Saturday, February 2, 2008

Celente's Report on 2008 : "Babies, the Other White Meat"

Celente must have been reading too much Vault-Co. He sounds like a prophet of doom.

He's hardly the only one. Many of the wealthiest people in the world are being advised to do exactly what Vault-Co has been telling them to do for the past ten years.

That's because ... ITZ COMING.

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CadorBolin said...

Celente predicts that the smaller communities, the smaller groups, the smaller states, the more self-sustaining communities, will “weather the crisis in style” as big cities and hypertrophic suburbias descend into misery and conflict.

“Like Katrina’s victims that knew the hurricane was coming but didn’t flee – and looked to Uncle Sam to save the day – those that don’t take action before panic strikes or wait for Washington to lend a hand, will suffer the most from the calamity that follows,” he writes.

I'm surprised this guy was allowed to appear on Oprah. But then, it looks like the MSM has cut him off:

When Celente sent out an e-mail alert to his mailing list in mid-January, Jack Marks, the publisher and CEO of The Wall Street Reporter, one of the oldest investment organs in New York, wrote him back to say “You are a fucking retard motherfucker” and “Remove me from this list, you fucking moron.”

Anyone who can piss off the Wall Street Reporter can't be all that bad.