Thursday, February 28, 2008

Modern Science : It's a Show About Nothing

Modern scientists take pride in the fact their experiments don't work, they never validate their hypotheses and routinely discover that the facts clearly contraindicate their proposed theories. This is what is called progress in our era.

There is a big difference between astrophysics today and in the 19th century. The scientists of the 19th century were smarter, more rigorous, closer to the truth and less subjective. You could pack 95% of the people who call themselves scientists today into schoolbuses and drive them off cliffs into the sea ... and the net effect would be better science and the chance to make some real (as opposed to fake and contrived) progress. A shame would be two seats empty in the backs.

Have you been to a "doctor" lately? I have trouble finding one who can speak in complete sentences and remember to close his mouth after he is done talking. These guys can't heal themselves, much less anyone else. Speaking of which, just how many centuries are they going to keep looking for a "cure for cancer?" Their medicines don't work - they'd be best tossed out the window except then the birds might eat them.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We don't know Jack #1

Vast Metropolis Discovered in South America

Whazzat again? Out of the Fertile Crescent 5000 years ago? I don't think so. Out of Africa 100,000 years ago? I don't think so either. I don't think so. I think not.

I suspect this has all happened before many, many times.

This guy has been reading Vault-Co

We said it first here. Around the fall of 2003. Back when there was no such thing as autonomous unmanned military vehicles.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Conclusion : IA2 Approaches

So simple, even a journalist can figure it out

Worldwide temperature plunging

Will the Sun Be Closing Up Shop Altogether After The Max in 2012?

Researchers Seriously Worried About Their Warmthenkin' Grants

Dr. Robinson Explains

Robinson, a leading figure in civil defense for more than thirty years, has been through all this previously. He was one of the few people to debunk the absurd Nuclear Winter hypothesis pushed by charlatan Carl Sagan back in the 80's, another Big Lie wrapped in a few truths to make it palatable.

Global warming was never about climatology. It was about Global Government, power and money. Most of the shrillest advocates of global warming don't know a monsoon from a spring shower and don't care. Globo-warmthenkery was about achieving control over mankind that would be envied by a Mongolian warlord and crushing the human race into absolute slavery.

So it took the mainstream media ten years to figure out we are approaching a new Ice Age.

Will it take them another ten years to figure out the natural consequences of all this?

Ten years from now, almost all these people will be dead. So don't hold your breath waiting for them to think their way out loud to a couple of conclusions.

Decline Of The West + Resource Conflicts + Climate Change = Apocalypse Trifecta.


U.N. Predicting Food Rationing For The Middle Class?!?

It used to be that the crazy headlines were on Vault-Co.

Increasingly, this is becoming the low key upbeat page where people come to idly unwind and listen to the good news.

I told you to pack it. I knew this was coming. It still shocks the hell out of me to see this day arrive. The current price index for food remains a giveaway compared to the shortages that may be in the pipeline in coming years. I can see people fighting in the aisles over a box of powdered milk that costs $70.00 AUD, seriously.

Vault OS Has An Architecture Outline Now

You can get it by going to the Vault OS site on SourceForge and clicking on "Project" then "Web Site." Or go there directly from the link above.

This is simply an outline of what is involved and how it is to be implemented. I think I am really on top of this thing now. My test network at home is working like a million dollars with an old 386 desktop as the server and two laptops connected. It took me about fifteen minutes to get it up and running with a single home page.

My priority will be to get the full client-server system working via HTML & standard web files first, then I will work on the standalone GUI in Euphoria for the administrator. If I get the HTML working I will trial it in my own shelter and in fact I plan to use it for my upcoming rotation of food and inventory.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Amerikwan Krisschans : Damned if they do, Damned even if they don't

Amerikwans are damned to burn in hell almost irregardless of what they do now.

The way is narrow. Few there be that find it. The road to hell is broad and paved with good intentions.

One of the reasons the Bible forbid women to minister is that they are incapable of keeping standards. Women will invariably tailor their message so as to avoid offending and to reach the broadest audience no matter how much they have to alter, adulterate, water down and amend. If women have to choose between God's word and what the community thinks it best, they will always select the latter. This is one of the reasons that scripture forbids them to preach or prophesy.

Women always choose the apple. They don't want to hurt the serpent's feelings.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sheeple Beatdown Exchange Program - Confirmed!

It was at the top of the list of survivalist newsletters for thirty years, the defining stuff of "conspiracy" theories. Now it's signed and documented.

Canadian troops will beat down Amerikwans during civil unrest and Amerikwa will return the favor if Canadian barnyards get a tad overstimulated.

The President will enter into no treaties without the approval of Congress. They appear to be making up the "law" in Amerikwa as they go now. It's whatever they say it is on the morning they decide to do it. The executive branch has conducted a silent coup of the other two branches that were supposed to place checks and balances on it's powers.

Still think the New World Order is a far fetched delusion? Really? What would it take to convince you otherwise? How many more radical John Birch Society prophecies do you need to see come true before you start to wonder if they were onto something?

If you look a little closer, you'll see what the plan was ... and you'll also see it ain't gonna go that way. They were going to merge Europe, then the Americas and then graft on Asia to form a world government. That's not happening right. This stuff is only easy to do during good times. Things have begun to unravel too early. They'll be rulers over nothing at all very shortly. Much of the opposition and outcome is changing so quickly it is foolish to think they can hold it together. It's like using a chainsaw on your house with the intention to put the resulting pieces back together later on just the way they were except with a different coat of paint. In fact, all you're really doing is taking a chainsaw to your house.

