Friday, February 1, 2008

Montel Williams Fired For Making Sense on TV

(Youtube link)

Check out the shock and incredulity on the faces of the hosts as suddenly and without warning, Montel starts talking like he isn't a crazy person. First he gets yanked off as they cut hastily to a commercial. A few days later, his network decides they are canning his show.

In some ways, our society is more oppressive than life under the Soviet Commissars.

Heath Ledger was a drug addict who managed to kill himself. Happens a thousand times every day in America. There is nothing about him that was any more special than any other dope addict offing himself. He was not important because he was in movies. It's tragic but the 24/7 coverage by the media is kind of ... well ... totally nuts in the same month that another 28 soldiers died in Iraq without so much as a peep in the media. Where are their faces? Where are the interviews with their mothers and fathers? Where are the hardhitting investigations into the futility and waste of their lives? What are these people, chopped liver?

This is very similar to wartime in the Bolshevist regime where simply mentioning casualties could get you sent to Siberia. The all-perfect State cannot fail. There are no casualties. The war is going smoothly and anyone who tells you different should be reported to your local block controller. It is redundant to call it Orwellian.


Sirius said...

I had no idea Montel got fired. I have newfound respect for him after I saw that youtube clip.

I literally feel sick to my stomach everytime I turn on the TV and see 'Britney goes to the mental hospital again.' It's disgusting that they can pass that rubbish off for news.

What's even more disgusting is the stupid masses keep begging for more. They wouldn't be able to show that kind of crap if people didn't clamor for it.

Bring the Sledge said...

I've never heard of Montel before watching this clip but I hold him in high esteem. He fully pwnd those faux reporters.

I hope those reporters have trouble sleeping when they hear the price Montel paid for being human and having the balls to call them out.

Texas Arcane said...

Every time I watch Montel on his show at home, I tell my wife, "This guy is too smart to be on television and way too smart to be black." I've never watched a single one of his shows that wasn't really intelligent, penetrating and thoughtful. I think it speaks for itself that Oprah beats this guy out in ratings. That tells you a lot about Americans.