Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Indigo Children Versus Pest Control Technology

Shopkeepers in Britain using sonic devices to chase off loitering rug monkey savages before they destroy whatever is left of the economy.

These "kids" (or whatever they really are) do not actually bear a strong resemblance to anything we know about in the human evolutionary tree. They are monstrous, feral beasts who belong in zoos and on free range game preserves.

I was at the train station a couple weeks back and when I got off at my stop, there were dozens of them skateboarding around, cursing and spitting HIV-infected saliva everywhere and making a heap of noise that sounded very human-"ish" but was not comprehensible. There is a designated skateboard park about two blocks away that was built especially for them and their chimp antics. They preferred the main concourse instead where they could threaten single women and old people.

These things will be worse than zombies when TSHTF, seriously. Treat them accordingly and keep in mind that if it doesn't look, talk, walk or act like a human being, it is probably safe to say that it isn't.

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