Classic Neocon failure at every point. They can destroy but they lack the brains to create anything. All they can do is destroy. Destruction is easy. Too easy, in fact. Just about any idiot can do it.

The plan is to crash the dollar and then unite south, north and far north america under the new currency. Vault-Co predicts that ain't gonna work. They're going to get as far as crashing the dollar and then things are going to spiral so far out of control there will be no centralized anything anywhere shortly after that. It won't be controlled chaos ... it will just be chaos, period. The guy who raises his hand to give his speech about adopting the Amero will be dead with a bullet through his head before he can read the first sentence.

U.S. Comptroller Resigns (Again)

The problem is that they need an honest man in that job. Any honest man in the job usually resigns shortly thereafter because once they give him the keys to the kingdom and he knows what the accounts say, he wants to tell the people who live there that they are utterly doomed.

What he'd really like to do is climb on top of a public monument in sackcloth and ashes and scream out "ITZ COMING!" but instead he is told to offer his resignation. This is why any sucker who lands this position resigns soon afterwards.

Russian Military Analyst : It's on like Donkey Kong

During the next few years, Russia may have to act or face being conquered and dissolved into three different territories, according to this guy.

Russian armed forces will be unable to successfully counter an aggression, Sivkov said. "At the present time, the conventional armed forces cannot properly perform their duties in a regional war, like the Great Patriotic War, even in theory. Even if fully deployed, their potential is limited even in local wars. The only factor that deters [the U.S.] now is the nuclear arsenal," he said.

This is why we knew all along that the combatants in World War 3 will deliberately salt their warheads with cesium, cobalt and other ugly simmering crispy critter cooker contaminants ... the rules of land warfare went out the window a long time ago. This war will be winners take all, losers no appeal. Those who don't use cobalt-60 will go right to the back of the line the first day of the war.

Oh, Vault Dwellers, most assuredly I say onto thee, it cometh for certain.

We suspect Putin is staying in power for this very reason.

Back to the powder keg Europe I saw during my military service from 1981-1983 NATO.

Russia-China-Pakistan-North Korea ... think the U.S. can beat'em all? Think again.

America couldn't beat an egg. Global thermonuclear war, not so good itz for Sodomite Central. More like pulverized down to bedrock when the time comes and saturated with 10,000 rads an hour for five years afterwards.

Pakistan is a Chinese satellite pretending to be a U.S. ally

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Global Cooling : Vault-Co Demonstrably Right After Ten Years Of Contrarian Advocacy

A prophet has honor, save in his own house.

Proceed under a false premise and you will reach a wrong conclusion. Your consensus doesn't matter. Last time we checked, Vault-Co was outnumbered several hundred million to one. Remember to respect the fringe nuts like Robert Felix at Ice Age Now, because these blathering marginals turned out to be extraordinary people of remarkable genius in hindsight.

The majority is always wrong. Even when they are right, they are only right for the wrong reasons. Guarantee you they will not be able to outline the train of reasoning by which they arrived at the correct conclusion. The rest of the time they're just all wrong, period.

All that "carbon credit" stuff is full blown schizophrenia expressed on a mass scale involving countless yammering programmable morons numbering in the billions. Repeat it enough on the televitz and you can honestly make the majority do, say or believe damn near anything. They really are like cattle in their malleability and sometimes it's not difficult to understand why the elite hold them in the contempt they do. The global warming cult was all about appealing to human vanity on a number of levels at once. It worked. If it hadn't been for reality they could have sold that gibberish to the whole of mankind.

DRSB-88 & DRSB-1 : Cheap Commie Geigers

Cheapest reliable geiger counters on Earth, both low and high range. Just got both of them in mail. Don't pay more than $30.00 for either of them. Another thing the communists got right, like the AK-47. In a sane world these would have been mass-manufactured in America a long time ago at the same price or less. They look and feel like Hasbro Toys and are supposed to be tough enough to withstand a 1 meter drop onto a concrete floor without damage.

They are also easy to modify, according to posters on the CD-700 forum on Yahoo. Not too hard to connect up to a PC soundcard to run a real time graph. Also very useful for decontamination when somebody is coming into the shelter.

Notice how the "free world" used mostly bizarre and exotic batteries for their radiation counters (most U.S. army gear has to be jimmy-rigged with other power supplies to get it to work) but the soviets built one with just one AA battery. I can't understand that.

So put up two packs of AA Lithiums with expiry dates of 2024 (just bought some) and you should be good for the next two decades.

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Superbacteria Have Breached The Gates

All over the planet, Earth's most adaptive lifeforms are surging in every arena, like somebody told'em they can win this thing if they put their backs into it.

They must have figured out that fighting on several fronts at the same time is the best way to take the monkeys in manpants off the evolutionary register for good. As usual, they are getting help from agents inside the human camp. Many old weapons thought to be forgotten may in fact end up winning the war.

What is really tragic is that all the effective countermeasures were probably created by the communists and it is likely they have all been lost. The mark of a declining society is it's failure to solve problems with innovation or to utilize new technology that is literally public domain. Rome knew how waterwheels worked but they preferred to import slaves to grind their meal instead. Those same slaves would some day rise up and destroy them from within.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our primitive ancestors and differential gearboxes

This is not the first civilization to reach this level of complexity.

Let's hope it won't be the last.

Collapsing cities of the West

I was speaking with an ex-patriot Brit recently. Refused to concede it might be a bad thing that Britain was being emptied out of Britons after 50,000 years of continuous inhabitation. Migrated out himself nevertheless, of course. Sick and defeated animals get chased off their own territory. Winners and bulls claim it and mate with their females. Any anthropologist will tell you there is no creature on earth more depraved than a disenfranchised male unable to fight for and win a piece of soil which it holds. It's own body will turn against it and try to destroy it when the accompanying hormonal release of the loser registers inside it organically.

