Monday, February 4, 2008

Snow Pack : A Quiet Way To Die

The really scary thing about the coming Ice Age is that it is so effortless and silently efficient for nature to just bury our entire civilization under a layer of snow.

All the squawking, screeching and frenzied sorting of papers and plastics by monkeys in manpants seems ridiculous when suddenly you get 150 inches of snow in a day.

People laugh. This is serious. Someone call the authorities. See if you can book Oprah.

Then you get another 150 inches of snow the next day.

Whew. Hmm, think bonobos in boxer shorts. This really is serious. Cappuccino service could be interrupted.

Then you get another 150 inches of snow the day after that.

Roofs will creak and could fail. Car roofs collapse or are buried so deeply you cannot drive out. Snow plows running around the clock can't make a dent in it. Everything is smothered. The sun vanishes behind vast drifts of snow.

The next day, mostly there is just a cool silence and a white blanket that has made everything sleep under it.


trueaim said...

sometime in the next 10 - 20 years if we are still alive after WW3, a winter will descend upon us, and it will be bitter, dark, cold and it will last for the rest of our lives. The human race has been digging its own grave for the last 200 yrs, by chopping down every tree in sight and burning all the earths most easily attainable fuels on fruitless enterprises, these and a myriad of other pathetic acts of stupidity and ignorance will cost most people their lives. I have been saying since I was sixteen that we are heading towards an Ice Age, now I find through the power of the internet a few souls, scattered here and there round the globe who are also able to recognise truth when they see it. Earth's Aristocracy are preparing and are positively delighted with their progress, for us outsiders the path will be more difficult, our Apocalypse will be a dish served cold!

Anonymous said...

Snow? In winter?!

What are the odds?


Texas Arcane said...

Rzero, methinks I see the first cold bead of sweat running down your head. You are now contemplating if Vault-Co possibly got it right all these years. Pesky real world with it's actual events as opposed to projected outcomes by eminent august personages and whatnot. Even worse than us being at fault ... is the possibility that we are too unimportant to the Earth to be able to affect climate much at all. That's the true humbler.

Anonymous said...

Tex if there's sweat on my forehead its because its getting warmer :)

I dont doubt your intentions but I do believe you are selecting news articles that are mentioning lower temperatures and ignoring the rest. Ice Age tunnel-vision so to speak.

You doubt the globo-warming kultists but are drinking the ice age coolaid to the very last drop.

Perhaps, just perhaps, you are wrong. Ever considered that?



In a formal survey the researchers said that a number of systems that influence the Earth's weather patterns could begin to collapse suddenly if there's even a slight increase in global temperatures.

At greatest risk is Arctic sea ice, the Greenland ice sheet and the west Antarctic ice sheet.

The researchers have listed and ranked nine ecological systems that they say could be lost this century as a result of global warming. The nine tipping elements and the time it will take them to undergo a major transition are:

Melting of Arctic sea-ice (about 10 years)
Decay of the Greenland ice sheet (about 300 years)
Collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet (about 300 years)
Collapse of the Atlantic thermohaline circulation (about 100 years)
Increase in the El Nino Southern Oscillation (about 100 years)
Collapse of the Indian summer monsoon (about 1 year)
Greening of the Sahara/Sahel and disruption of the West African monsoon (about 10 years)
Dieback of the Amazon rainforest (about 50 years)
Dieback of the Boreal Forest (about 50 years)

Anonymous said...

it may be winter, but 150 inches in a single storm is not the norm for the pac nwest.

Anonymous said...

It is always the warmest just before the deep freeze.
You tempt an animal with food just before it becomes your food!
Feed the planet with plenty of sunshine and submarine vulconism get the moistire up there, then chill it by turning down the sun.
See how many idiots on the beach sunbaking wait for the sun to come back to warm things up again.
Which will be first, awakening or freezing?????