Monday, February 4, 2008

Middle Eastern Meltdown Starting?

Vault-Co was wrong in 2006. Then we were wrong in 2007. In both years we predicted an attack on Iran before the end of the year and subsequent fallout (literally) worldwide.

That was before the depression took hold ...

Fiat currency economies have no mechanism by which to sustain their flawed regimes than to go to war when the currency begins to be appraised accurately. War and fiat currency are siblings, one is not found without the other.

Kindergarten Economics - Trying To Stimulate A Dead Dollar By Debauching It

Well, we are ready to be wrong again in 2008. Cuz we say itz coming. Election year and pending economic depression notwithstanding.

Israel Says Get Your Rocket Rooms Ready

Suicide bombers strike in Dimona

U.S. Authorizes Crossing Border Into Iran For Pursuits

Somebody deliberately cut 4 deep ocean data cables - proactive comms sappers?

Israel Defense Minister in hasty meeting with U.S. Special Envoy

The Long Awaited Oil Bourse For Iran - Just Like Iraq before it was attacked

Middle East Buying Up America - Perfect Excuse For Repatriation of Assets

U.S. Anti-Missile Ship Docks In Haifa

Iran calls for Muslims To Attack The West And Moderate Governments

If they wait much longer, there will nothing left in the Western world to organize an attack, because most of the Western world will be stripped bare, poor or Islamic sympathizers anyway.

Top Pentagon Aide Suspected Of Working As A Trojan Horse For Islam

Paying For Your Own Genocide - Extra Welfare For Polygamists In England Approved

A New Dark Ages For English Medicine and Science

U.N. Nuclear Watchdog in Pakistan is a Russian Spy

The guests are ripping the infrastructure out from beneath the West as fast as they can sell it off for scrap prices. This has happened in every single African nation as soon as Europeans have abdicated the power structures.

Canadian Town Loses 911 Call Center To Copper Thieves

Oh, my, how they love that copper wiring. Takes three guys to tear out twenty years worth of infrastructure in a single night to make a few hundred dollars and leave an entire region in the Medieval period. No problems.

Anarchy and entropy are natural conditions. Smiling 1950's utopian Biff Baxter Pleasantville Paradise - That was the anomaly. We just be gettin' natchural, that's all.

Oregon Mountains Looted of $3.2 million dollars of copper cabling

So fragile is a civilization. A house of cards that falls over and loses hundreds of years of advancement in a mere matter of weeks. It only takes a few nuts internally to wreck it from within. Once you've got a lot of nuts, it's a foregone conclusion.


andyboots37 said...

Excellent research.

Anonymous said...

I find the lack of MSM coverage on Iran being effectively removed from the internet to be quite suspect. The CIA/Mossad are keeping their press-hounds on a tight leash.


Anonymous said...

Bad links - I can never get your links to stories at Breitbart to work. The page is there, with ads and such, but not the content. What's up with that?