It's a new Dark Ages and it will end in global thermonuclear war. No gentle slide into rural agriculture like Rome. This will be a big marquee blockbuster ending coming up soon.

What Can The Birds Tell Us?

This post is a little mystical for Vault-Co.

I put it up because it correlates with what I have noticed completely independently lately. No, I'm not turning into one of those stock indian shaman characters in horror movies. I've noticed lots of things recently concerning birds.

Birds are acting truly weird.

I've seen flocks in strange places, doing strange things. The locals in Australia say it's hunger driving them into areas en masse they might not normally migrate to. From the drought. Only it's likely not hunger - there is plenty for them to eat, almost everywhere. Maybe it's a lack of fresh water ... only there is no shortage of that, either, certainly not enough to bring them right into populated areas. Big canals and rivers and dams are all over the hinterland, far from the urban centers.

They suddenly set down in public places in huge flocks. They often perch close to people, often so brazen it's disturbing to watch them. Sometimes they hover in patterns near where humans are gathered, despite vast spreads of forest only a few minutes away.

A really large and apparently fearless Kookaburra landed on the balcony a couple weeks back and refused to move no matter how closely we approached it. It looked at us with what might be described as complete indifference. My children were on the verge of petting it and it barely took any notice of them. It was kind of spooky and we told them to leave it alone. We worried it might be sick or diseased and maybe sluggish as a result. It finally took off, quite chipper, in it's own good time.

No, I have no idea what this means. None whatsoever. It has creeped me out quite a few times and I could not quite put my finger on what was bothering me. For the most part I have not been a curious observer of birds for the past four decades. It's only in the past year I have paid attention because their behaviour was so bizarre it was impossible to ignore.

Any ideas, feedback appreciated.

The Seed Vault In Norway ... Ready For Business

Do you really believe this thing was built on a lark in just under five years at great expense?

Somebody knows what Vault-Co has been telling you for the past ten years.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Vault OS Now On SourceForge

My project for Vault OS was approved after a couple of rounds of feedback by the admins at SourceForge. They needed clarification on whether or not this was a gag submission. :)

After some further explanation, Vault OS is now an official SourceForge project. A web site off that page will be forthcoming soon. There is no build up yet, there will be within a few weeks.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vault-Co Ration Pack

These are prompt rations, to be stored directly in the primary drum beneath the bunks. I have had the idea for a while of expediently storing food inside the primary living drum along with water for immediate access when the shelter is first occupied. I am also working on a specially designed sealed tank to be bolted near the command desk that heats up canned goods with a 12 volt coil for the express purpose of being able to heat these rations in an automated fashion.
This is my answer to the overpriced and overrated MRE for quick and easily prepared long term storage rations.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Vault-OS : Update

I now have a compiled build under Open Watcom running FreeRTOS in 32 bits, using Fastgraph for DOS under the Causeway stub, with FastGUI as the foundation for the interface, with SQLLite and WATT-CP as the network library. The prototype is looking good. The build is 700K+ but the virtual memory manager under Causeway is quite capable of running overlays into the available RAM for huge programs. So once the stub loads, your program can be very huge and loaded in pages on demand. I've used the Causeway overlay manager previously and it was incredible given it's tiny size.

Screenshots soon. Beautiful desktop coming along with very unusual looking interface theme and appearance. Scrolling ticker at bottom runs nonstop in addition to floating terminal console.

I'm planning to put everything into RAM so if necessary the program can run off a single compact flash card plugged into a terminal with otherwise no hard drive storage or other peripherals. Even SQLLite can keep the database in RAM completely until it is flushed back out to compact flash. I want to support monochrome and have been working on GUI widgets drawn entirely by program logic instead of themes using bitmaps. My inspiration is coming from this kind of design, something completely different from traditional Windows and Linux interface looks.

Earth's Oceans : The Dead Zone

Remember when it was only a few isolated bodies of water?

Then parts of the North sea?

Then the southern half below the equator?

Then the East Coast of America? West Coast? Pacific Rim?

Now, it's all dead. Diseased. Sick. A morass of algae and bacteria only a jellyfish could love.

This happened during every major extinction cycle. The death starts in the oceans and moves toward land. The fossil record actually shows the layers of bones packed together, first the fish and marine creatures, followed by the successive layer of animals who lived on land. It was particularly easy to see during the K-T Boundary Extinction, which killed off about 90% of the Earth's species at that time.

Animals that think they can stop these cycles by sorting their paper and plastics into different bins are doomed to die when this era arrives. That is a terrible misunderstanding of what is going on.

Everything points to undersea volcanism and the release of massive amounts of toxic byproducts from this increased activity. There is no evidence human beings have anything to do with it. It's not that pollution isn't a problem - locally - it's just there there is almost nothing that mankind could possibly do that could account for this much rapid change in so short a time. In the space of a single decade while humankind jabbered away about farting cows and decomposing baby nappies, the oceans of the planet have perished.

The Wet Dynamite Stack Called Earth

America stands at the edge of an economic precipice overlooking the abyss. They've cut a circle around their feet with a chainsaw like Wil E. Coyote in the old road runner cartoon. The divot has already fallen out beneath them but like the Coyote they don't actually begin to plunge after it until they look down and recognize their error.

The optimistic outlook is Babies, The Other White Meat ... that's the upbeat feelgood hit of the summer scenario compared to the irrevocable DOOM in the pipeline for the United States ...

