Thursday, February 21, 2008

Collapsing cities of the West

I was speaking with an ex-patriot Brit recently. Refused to concede it might be a bad thing that Britain was being emptied out of Britons after 50,000 years of continuous inhabitation. Migrated out himself nevertheless, of course. Sick and defeated animals get chased off their own territory. Winners and bulls claim it and mate with their females. Any anthropologist will tell you there is no creature on earth more depraved than a disenfranchised male unable to fight for and win a piece of soil which it holds. It's own body will turn against it and try to destroy it when the accompanying hormonal release of the loser registers inside it organically.

It's a new Dark Ages and it will end in global thermonuclear war. No gentle slide into rural agriculture like Rome. This will be a big marquee blockbuster ending coming up soon.


trueaim said...

Contrary to popular opinion it is actually very difficult to get people to take up weapons and kill each other, but the International Jewish Banking Cabal has so far been very successful in this regard, and as a consequence have been the biggest winners from their last two world wars and numerous bloody revolutions and genocidal purges. Now, there was three world wars called for and planned in the 6th Zionist Congress in Basil Zwitzerland in 1896, yes thats right, 1896! The 3rd World War will be the most extensive and long lasting and brutal! The Zionists have been making many attempts to kick start this world war and it can be argued that it has already begun with the invasion of soveriegn nations of Iraq and Afganastan, by US & UK plus an absurd 'Coallition of the Willing' operating under direct orders from their Zionist International Banking Masters. Christians and Muslims are now sworn enemies in a never ending "war on terror" an absurd war, which has no basis in reality and only serves to futher the Jewish plans for world domination and usher in their New World Order.
Now to really escalate and heighten tensions and violence between Christians and Muslims and cause all out world wide war, trouble spots will be ignited like Kosovo which opens are real can of worms and divides our currupt bankrupt nations into opposing camps both camps bieng controlled and financed by the Zionist Banking Cabal and affiliated secret occult societies, we will see alot more of this happening along with the deliberate crashing of economies like we are seeing now in America plus we are about due for another Mossad/CIA organised 'terrorist attack' like 911. Yes, it would need to be on that scale just to make sure that things go really clusterfuck, mix that with massive inflation, unemployment, media propaganda and people with nothing to eat! and bingo you got yourself full blown World War 3!

Anonymous said...

Umm Tex.... Weren't you a Yank that emigrated to Oz?

Not trying to be a dick but I think you are being a tad harsh on people who relise that they're being destroyed by design so they're bailing on the system. I don't blame 'em

Texas Arcane said...

Amerikwa was dead when we left it. that's my alibi.

Anonymous said...

A snake is dead the second you cut off it's head!
but it sure wriggles a lot for a while!!!!

Ice Cream Soldier said...

I've been trying to figure out for a long time how anyone in Australia figures they're better than, better off than or in anyway different than, we in Amerikwa except that you can put KWA on the end of one and not the other.

Australian's guns were confiscated a long time ago without a whimper, The Australian police and government are mirroring the American. You're still building a very intricate vault.

What makes us so stupid and you guys in OZ so very intelligent? Is it that everyone in Australia has taken your lead and are building bunkers? What?!!! I see no distinction. Stupidity reigns on both continents.