Sunday, February 10, 2008

Death Watch For Britain

The last thin straw supporting that multikult Tower of Babel is the economy. If that falls, it will be nothing but car fires and riots as far as the eye can see.

Remember back in 2003 when Vault-Co predicted Sharia law for Britain within ten years?

Impossible. That Vault-Co guy must be some kind of nut. Fifty years, maybe. Ten years? That is something that just couldn't happen.

"Medieval society" is optimistic. Things were never this bad in Britain during the Dark Ages.

Look at the comments beneath the article. Multiculturalism sucks the life and convictions out of people the way a vampire drains blood. It reduces men to lily livered whiners barely more than females themselves. All the fight just oozes right out of them.


confident yet paranoid said...

I read your original proclamation that this would happen, at the time I had presumed it would be because the muslims numbered so many that it got through by sheer force of numbers.

The fact that it is being sold to the public by an Archbishop of all people is astounding! This shows how corrupt some of these larger churches have become.

Just this morning I heard on the radio bishops of 2 larger churches (Catholic and Anglican I think) stating they had a right to weigh in on the electricity privatisation debate because it was an "social justice" issue.

That's all you ever hear from them these days, "social justice", "social harmony" -- funny, they never seem to speak out on issues of morality or religion anymore...

Cador Bolin said...

In "Camp of the Saints", the Pope donates several great cathedrals to the Muslims and apologizes to them for the Crusades, racism and colonialism.

Life imitates art? No, the author just had a 3 digit IQ and foresaw the obvious.

Society is not worth fighting for--all clear-thinking people should just simply 'drop out'.

Anonymous said...

I'll fight for my family and for myself. Even though we stand under the same flag I won't fight for the sheeple unless it's in the best interest of my family or myself (which is saying the same as my family).

Sheeple are dumb, dumb, dumb. The government troops could methodically make their way up your street shooting people yet joe 6 pack would still wave the flag and would have a big shit eating grin as the goons make their way up his stairs to his daughters room.

Nope. Sheeple 'aint worth crying over let alon dying