In a world primed for war ... India getting it's own nuclear sub fleet ... Pakistan on verge of fundamentalist regime ... Iran continuing cooporation with Russia for nuclear research ... NATO cordoning Russia ...

No doubt the UN will protect the right of Mexicans to seize North America in the near future ...

It's going to be a Klauswitzian war of all against all, without mercy or respite. World War III is not going to be a little tactical exchange over a tiny region with strategical goals in mind. It's going to be thermonuclear world war. Every bit as apocalyptic as has ever been dared previously to imagine.

Something is gonna give soon.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cold War II : Preparations for World War 3

Behind the scenes, people are sweating bullets. They've just now figured out that while they were off battling goatherders with Blackhawks in the Middle East, the world's other two superpowers have been getting ready to erase the United States from the face of the earth.

UPDATE: Russia is not stupid, says itz coming

The World Is Full of Discarded Vault Terminals

Inside every one of those $10 laptops you see at garage sales and surplus shops, lurks a 32 bit protected mode hardware box that is potentially blisteringly fast and so powerful it could tear Windows XP a new ass. All it takes is a guy to write the operating system for it.

I am that guy. I am going to do it. I am going to give it away for free, too. Using other people's junk, you will be able to put together a realtime multiuser, multitasking 32 bit protected mode computer network for your shelter that will manage every aspect of vault maintenance, communications, reference and monitoring/control.

I don't know what possessed me to start on the Vault OS in 1998 in Java. I abandoned it. I restarted it in 1999 in VB-DOS. Got it 75% operational. I restarted it in C++ Builder in 2002. Got it 90% operational. All those false starts were mistakes. It seems so clear to me now, it's as plain as day to me how I should have done it.

Any machine you can get with these base specs will run this OS:

  1. 386SX+ 32 bit x86 Machine
  2. DOS 3.1 or higher
  3. Ethernet Card & packet driver for TCP/IP (Around $10 each lately if not built in)
  4. Minimum of 640x480 VGA/VESA with 256 colors, up to high color
  5. Minimum of 4 megs RAM, 2 megs offline storage (can be hard drive, flash card, etc.)
  6. Soundblaster or compatible for onboard speech synthesis
I don't know what I was thinking when I started on the new version as a .NET application. I should have been thinking like a survivalist - zero budget, zero overhead, reliable, simple protocol, simple RTOS, simple foolproof installation, all making use of the hardware available to a degree rarely ever explored by bloated hogs like Windows ... even Linux is a lot bigger than it needs to be to do what a good programmer can accomplish with 1% of those resources.

I think it was seeing and playing "Minuet" that made it click for me. When I realized it was possible to build an HTML browser in DOS-32, even a PDF reader, I knew I was on the right track. I just would not write it in assembly, which is too tight to be useful as open source.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

WW3 Verbal Exchanges

Prior to exchange of nukes.

The Russians know what is going on. Does America?

All empires are alike in that they completely lose touch with reality before they get whacked.

Putin isn't going anywhere. He will probably be the guy who pushes the button when the time comes and it's coming sooner than you think.

Even CFR Members Say U.S. Is Third World Dump

Bloomberg stating the bleeding obvious.

Vault Suit Fabric!

Industrial hemp cloth liner, this cloth on the outside, 433mhz and IrDA interface at close range. Never leave the vault without it.

Combine this with the new charged paper thin LCD screens and wireless ethernet adaptors, you're ready to go.

This clock is a must-have for any shelter. I actually bought an oscilloscope just to have something to test this clock with. I'm going to put it on a permanent cathode tube as soon as I get a decent schematic for an X-Y barebones display. Check out some of the modifications for it. There's a YouTube demo flick for it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Indigo Children Versus Pest Control Technology

Shopkeepers in Britain using sonic devices to chase off loitering rug monkey savages before they destroy whatever is left of the economy.

These "kids" (or whatever they really are) do not actually bear a strong resemblance to anything we know about in the human evolutionary tree. They are monstrous, feral beasts who belong in zoos and on free range game preserves.

I was at the train station a couple weeks back and when I got off at my stop, there were dozens of them skateboarding around, cursing and spitting HIV-infected saliva everywhere and making a heap of noise that sounded very human-"ish" but was not comprehensible. There is a designated skateboard park about two blocks away that was built especially for them and their chimp antics. They preferred the main concourse instead where they could threaten single women and old people.

These things will be worse than zombies when TSHTF, seriously. Treat them accordingly and keep in mind that if it doesn't look, talk, walk or act like a human being, it is probably safe to say that it isn't.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Do Empires Prosper?

Irregardless of right or wrong, does the Neocon (Leo Strauss) claim that empires must maintain their fiscal prosperity through endless warfare really hold water?

No, it doesn't.

Wherever you find in the world any nation that maintains a strong defense and national unity that also minds it's own business, you will find enormous prosperity and security. The longer a nation stays out of war, the more it prospers. This was true of the United States in 1916 before it was dragged into the first world war with the false flag called the Lusitania. Up until that time it had been isolated from the rest of the world's petty wars and had also been one of the most innovative and inventive nations on the planet and was rapidly becoming one of the most successful.

What about innovation? Doesn't warfare drive innovation?

The Swiss are some of the most innovative and inventive people on Earth despite the fact they have not been involved in a war since the 1500's.

It's really the introduction of fiat currency in 1912 under cover of darkness that inevitably leads to warfare. Fiat currency and endless conflicts travel hand-in-hand.

A healthy nation is based on a currency backed by metal, an intelligent educated citizenry and a national ethic of strong defense both for the military and civilian population. With these two ingredients there are no limits to what a country can achieve.

