Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our primitive ancestors and differential gearboxes

This is not the first civilization to reach this level of complexity.

Let's hope it won't be the last.

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Anonymous said...

The Romans also had passive airconditioning.

I believe that they had an underground trench that had a chimney at the side of the house. The chimney would heat up and with warm air rising it would pull the cool air from underground and cool the house.

Today we require electricity to do the same. I say to all that will listen until their eyes glaze over and blood seeps from their ears that it has ALL been done before (well maybe not space but big whoop. We made it to the moon ages ago and can't repeat it today). We are not smarter than our ancestors. The Romans had air con and running hot water. They could field hundreds of thousands of troops and handle complex logistics and communications. They conquered the whole known world. Many of their structures still stand today and some are still in use.

Today I point at the mellinium bridge, that crap bridge that collapsed in the US, my street is a quiet surburbun street yet has numerous pot holes (i live in a capital city FFS not some hick town).

Anyway your eyes are probably searing from my awesome knowledge that I am imparting so I'll spare you furture pain of learning about my awesome intellect

"Vote Quimby"