Saturday, February 23, 2008

DRSB-88 & DRSB-1 : Cheap Commie Geigers

Cheapest reliable geiger counters on Earth, both low and high range. Just got both of them in mail. Don't pay more than $30.00 for either of them. Another thing the communists got right, like the AK-47. In a sane world these would have been mass-manufactured in America a long time ago at the same price or less. They look and feel like Hasbro Toys and are supposed to be tough enough to withstand a 1 meter drop onto a concrete floor without damage.

They are also easy to modify, according to posters on the CD-700 forum on Yahoo. Not too hard to connect up to a PC soundcard to run a real time graph. Also very useful for decontamination when somebody is coming into the shelter.

Notice how the "free world" used mostly bizarre and exotic batteries for their radiation counters (most U.S. army gear has to be jimmy-rigged with other power supplies to get it to work) but the soviets built one with just one AA battery. I can't understand that.

So put up two packs of AA Lithiums with expiry dates of 2024 (just bought some) and you should be good for the next two decades.


Flame decals & a bolt-on body kit said...


i) Did you get yours from Russia?
ii) What were the shipping charges like?
iii) Likely to be any dramas with Customs?

Texas Arcane said...

You pay either online via Paypal or by money order to a rep in the U.S. and it will ship from Russia.

I can't imagine any dramas from customs under any conditions. It's just a chintzy electronic toy.

Anonymous said...

Do you know if the DRGB-90 is a better machine than the DRSB-88?

Anonymous said...

DHS still can't vouch for radiation detectors
Tests to determine if devices can protect ports, borders are inconclusive