In contrast, all empires are living on borrowed time. They always experience parabolas of sharp ascent and decline with very ugly finales.

The Neocons got it wrong here just like every other idea they ever promoted. A good rule of thumb is that if it is an idea that originates with Neocons, I guarantee you it is abysmally stupid once you peel off the thin layer of credibility which is usually self-promoting, self-referential gibberish. Neoconservatives are the ultimate Luftmensch.

World War III Preliminaries

America and it's people are like a box of fresh, clean furry puppies sitting right in the median of a four lane superhighway and an 18 wheel tractor trailer with brake failure careening straight out of control at them.

As Nyquist says it, as obvious as the nose on a man's face, The American people are completely without defense of any kind against Russia and China.

Imagine apocalyptic thermonuclear war waged on the United States during a nationwide mega-depression in the middle of a new Ice Age descending on countries that rely on heating oil to survive winter. Wait, there is more. Try to conceive of all this taking place over resource conflicts in an era of famine and scarcity, used as an excuse by governments to enforce economic tyranny and turn their own people into impoverished feudal serfs.

At Vault-Co we call it the Apocalypse Trifecta. Decline of the West - Resource Conflicts - Changing Climate. Three points triangulating Western civilization that will utterly destroy it.

The violence in the U.S. is only beginning. This is merely the snack bar advertisement before the newsreel and then the main feature. With the inside ripped to pieces by ethnic conflicts, try to then visualize a massive surprise attack on the cities which lack even the most basic civil defense education or preparations. It would send North America back to the neolithic.

If God is "love," then why would he pour out this cup of wrath on you? Maybe God is first and foremost to be feared. You should be thankful in trembling and modest gratitude for what little mercy is extended to you. God is not to be mocked. Just watch and you'll see. Remember, even if God didn't exist, the resulting humility from this perspective would be an enormous assistance in surviving times like these. A truly good secular thinker would be able to understand why.

We have not even come close to the hard spot yet. The Maunder Minimum approaches.

Possible trigger event during the next year or so.


Shelter Fitness : The King of Portable Gyms

What if I told you there was a serious, productive portable home gym exactly one meter long that was built so solid (only two moving parts) that it still functions as-new nearly 35 years after it was made? What if I told you there were 300 different exercises you could do with it that would work nearly every single muscle in your body, usually inside a 1x1 meter square of exercise floor? What if I then told you that there was hardly a charity shop in the world that didn't have one of these sitting around for $5.00 or best offer, possibly the most discarded piece of home gym equipment in the history of the world?

Every shelter should have at least one bullworker. I've bought five in the past year.

No, it's not as good as a fully stocked home gym with free weights. In fact it's only about 50% as good. Fortunately, that's still 50% more than most any other piece of equipment you could stock your shelter with.

Twenty minutes a day on the generator bike, fifteen with a bullworker and you will stay relatively fit in shelter during long term habitation. Don't close the vault door without one.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

2008 Is Going To Be Our Best Year

We've got so many different projects finally coming to fruition at the same time here at Vault-Co and chances are they will all be complete about the middle of this year. It is truly going to be legendary. Keep watching this website for the most exciting and interesting stuff you have ever seen for civil defense.

Death Watch For Earth

Switching grain production to produce biofuels turned out to be one extremely stupid move. As it turns out, the world was on the brink of a massive series of crop failures.

Russians not stupid - they know who that missile shield is for

It's a new arms race with a very short course to WW3 this time

Death Watch For America

Babies, the other white meat.

Just as in 1918 during the Great War, the troops are bringing home diseases they don't even have names for. Numerous bacterial scourges are sweeping the U.S., presaging the coming epidemic(s).

The practice of writing bad checks in America to cover tomorrow's expenses is about to come to a screeching halt.

Posse Comitatus - U.S. troops being prepared to enforce martial law this year

No sooner had they declared empire than the U.S. began to fade away from history

The strangely prophetic Onion satire nearly 8 years ago

Death Watch For Britain

The last thin straw supporting that multikult Tower of Babel is the economy. If that falls, it will be nothing but car fires and riots as far as the eye can see.

Remember back in 2003 when Vault-Co predicted Sharia law for Britain within ten years?

Impossible. That Vault-Co guy must be some kind of nut. Fifty years, maybe. Ten years? That is something that just couldn't happen.

"Medieval society" is optimistic. Things were never this bad in Britain during the Dark Ages.

Look at the comments beneath the article. Multiculturalism sucks the life and convictions out of people the way a vampire drains blood. It reduces men to lily livered whiners barely more than females themselves. All the fight just oozes right out of them.

Friday, February 8, 2008

It's Not The Earth That Needs Protecting

Yawn, goes the earth ... what are those hairless monkeys in manpants jabbering about now?

Same old Ice Age, right on time, Maunder Minimum, as expected. Same old cull of jabbering chimps who are long on jabbering and short on thinking.

99% of all the species that have ever existed on Earth are extinct today. This planet sees'em come and go, all of them flourishing in their day and then fading when they fail to adapt to her natural cycles or they just don't want it badly enough anymore. It's all water under the bridge with her. She has seen the sturdy Neaderthal, the robust Cro-Magnon. All of them faded away and perished. Modern man is doing more jabbering and less thinking than any of those long dead branches nowadays, with a predictable outcome.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Vault Operating System : Some Field Notes

I'm going to list some of the basic requirements for the features to be present in the Vault OS V1.0 running on an XT compatible machine, let's say 512K RAM at startup, we'll assume no fixed media other than a floppy drive, monochrome display EGA, no battery, a single Ethernet card of some kind. This is about as elementary as you can get. You can find laptops like this thrown out in the garbage or at a garage sale for a few dollars. Most of the time, the clock battery will have to be present in order to maintain your BIOS setup, but keeping laptop batteries maintained is a real pain, so pull it out and we'll say that 12 volt laptop converters power all the machines off the common shelter voltage.

