Sunday, February 24, 2008

Russian Military Analyst : It's on like Donkey Kong

During the next few years, Russia may have to act or face being conquered and dissolved into three different territories, according to this guy.

Russian armed forces will be unable to successfully counter an aggression, Sivkov said. "At the present time, the conventional armed forces cannot properly perform their duties in a regional war, like the Great Patriotic War, even in theory. Even if fully deployed, their potential is limited even in local wars. The only factor that deters [the U.S.] now is the nuclear arsenal," he said.

This is why we knew all along that the combatants in World War 3 will deliberately salt their warheads with cesium, cobalt and other ugly simmering crispy critter cooker contaminants ... the rules of land warfare went out the window a long time ago. This war will be winners take all, losers no appeal. Those who don't use cobalt-60 will go right to the back of the line the first day of the war.

Oh, Vault Dwellers, most assuredly I say onto thee, it cometh for certain.

We suspect Putin is staying in power for this very reason.

Back to the powder keg Europe I saw during my military service from 1981-1983 NATO.

Russia-China-Pakistan-North Korea ... think the U.S. can beat'em all? Think again.

America couldn't beat an egg. Global thermonuclear war, not so good itz for Sodomite Central. More like pulverized down to bedrock when the time comes and saturated with 10,000 rads an hour for five years afterwards.

Pakistan is a Chinese satellite pretending to be a U.S. ally


Anonymous said...

Kosovo might be the trigger. Firts wolrd war started in Serbia, might as well kick off the Third one there.


Anonymous said...

Russia is not stupid, they want china and the US to go at it then they will clean up what is left of both of them and become the sole remaining superpower at very little cost!!
and an anonymous nuke or two on india and pakistan and they nuke each other back to the stoneage.
Kosovo is not the trigger, something this year or early next year will set china and the US at each other, each side is expecting it!

Anonymous said...

China's not stupid either.

Besides, dont assume China and russia are enemies.