Monday, February 11, 2008

Shelter Fitness : The King of Portable Gyms

What if I told you there was a serious, productive portable home gym exactly one meter long that was built so solid (only two moving parts) that it still functions as-new nearly 35 years after it was made? What if I told you there were 300 different exercises you could do with it that would work nearly every single muscle in your body, usually inside a 1x1 meter square of exercise floor? What if I then told you that there was hardly a charity shop in the world that didn't have one of these sitting around for $5.00 or best offer, possibly the most discarded piece of home gym equipment in the history of the world?

Every shelter should have at least one bullworker. I've bought five in the past year.

No, it's not as good as a fully stocked home gym with free weights. In fact it's only about 50% as good. Fortunately, that's still 50% more than most any other piece of equipment you could stock your shelter with.

Twenty minutes a day on the generator bike, fifteen with a bullworker and you will stay relatively fit in shelter during long term habitation. Don't close the vault door without one.

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Imagine working out with a sweatshirt made out of this: