Monday, February 11, 2008

Do Empires Prosper?

Irregardless of right or wrong, does the Neocon (Leo Strauss) claim that empires must maintain their fiscal prosperity through endless warfare really hold water?

No, it doesn't.

Wherever you find in the world any nation that maintains a strong defense and national unity that also minds it's own business, you will find enormous prosperity and security. The longer a nation stays out of war, the more it prospers. This was true of the United States in 1916 before it was dragged into the first world war with the false flag called the Lusitania. Up until that time it had been isolated from the rest of the world's petty wars and had also been one of the most innovative and inventive nations on the planet and was rapidly becoming one of the most successful.

What about innovation? Doesn't warfare drive innovation?

The Swiss are some of the most innovative and inventive people on Earth despite the fact they have not been involved in a war since the 1500's.

It's really the introduction of fiat currency in 1912 under cover of darkness that inevitably leads to warfare. Fiat currency and endless conflicts travel hand-in-hand.

A healthy nation is based on a currency backed by metal, an intelligent educated citizenry and a national ethic of strong defense both for the military and civilian population. With these two ingredients there are no limits to what a country can achieve.

In contrast, all empires are living on borrowed time. They always experience parabolas of sharp ascent and decline with very ugly finales.

The Neocons got it wrong here just like every other idea they ever promoted. A good rule of thumb is that if it is an idea that originates with Neocons, I guarantee you it is abysmally stupid once you peel off the thin layer of credibility which is usually self-promoting, self-referential gibberish. Neoconservatives are the ultimate Luftmensch.


Chesterton said...

Switzerland is probably my favorite country on earth. I dare someone to take a look at Geneva (80%+ European) and compare it to Detroit (80%+ Zulu Nation) and tell me that "diversity is our strength" while keeping a straight face.

If you don't mind me asking, why'd you choose to emigrate to Australia instead of Switzerland? Was it an economic reason, or something of the sort, or did you find that Australia held some survivalist-related advantages over Switzerland?

trueaim said...

The Neocons know exactly what their doing. They are carrying out orders from their masters the International Banking Cabal, Jewish Zionists, Royal Families and allied secret societies. Before they begin WW3, Western countries will have their economies deliberately crashed, the money coming out of America is being pumped into Russia and China to get them up to scratch, lets face it Russia is a basket case Zionist state ever since the Bolsheviks slaughtered their foes the Romanovs, they cant even survive a single winter without Westen aid, but it will be America who will take the fall this time around. If an individual does not fancy being murdered in a ritual sacrifice by a secret satanic force i would reccommend avoiding the 'Draft'and the best way to avoid the 'Draft' is to avoid debt, so I tell anyone who will listen get out of debt now and save your skin, cause all hell is about to break lose!