Saturday, February 23, 2008

Global Cooling : Vault-Co Demonstrably Right After Ten Years Of Contrarian Advocacy

A prophet has honor, save in his own house.

Proceed under a false premise and you will reach a wrong conclusion. Your consensus doesn't matter. Last time we checked, Vault-Co was outnumbered several hundred million to one. Remember to respect the fringe nuts like Robert Felix at Ice Age Now, because these blathering marginals turned out to be extraordinary people of remarkable genius in hindsight.

The majority is always wrong. Even when they are right, they are only right for the wrong reasons. Guarantee you they will not be able to outline the train of reasoning by which they arrived at the correct conclusion. The rest of the time they're just all wrong, period.

All that "carbon credit" stuff is full blown schizophrenia expressed on a mass scale involving countless yammering programmable morons numbering in the billions. Repeat it enough on the televitz and you can honestly make the majority do, say or believe damn near anything. They really are like cattle in their malleability and sometimes it's not difficult to understand why the elite hold them in the contempt they do. The global warming cult was all about appealing to human vanity on a number of levels at once. It worked. If it hadn't been for reality they could have sold that gibberish to the whole of mankind.


Anonymous said...

This is not global cooling just yet.
As the planet warms more energenic cyclones have the energy to move further from the equator pushing into the cooler zones and cold fronts can move further into the warm zones, it's just a heat transfer effect.
For every cold front that vacates the arctic zone warmer air takes its place etc etc etc.

This is a continual process but the more energy available the more frenetic the game :):)

Texas Arcane said...

I'm only a layman and I know beyond a fraction of a doubt you just made that up literally off the top of your head.

Whence this heat transfer mechanism?

Isn't it accepted theory since the 1600's that it is the oceans of the Earth that are responsible for the winds and that the oceans themselves change in response to the sun?

Not "global cooling just yet?" Tell that to the thousands of people worldwide who froze to death over the past three months.

Seriously, how much longer do you guys intend to keep trying to keep this circus afloat? It's starting to appear comical to people who live where this weather is hitting hardest.

There's no evidence for "global warming." None. Never was. Just some thermometers deliberately mounted near air conditioner exhaust vents or over blacktop driveways.

No. Hard. Evidence. Of any kind.

Anonymous said...

You tell 'em,Tex. I had an argument with a globowarmo nut the other day. I thought he was going to explode with rage when I questioned his insistance that the recent,worldwide episodes of enduring,severe and in many cases record-shattering cold were in fact indications of a warming world. I'd say you can't make this sort of stuff up,but evidently some people can.

Ice Cream Soldier said...

No, no Tex! That's the problem with laymen.

Let me try to help anon here. It's like energetically blowing into a cup of hot coffee, see? That way you're pushing the hot further into the cold areas. For every hot part that vacates the coffee cup the cooler breath takes its place. See?



Shit! I forgot to take my meds today. The voices told me to explain this.

Texas Arcane said...

I'm building a heater for my swimming pool and I realized it is best implemented as a barbecue grill nearby with a fan to blow the hot air over the pool. Seems to work for Earth's climate according to warmthing kultists. If I want to lower the pool temperature I will then throw decomposing used baby nappies into it.

Ice Cream Soldier said...

See? I knew I could clear that one up.

Patriot said...

Tex... had a bit of a change of plans here... looks like I'm going to be busy this weekend... won't be popping over for a barbecue and a quick dip...

Texas Arcane said...


You just have to paddle around the greasy films with nappies floating in the middle of them. Come on in.