Earth's most adaptive lifeforms are surging in every arena, like somebody told'em they can win this thing if they put their backs into it.

They must have figured out that fighting on several fronts at the same time is the best way to take the monkeys in manpants off the evolutionary register for good. As usual, they are getting help from agents inside the human camp. Many old weapons thought to be forgotten may in fact end up winning the war.

What is really tragic is that all the effective countermeasures were probably created by the communists and it is likely they have all been lost. The mark of a declining society is it's failure to solve problems with innovation or to utilize new technology that is literally public domain. Rome knew how waterwheels worked but they preferred to import slaves to grind their meal instead. Those same slaves would some day rise up and destroy them from within.

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