Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sheeple Beatdown Exchange Program - Confirmed!

It was at the top of the list of survivalist newsletters for thirty years, the defining stuff of "conspiracy" theories. Now it's signed and documented.

Canadian troops will beat down Amerikwans during civil unrest and Amerikwa will return the favor if Canadian barnyards get a tad overstimulated.

The President will enter into no treaties without the approval of Congress. They appear to be making up the "law" in Amerikwa as they go now. It's whatever they say it is on the morning they decide to do it. The executive branch has conducted a silent coup of the other two branches that were supposed to place checks and balances on it's powers.

Still think the New World Order is a far fetched delusion? Really? What would it take to convince you otherwise? How many more radical John Birch Society prophecies do you need to see come true before you start to wonder if they were onto something?

If you look a little closer, you'll see what the plan was ... and you'll also see it ain't gonna go that way. They were going to merge Europe, then the Americas and then graft on Asia to form a world government. That's not happening right. This stuff is only easy to do during good times. Things have begun to unravel too early. They'll be rulers over nothing at all very shortly. Much of the opposition and outcome is changing so quickly it is foolish to think they can hold it together. It's like using a chainsaw on your house with the intention to put the resulting pieces back together later on just the way they were except with a different coat of paint. In fact, all you're really doing is taking a chainsaw to your house.

Classic Neocon failure at every point. They can destroy but they lack the brains to create anything. All they can do is destroy. Destruction is easy. Too easy, in fact. Just about any idiot can do it.

The plan is to crash the dollar and then unite south, north and far north america under the new currency. Vault-Co predicts that ain't gonna work. They're going to get as far as crashing the dollar and then things are going to spiral so far out of control there will be no centralized anything anywhere shortly after that. It won't be controlled chaos ... it will just be chaos, period. The guy who raises his hand to give his speech about adopting the Amero will be dead with a bullet through his head before he can read the first sentence.


cador said...

Put me in as part of the camp that the North American Union will not succeed. If the plan is to unite the 3 countries--how will the socialist bureaucrats in Canada and Mexico react to being part of the same country that has very relaxed gun control (2nd amendment).

Yes, the conspiracy theorists say that the elites will do away with the 2nd Amend. to go ahead with the NAU--but the logistics of forcibly disarming every American who owns a firearm?

Anonymous said...

My bet is that the 50 to 100 million Americans who own 300+ million guns would ultimately so vastly outnumber any UN / Mercenary / NAU military and police forces that they could never be disarmed. Look at the chaos that 20,000 Jihadi's, Shiite militias, and Saadam Fedayan have caused in Iraq - most of whom cann't shoot worth a damn. These corrupt fascist NAU one world scum will never control America, they will only destroy it and create one hell of a chaotic mess that makes the 1990s Yugoslavia civil war seem peaceful and minor.

Anonymous said...

If weapon ownership becomes illegal half of the sheeple will voluntarily hand over their guns.

After about 10% of the people who still has a gun get thrown in Gitmo after being ratted out by their neighbours, the rest will turn in their weapons as well.

Logisitics? Thats what overzealous cops and Blackwater are for.