Friday, February 1, 2008

"Doomsday" Seeds Arrive In Norway For Storage

Massive bee die-off worldwide. Check.

Crop failures and shortages worldwide due to climate. Check.

Soaring prices for all food throughout the world. Check.

Emergency seeds into Norway vault storage. Check.

Ten years ago in 1998, the original Vault-Co site was launched with a detailed article listing the factors pointing at a coming world super famine. All the original bullet points above were on that list with the exception of the construction of a vault in Norway to hold non-hybrid, GM-free seeds. All the reasons listed were science fiction in 1998. They are no longer science fiction in 2008.

For the next ten years, Vault-Co put the following tagline into any blog that was posted where it could be justified :

P A C K--Y O U R--R I C E.


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Anonymous said...

I read your posts often but I do not always agree with your asessement of the different articles from the media around the world, so I find it difficult to say this but it is true "pack your ice cuz its coming" There I agreed with you but damn that was hard.