Thursday, February 28, 2008

Modern Science : It's a Show About Nothing

Modern scientists take pride in the fact their experiments don't work, they never validate their hypotheses and routinely discover that the facts clearly contraindicate their proposed theories. This is what is called progress in our era.

There is a big difference between astrophysics today and in the 19th century. The scientists of the 19th century were smarter, more rigorous, closer to the truth and less subjective. You could pack 95% of the people who call themselves scientists today into schoolbuses and drive them off cliffs into the sea ... and the net effect would be better science and the chance to make some real (as opposed to fake and contrived) progress. A shame would be two seats empty in the backs.

Have you been to a "doctor" lately? I have trouble finding one who can speak in complete sentences and remember to close his mouth after he is done talking. These guys can't heal themselves, much less anyone else. Speaking of which, just how many centuries are they going to keep looking for a "cure for cancer?" Their medicines don't work - they'd be best tossed out the window except then the birds might eat them.


Meledai said...

I thought I was the only one who thought doctors were quacks. They can no longer help me any better than I can help myself - In fact, in most cases, their efforts are detrimental. And yet, watch them turn a blind eye to my efforts in self-healing and herbal remedies... Apparently, Ignorance is bliss. And Zoloft is on special.

Anonymous said...

This is nothing (Pun intented!!!)

Now, seriously, just give me ONE (1) reference of a published study where the mechanism of Evolution by Natural Selection was put to the test. Just ONE. Go find it. Good luck.

I do NOT mean evidence for evolution, descent with modification) which has been proved for a century and a half (Darwin did much of this himself), but of Evolution BY NATURAL SELECTION.

No matter! They go look for it, never find it, ask for more money because some OTHER selective pressure *must* be operating. Nice scam, if you can stomach, and beats honest work, manual or intellectual.

Oh gosh. Modern Science(TM) is bullshiting. Nothing else.

There is ONE thing forbidden in Science, Inc., and that is real research. No way in hell you'll be allowed to: no funding, no job. If you ever do it, no one will allow it to be published (printed for profit, rather) in the official "white" journals controlled by the Science Though Police (so called "peer-review" which is neither).

And if you somehow manage to discover something important (which of course will clash with the official line the Ivory Tower Witch Doctors make a living repeating without even understanding it)... Well, better keep quiet. Or you will NEVER work in this town again, kiddo. The Scientific(TM) Inquisition flail you alive.

In Modern Science, Inc. to make a discovery ammounts to career suicide. Or worse.

Truly, scientific research has moved on from Science, Inc., and there is only a rotting empty shell left of what once was a revolutionary front for the freedom of thought.