This will not include fixed media storage of database and configuration files. We'll leave this to specify later.


1. Connected to a multiuser, multinode LAN Ethernet
2. Inventory management (with specific filtering for things like "due for rotation")
3. Personnel Data (including contact information, skill set and notes)
4. Medical Data (Listing basic medical info and ordinal sets of data like radiation exposure)
5. Scheduler (calendar for given week, month & year)
6. Job manager (linked to schedule, define tasks, periodicity, specifics)
7. Diagrams (maps, floorplans, locators, technical graphics)
8. Peer-To-Peer Communications (alerts, email and realtime chat with other terminals)
9. Sensors (Display of states and detectors ... hatch open, temp, water levels, batteries, etc.)
10. Controllers (Turn stuff on and off, like lights, fans, antenna riser, water pump, genset)
11. Logger (track all history and operations with review available, possible manual entries)

We'll assume a small embedded device connected to the Ethernet handles all the hard work collating and dispatching sensor information in a true multithreaded system. So something like the "Vault-Pad" I have a prototype running for would take in all kinds of sensor feeds, either analog, digital, switches ... then package this up as an Ethernet message "to whom it may concern" at regular intervals and send it out. This hardy and reliable device runs all the time, whereas any given terminal running the Vault OS can be on or off, working or broken. Although this small device schedules and controls devices automatically like air conditioning or fans, it could also be sent messages over Ethernet as overrides, like "turn on the fans now irregardless of temperature" and other control messages. It might be possible to write a PC compatible program that turns any PC into this "Vault-Pad" by configuring it correctly and using the standard interface ports (or A/D interface cards) to read in data and control devices.

If the small embedded workhorse called the "Vault-Pad" runs 24/7, then we could postulate a central server for the database (we'll say it's a very simple ISAM database) we'll call the "ThinkBoy" that serves up data from the central base and dispatches it at request. This "server" could also "think" about the ramifications of the data, like telling people that water levels are low and calculations show that with the water demands of 8 people, the water will run out in six months. In my case I'll probably use my military embedded PC board. In any other installation it might run off a decent quality 200mhz 486 portable with a hard drive. Any terminal can talk to "ThinkBoy" by name and request database information including conclusions about things like food and water, medical supplies and aboveground radiation hazards. It would be good if a single configuration switch in the Vault OS .ini file could tell a terminal (if it has the correct capacity) to take over for the Thinkboy until it comes online again. So any terminal could operate as the server if needed. This might be as simple as diagnosing the server as faulty, pulling out it's "brain" (a compact flash memory card) and then plugging it into a terminal and configuring it to become the "Thinkboy" the next time it boots up.

The population of sensor data will be looked for circulating on the Ethernet but this won't stop anything else from working. Sensor data could consist of anything we can hook up to the "Vault-Pad" via serial, parallel, I2C or other device communication protocol. If sensor data is empty for a terminal (no recent Ethernet messages) the last timestamp of sensor data is available in the sensor monitoring screen.

What kind of maintenance would ensue if a terminal failed? Go find another cheap, zero grade junk laptop or other machine, pull the "brain" (flash card) out of the defective terminal and plug it into the new one. Minimalist Ethernet installation with the OS configuring simple check for availability when the program starts.

The design goal would be a mini-internet inside the shelter which could consist of one or a thousand terminals, all with fairly similar capabilities.

Any feedback greatly appreciated. I am really trying hard to hammer out most of these details before I start work on the new version. I will have time in coming months to work on this regularly at night so I plan to get this working as soon as possible, for my own use initially and then anybody else who wants it. I'm not going to try to make any money off this operating system, it will absolutely be freeware when I have it running inside my own shelter.

EDIT : Arachne Web Browser, 16 Bit DOS HTML Browser Desktop ... could this be the base client operating system for a WATT-32 16 bit TCP/IP local network?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Vault-Co Operating System : Laptop, 386SX+,512K RAM

I bought four working monochrome laptops today, 2 486 DX machines and 2 386SX, for $40.00 and a handshake. In addition I got 3 PCMCIA Ethernet cards, 2 4MB RAM PCMCIA memcards, a PCMCIA CD-ROM reader portable unit and a PCMCIA Data/Fax Modem for another ten bucks. The seller threw in two portable Canon printers (battery powered where desired) and an Ethernet power hub panel for free. I got a docking station for one of the Canon 486DX laptops, in addition this machine has a printer built-in to the side! I am not sure if I will be able to get a printer cartridge for it, have to look around.

So my hardware for the OS is pretty straightened out. Several things are clear in my mind:

1. This OS should not run in Windows, not even Win 3.1 because of speed, performance and reliability issues. It was probably a mistake for me to spend so much time working on my prior version of CD Commander in Borland C++ Builder for a target W95-98 platform. Windows is crap for anything real-time and anything that has to perform well without fail. It also runs like a dog even on a modern machine, much less an old laptop.

2. To really take advantage of the hardware, the application has to run in 32 bit protected mode, whatever it is. I still have my entire WATCOM C++ development environment with the Sci-Tech VESA libraries if it comes to that.

3. It's a good idea to aim really low in terms of onboard memory requirements, to make it run on anything. The problem with Linux is that it is not really practical with less than 80 MB of storage available and even that is too ambitious. I need to write something that will work in what were once considered to be tiny RAM machines of as little as 4 MB storage either as a Flash card or in memory from some other resource plugged in.

