Monday, February 4, 2008

Globowarmthenkery : Colossal Fraud

Global warming will make it warmer.

Or Global warming will make it colder.

Or Global warming will make it dryer.

Or Global warming will make it wetter.

Or Global warming will make the Arctic ice melt away.

Or Global warming will add to the Arctic ice pack.

Or Global warming will make everything different, except not different the way Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury and Saturn are different. Other different.

The only model that ever predicted anything was the model (first postulated a hundred years ago) that predicted we are on the brink of another Ice Age. Other models are inferior because they are the product of inferior reasoning and shabby observation. Period.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tex.

That piccy looks like unfinished polar ice-sculpture-tributes to me. Sort of a "so long and thanks for all the fish" moment?

Or more to the point...a "so long and thanks for all the fish but now you're all toast you blubberless idiots" sort of a moment?


Texas Arcane said...

Those polar bears looked happy and secure enough to climb to the top of that floe before swimming back to shore. It appears they have a pretty easy life between the fish and all that insulation.

If you've ever seen polar bears in captivity, they're goofs. They make the whole survival thing look like a piece of cake. They spend half the day playing and the other half just exploring and catching food.

I suspect (as you intimate) the creatures we should be worried about are human beings, not polar bears.