Saturday, February 2, 2008

A New Nuclear Doctrine For Russia

Which reduced to it's fundamentals is ... destroy the United States and her allies with a first strike that is decisive and apocalyptic. Scary enough for you yet?

Russia is holding a Royal Flush. Amerikwa has two deuces and a Starbucks coffee card.

The Cold War never ended, says J.R. Nyquist. Russia just won it, that's all.

Truly Awesome series on the realities of nuclear war from 1982 is now up on Youtube :

Nuclear War: A Guide To Armageddon

Part 1

Note in Part 2 how expedient shelters and other measures are just so many pipe dreams, you have to either have a shelter of your own or else identified one in advance.

Part 2

It did get me thinking about various kinds of groundwater storage tanks watching Part 2. I may have had a pretty cool idea, in fact.


Of course this is sensationalist propaganda designed to discredit civil defense, but notice how they delicately concede that people in a specially built shelter like my own will survive just about anything without even losing the color in their cheeks. Any sealed underground structure with a barrel vault or arched ceiling will survive effects that will pulverize aboveground conventional structures into dust. A shelter like the Vulcan Fortress can breeze through radiation levels that will boil water topside.

I pity the fools in the trench shelter in part 3. There are so many, many things that can go wrong there. I think expedient shelter plans are more about demonstrating how stupid it is for a nation to go without a civil defense program than any other reason.

I despise anyone anywhere who dares tell me that life without certain conveniences isn't worth living. I sincerely hope people like that do not survive. They think their lives, which are a gift from God, are just another consumer good they can give thumbs up or thumbs down on. The world following WW3 won't be like the one we live in now. It will always be worth living, especially with the people you love.


Clive Atheist said...

Are you prepared to use force to keep others out?

Texas Arcane said...

Is that a trick question? Are you really asking a question? Are you serious?

CliveA said...

Of course you're prepared to use force - you're an American. If in doubt, give it a clout. You're going to destroy yourselves.

I blame the prevalence of circumcision in the U.S.
Deadened, dysfuncional penis = aggressive, frustrated male.

Look at the other circumcising nations - Muslims and a Jewish one. Numbed and angry.

Texas Arcane said...

That's right.

Violence in human beings is caused by penis snipping.

So what's the other excuse for the past sixty million years of nonstop, unrelenting warfare previously?