4. In order to appeal to everybody everywhere, I have to write a Vault Operating System that can be implemented and used by nearly everybody everywhere on zero budget junk hardware that they can beg-borrow-steal. The more modest the better. Maybe I should be aiming for XT specifications, 512K RAM + DOS as a basis for something like VBDOS. It's no good writing a fantastic multiuser networked system if it requires $10,000 upfront and every terminal has to be a 1 GHX Win XP machine running on 4 gigs of RAM. People have better things to spend their prep money on. On the other hand, if it's cheap/simple/easily maintained and implemented, it could become ubiquitous.

5. There's an incredible amount of free dos software out there, including things like audio inputs for Sound Blaster you can hook up the headset/speaker jack for a CD-715 to in order to generate bargraphs of radiation counts. That's just one example of the sort of bargain basement ingenuity you can use running DOS programs. If you can make do with character graphic displays it gets even better.

Again, Visual Basic for DOS looks good with these requirements. The problem is that it only runs in real mode and that leaves a lot of memory wasted. Even EMS and XMS don't allow the programmer to take advantage of the power of protected mode that is available.

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Six Blind Men & The Elephant

This is a great article at SurvivalBlog.

The average human brain can't handle much reality. It often seems as though each person can only grasp a portion of what it is that is being talked about when TEOTWAWKI is mentioned.

I'm sure you've seen all the people described in this list. It's probably a result of growing up in such easy times. Everybody hyper focuses on a single element to the exclusion of all else. They have a failure of imagination.

You need faith, air, water, food, shelter, light, security and hope. It's best to work on them in that order.

Sometimes you hear people on the internet fantasizing about how because they have a gun, they will just take what they need in a crisis. Or their kung-fu skills will preserve them in the wasteland. These fellows will be lucky to survive ten minutes after TSHTF. Or the guy who insists his gold coins will buy him whatever he needs when the time comes. Or the woman who claims that discovering our inner chakras will protect us. Or the person who says whatever happens, they won't want to live anyway. All of these people have made a clean break with reality at some point. None of that is realistic.

Middle Eastern Meltdown Starting?

Vault-Co was wrong in 2006. Then we were wrong in 2007. In both years we predicted an attack on Iran before the end of the year and subsequent fallout (literally) worldwide.

That was before the depression took hold ...

Fiat currency economies have no mechanism by which to sustain their flawed regimes than to go to war when the currency begins to be appraised accurately. War and fiat currency are siblings, one is not found without the other.

Kindergarten Economics - Trying To Stimulate A Dead Dollar By Debauching It

Well, we are ready to be wrong again in 2008. Cuz we say itz coming. Election year and pending economic depression notwithstanding.

Israel Says Get Your Rocket Rooms Ready

Suicide bombers strike in Dimona

U.S. Authorizes Crossing Border Into Iran For Pursuits

Somebody deliberately cut 4 deep ocean data cables - proactive comms sappers?

Israel Defense Minister in hasty meeting with U.S. Special Envoy

The Long Awaited Oil Bourse For Iran - Just Like Iraq before it was attacked

Middle East Buying Up America - Perfect Excuse For Repatriation of Assets

U.S. Anti-Missile Ship Docks In Haifa

Iran calls for Muslims To Attack The West And Moderate Governments

If they wait much longer, there will nothing left in the Western world to organize an attack, because most of the Western world will be stripped bare, poor or Islamic sympathizers anyway.

Top Pentagon Aide Suspected Of Working As A Trojan Horse For Islam

Paying For Your Own Genocide - Extra Welfare For Polygamists In England Approved

A New Dark Ages For English Medicine and Science

U.N. Nuclear Watchdog in Pakistan is a Russian Spy

The guests are ripping the infrastructure out from beneath the West as fast as they can sell it off for scrap prices. This has happened in every single African nation as soon as Europeans have abdicated the power structures.

Canadian Town Loses 911 Call Center To Copper Thieves

Oh, my, how they love that copper wiring. Takes three guys to tear out twenty years worth of infrastructure in a single night to make a few hundred dollars and leave an entire region in the Medieval period. No problems.

Anarchy and entropy are natural conditions. Smiling 1950's utopian Biff Baxter Pleasantville Paradise - That was the anomaly. We just be gettin' natchural, that's all.

Oregon Mountains Looted of $3.2 million dollars of copper cabling

So fragile is a civilization. A house of cards that falls over and loses hundreds of years of advancement in a mere matter of weeks. It only takes a few nuts internally to wreck it from within. Once you've got a lot of nuts, it's a foregone conclusion.

Snow Pack : A Quiet Way To Die

The really scary thing about the coming Ice Age is that it is so effortless and silently efficient for nature to just bury our entire civilization under a layer of snow.

All the squawking, screeching and frenzied sorting of papers and plastics by monkeys in manpants seems ridiculous when suddenly you get 150 inches of snow in a day.

People laugh. This is serious. Someone call the authorities. See if you can book Oprah.

Then you get another 150 inches of snow the next day.

Whew. Hmm, think bonobos in boxer shorts. This really is serious. Cappuccino service could be interrupted.

Then you get another 150 inches of snow the day after that.

Roofs will creak and could fail. Car roofs collapse or are buried so deeply you cannot drive out. Snow plows running around the clock can't make a dent in it. Everything is smothered. The sun vanishes behind vast drifts of snow.

The next day, mostly there is just a cool silence and a white blanket that has made everything sleep under it.

Globowarmthenkery : Colossal Fraud

Global warming will make it warmer.

Or Global warming will make it colder.

Or Global warming will make it dryer.

Or Global warming will make it wetter.

Or Global warming will make the Arctic ice melt away.

Or Global warming will add to the Arctic ice pack.

Or Global warming will make everything different, except not different the way Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury and Saturn are different. Other different.

The only model that ever predicted anything was the model (first postulated a hundred years ago) that predicted we are on the brink of another Ice Age. Other models are inferior because they are the product of inferior reasoning and shabby observation. Period.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

A New Nuclear Doctrine For Russia

Which reduced to it's fundamentals is ... destroy the United States and her allies with a first strike that is decisive and apocalyptic. Scary enough for you yet?

Russia is holding a Royal Flush. Amerikwa has two deuces and a Starbucks coffee card.

The Cold War never ended, says J.R. Nyquist. Russia just won it, that's all.

Truly Awesome series on the realities of nuclear war from 1982 is now up on Youtube :

Nuclear War: A Guide To Armageddon

Part 1

Note in Part 2 how expedient shelters and other measures are just so many pipe dreams, you have to either have a shelter of your own or else identified one in advance.

Part 2

It did get me thinking about various kinds of groundwater storage tanks watching Part 2. I may have had a pretty cool idea, in fact.


Of course this is sensationalist propaganda designed to discredit civil defense, but notice how they delicately concede that people in a specially built shelter like my own will survive just about anything without even losing the color in their cheeks. Any sealed underground structure with a barrel vault or arched ceiling will survive effects that will pulverize aboveground conventional structures into dust. A shelter like the Vulcan Fortress can breeze through radiation levels that will boil water topside.

I pity the fools in the trench shelter in part 3. There are so many, many things that can go wrong there. I think expedient shelter plans are more about demonstrating how stupid it is for a nation to go without a civil defense program than any other reason.

I despise anyone anywhere who dares tell me that life without certain conveniences isn't worth living. I sincerely hope people like that do not survive. They think their lives, which are a gift from God, are just another consumer good they can give thumbs up or thumbs down on. The world following WW3 won't be like the one we live in now. It will always be worth living, especially with the people you love.

Celente's Report on 2008 : "Babies, the Other White Meat"

Celente must have been reading too much Vault-Co. He sounds like a prophet of doom.

He's hardly the only one. Many of the wealthiest people in the world are being advised to do exactly what Vault-Co has been telling them to do for the past ten years.

That's because ... ITZ COMING.

Friday, February 1, 2008

"Doomsday" Seeds Arrive In Norway For Storage

Massive bee die-off worldwide. Check.

Crop failures and shortages worldwide due to climate. Check.

Soaring prices for all food throughout the world. Check.

Emergency seeds into Norway vault storage. Check.

Ten years ago in 1998, the original Vault-Co site was launched with a detailed article listing the factors pointing at a coming world super famine. All the original bullet points above were on that list with the exception of the construction of a vault in Norway to hold non-hybrid, GM-free seeds. All the reasons listed were science fiction in 1998. They are no longer science fiction in 2008.

For the next ten years, Vault-Co put the following tagline into any blog that was posted where it could be justified :

P A C K--Y O U R--R I C E.


Montel Williams Fired For Making Sense on TV

(Youtube link)

Check out the shock and incredulity on the faces of the hosts as suddenly and without warning, Montel starts talking like he isn't a crazy person. First he gets yanked off as they cut hastily to a commercial. A few days later, his network decides they are canning his show.

In some ways, our society is more oppressive than life under the Soviet Commissars.

Heath Ledger was a drug addict who managed to kill himself. Happens a thousand times every day in America. There is nothing about him that was any more special than any other dope addict offing himself. He was not important because he was in movies. It's tragic but the 24/7 coverage by the media is kind of ... well ... totally nuts in the same month that another 28 soldiers died in Iraq without so much as a peep in the media. Where are their faces? Where are the interviews with their mothers and fathers? Where are the hardhitting investigations into the futility and waste of their lives? What are these people, chopped liver?

This is very similar to wartime in the Bolshevist regime where simply mentioning casualties could get you sent to Siberia. The all-perfect State cannot fail. There are no casualties. The war is going smoothly and anyone who tells you different should be reported to your local block controller. It is redundant to call it Orwellian.

CA-Clipper For 32 bit protected mode DOS

Just as an update on the Vault OS planning stage ... now that I have the tablet PCs (which came without any bootable hard drives) up and running ... has anyone used CA-Clipper 5.3b 32 bit protected mode for DOS?

It's apparently got a graphic GUI, multitasking multiuser environment, an IDE for 4GL style design (similar to VBDOS) and a full scale SQL database with server and LAN support built in right out of the box. The database supports streaming of binary data like BLOBs for images and sounds.

All I know about it is from talking to a guy ten years ago who swore it was the greatest thing he'd ever seen running in the DOS environment.

After researching it a bit on the internet, I discovered it has some support for real-time and embedded style control in addition to a report designer, menuing ... the works. There's also an open source version called CLIP but I need to learn more about that as well.

This might be better than Damn Small Linux, smaller run-time, there is even a documented watchdog function to reboot the system if it falls over ... !! This might present the best possible environment to run the Vault OS on if you are staying in the DOS x86 system.

After running Damn Small Linux for a while I noticed it has to access the flash a lot. It's very quick but there have to be fifty megabytes of files there to support the base functionality of DSL for most stuff. That seems like it might be overcomplicating the system when my original goal with VBDOS was to keep it idiot simple and all running in one big integrated foolproof system.

Any feedback appreciated.